We are excited to have you advertise your products and services on That you are interested in advertising with us shows that you value our work and feel the need to connect with our audience.

Categories of Adverts

We have basically three forms of adverts that are currently accepted on this website. These are; sponsored posts as well as graphical posts.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are usually textual. In other words, they are almost entirely presented in words. Such posts are featured along with other posts on the website and thus tagged.

Graphical Posts

These are usually pictorial in nature. They may include pictures or videos of your products and services. They would be placed at strategic positions for our readers to patronise the venture.

Social Media Ads

The advert will be featured on our social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram); Making your business or whatever you are promoting to reach thousands of our fans. In addition we will run a paid Boost for your advertisement on these social networks which will make more fans, their friends and people with similar interest engage with your advert.

Requirements for Advert Placement

• Graphic presentation of what is to be advertised: This includes the description of the product and some relevant pictures/designs. Animated designs are equally allowed.
• Indicating the contact details of the advertiser (one or all of – Phone number(s), WhatsApp number, BlackBerry Pin, email and Web addresses)
• Choosing the duration of the advert
• Making payment into the designated bank account based on the chosen choice.
• Sending details of the advert, duration of the advert and payment details (date and amount paid) to the email address below.

Note: If you want us to design the advert for you, it costs an additional N 12,000.

For details of our advert rates, send an email to and copy You can also call 08124662170.

We would get back to you in due course.