NUC guidelines for part-time, sandwich programmes in universities


The National Universities Commission (NUC) has a set of guidelines which all Nigerian universities must comply with if they were to run part-time and sandwich programmes.

NUC is the agency of the Federal Ministry of Education regulating all degree awarding institutions in Nigeria. Without an NUC approval, any degree awarded in Nigeria is invalid.

All universities currently operating or intending to operate part-time programmes are expected to comply with the guidelines on a programme by programme basis.

Instruments used in accrediting part-time and sandwich programmes

The following instruments are used for accreditation of Affiliate Institutions:

  1. Manual for accreditation procedures for academic programmes in Nigerian universities;
  2. Self-Study form (NUC/SSF)
  3. Programme Evaluation Form (NUC/PEF)
  4. Accreditation Panel Report Form (NUC/APRF)
  5. Accreditation Re-visitation Form (NUC/ARVF)

NUC guidelines for part-time and sandwich programmes in universities

Details of the guidelines set by the NUC are stated verbatim below.

  1.  The admission and graduation requirements, Staffing, Library and physical facilities requirements must be in line with the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) for the various full-time academic programmes;
  2. For a programme to be eligible to run on part-time basis, the approved full-time equivalent must be available in the university, must have earned full accreditation and must be run within approved campuses;
  3. The enrolment into part-time programmes must not exceed 20% of total students’ population in the programme;
  4. The minimum duration of the part-time programmes must be 150% of the approved duration of the Full-Time equivalent;
  5. Approval shall not be granted for part-time programmes in Environmental Sciences, Engineering/Technology, Law, Medicine/Medical Sciences, Pharmacy [Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dentistry; and Veterinary Science;
  6.  All admissions into part-time programmes must be through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Part-time programmes must be run within approved campuses of universities where the human and material resources for the teaching of the programmes are domiciled, i.e. on the main campus of the university;
  7. Part-time programmes shall be subjected to the NUC accreditation assessment upon maturity of the programme;
  8. For any programme to be eligible for part-time mode, it must have produced two (2) sets of graduates and satisfied the Resource Verification Requirements.
  9. Commencement of a part-time programme MUST be subject to NUC‘s approval. Approval of commencement of all part-time programmes must be obtained.
  10. The National Universities Commission shall not hesitate to apply appropriate sanctions on any university which violates any of the stipulated Guidelines on Part-Time and Sandwich Programmes.
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