How to conduct computer skills assessment test online

Candidates gathered at the Computer-Based Test (CBT) centre at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) in July 2019

Computers are a part of almost every job these days. When hiring a candidate, testing their knowledge and skill in computers is necessary. Depending on the job profile, the required expertise level, and the industry, the skill set will change.

All business enterprises and organizations have their own recruiting processes. But the common element is conducting the tests for candidates to assess their skill level before shortlisting them for further rounds of tests and interviews. With changing times and advancement of technology, enterprises can hire other companies to conduct the pre-employment tests for the listed candidates.

Companies like eSkill are known for their comprehensive approach when it comes to conducting employee assessment tests online. Computer Skills Assessment is one such test conducted to know the skill level of candidates in computer application.

From basic computer usage to web applications, the internet, programming, MS Office, operating systems, hardware and networking the assessment test could be a mix of all or exclusive to a single topic. The tests vary based on the level of experience the candidate would need for the job.

Hiring a company to conduct the tests on behalf of the enterprise will help in saving time and money. The HR team can focus on the core aspects once the test form has been finalized. Since the tests are virtually conducted candidates can attend the test from their existing locations. Enterprises need not have to make the required infrastructure arrangements to conduct the tests on their campus or at any other location.

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Several brands and big names have been using the services of these companies to streamline the assessment tests and make the recruiting process easier and effective. That said, an enterprise of any size and business volume can hire the services of these companies.

The following are a list of advantages for the enterprise when it opts to hire the test-conducting services of the company.

  • Vast Database
    • The HR team can make use of the vast database offered by the companies to create a test form.
    • The companies have pre-designed test forms for every subject and job description. Still, enterprises can edit and make changes to the form and customize it to suit their specifications.
    • Enterprises can also create a test form from scratch using the questions, topics provided to them from the database.
  • Test Personalization
    • Create a test form exclusive to the enterprise. Add questions about the business; include questions crafted by the HR and technical teams, upload data that belongs to the enterprise, make the test form interactive, etc.
    • Covert physical test copies into virtual ones by using the application companies provide to design the test form.
    • Include audio and video files in the test form. Ask real-time scenario-based questions to assess the problem solving abilities of the candidates.
  • Validate the Test
    • If conducting the tests are one aspect, validating the forms and assessing them to shortlist eligible candidates is another.
    • Enterprises can set their quantifiable measurement standards to assess the test forms.
    • The companies after conducting the tests will analyze the forms and provide the list of shortlisted candidates to the enterprises.
  • Integrate with HR Systems
    • The test forms are designed and assessed on an application which can be integrated into any of the existing HR systems used by business enterprises.                 
    • This enables the employees to work on a single system to manage the tests and continue with their day to day work.
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Computer skills assessment tests by eSkill give better results when the test form is interactive and allows the candidates to perform a task, solve a programming error, or test a code depending on the job requirements. These can be mixed with the MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) to create a balanced test form that can assess the memory power, skill application, problem solving capabilities of the candidates.

Be it government agencies, healthcare, financial institutions, software and hardware-related industries, food industry, engineering, marketing and sales, call center and data entry, the tests can be conducted to suit the complexities of all the businesses. The companies provide 24*7 technical support to enterprises in creating, conducting, and assessing the tests.

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