Nominate EduCeleb of the Week

In line with the goals of celebrating and promoting education, we introduced the platform named “EduCeleb of the Week”. We shall strive to present one personality that we can actually say is an EduCeleb. You can help with that.

A person may qualify as the #EduCeleb of the Week based on their accomplishments in education and other areas of endeavour. In other words, whoever is to be presented as the EduCeleb here must have achieved something great coupled with being formally educated.

We look to presenting readers individuals:

  • who can inspire others;
  • who are successful in their own right;
  • who contribute in some way to the improvement of the standards of education in their communities
  • whose life experiences had been dedicated to creating and utilising opportunities in personal/career development, community engagement, innovation, social welfare, and civil liberty

Geographical location or nationality is no barrier.

They can belong to all works of life and can be of any age or background.

The EduCeleb of Week’s story would be published either as an interview or an article. Whichever it is, it will be used to inspire others in their respective endeavours to see challenges as opportunities as they follow other educative posts on Check out past editions of EduCeleb of the Week here.

Are you an EduCeleb? Do you know one who you could nominate?

Click here to fill out the nomination form.

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