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This article guides you about how to obtain your WAEC digital certificate. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has over the past six decades been conducting the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) across Anglophone West Africa. Since September 2022, its Nigeria office introduced a digital certificate platform to make the issuance of certificates easier.

If you are not new to, you must have read our article guiding you on how to process the collection of your WAEC certificate. This article differs from that as the new development means that you don’t have visit any WAEC office or send any representative to help you process the certificate.

WAEC Nigeria has made it so easy for you and any embassy or school to have access to your certificate within the blink of an eye after you have completed the processes laid down. Everything can be done within the comfort of your living room and voila, you can print the certificate or save it on your computer till you need it.

Benefits of the WAEC digital certificate

The WAEC digital certificate is an innovation by WAEC to leverage on technology as it had previously done about two decades ago with digital registration and result checking for exams. It seeks to improve the candidate’s experience as he/she advances educationally or careerwise. Its specific benefits are identified below.


The WAEC digital certificate platform is accessible to you as long as you are subscribed to a reliable internet service provider. You can access it either through your mobile phone or your laptop or desktop device.

Its accessibility is not just to candidates but also to educational bodies, tertiary institutions and prospective employers. It saves them time writing or visiting WAEC to verify the authenticity of any certificate presented to them.

Instant Delivery

Once the certificate is issued through the platform, candidates could easily share their digital certificates wherever it is need. This could be through emails, websites and other digital outlets.

The beauty of this development is that you are saved the hassle of posting such a document through any courier service provider and don’t have to be worried about when and where the document might be at any time. The certificate is delivered to its recipient almost instantaneously.  


The certificate issuance platform has a mobile application available to android and iOS users to complement its web version. Therefore, issued certificates could be stored on mobile devices, used and shared from anywhere.

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That it is managed by WAEC gives some credibility to the entire development. As a result, institutions and organisations can easily verify the authenticity of individuals’ certificates on the platform.

The secure web platform has a confirmation section that helps these organisations and other interested parties to confirm the authenticity of the issued WAEC certificates.

No more ‘custody fees’

In the past regime of paper-based certificates that can only be obtained at WAEC offices, candidates are made to pay some ‘custody fees’. The fee range from between ₦ 3,500 and ₦ 23,500. This is now out of the equation in as much as the digital certificate platform has its various charges stated later in this article.  

Cost effectiveness

Beyond the ‘custody fees’ is how cost effective it is to process one’s WAEC digital certificate. One is saved the hassles of travelling to a school or a WAEC office and doing some back and forth to meet the conditions that accompany the processing of the paper-based certificate.

Even candidates who had lost their certificates can easily print out a new one without the long processes around that.

Once a certificate is digitally issued on the platform, one could easily store it digitally and use it as at when needed for a token.

Features of the WAEC digital certificate

Generation and sharing of original digital certificates

Candidates can easily generate their certificate through their internet-enabled devices. These could then be stored on their profile and shared with anyone at any time. They don’t have to share the photocopies of their certificates with institutions anymore as the issued WAEC digital certificate would suffice. This means that the time hitherto consumed in confirming authenticity is saved. The digital certificate platform has sections that aid in instantly confirming and verifying the certificate.

Recovering exam number

It is possible that a candidate had forgot his WAEC exam number and have lost examination credentials as well. This would not be a problem as the WAEC Digital Certificate platform has got that covered. It would simply juggle their memories about their examination year, state where the examination was written, and perhaps the examination centre.

Requesting confirmation

A candidate can initiate the process to request the confirmation of a previously issued WAEC certificate on the platform. WAEC would automatically send a confirmation email to the organisation if the details supplies by the candidate are genuine.

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Third-party confirmation

Interested parties and institutions can equally visit the platform to confirm the authenticity of the certificates they received. This only be done with the candidate’s consent. The channel is capable of processing multiple requests at a time.

WAEC Digital Certificate Platform Service Charges / Fees

The following are the charges and fees that may apply when you use the platform

  • Certificate Access: 30 Units (₦7,500)
  • Sharing Fee: 14 Units (₦3,500)
  • Request Confirmation Fee: 20 Units (₦5,000)
  • Retrieval Fee: 12 Units (₦3,000) 

How to create your WAEC Digital Certificate account

The following steps would be useful to candidates intending to create an account on the platform.

Kindly log on to the WAEC Digital Certificate Platform via

This is the first step to accessing and confirming candidates’ certificate. Create an account, access your certificate or confirm an existing certificate.

To create account, kindly provide the required information to identify and allow you personalise your account. 

Please make sure to fill in the correct details and verify your email address using the code sent to your email.

Login to your WAEC Digital Certificate account

After successfully creating the account, kindly click on the LOGIN button and fill in your login details (Email and Password).

How to obtain your WAEC Digital Certificate

Obtaining your WAEC certificate is easy. You are paying once for that as certificates are stored on your profile and can be shared with anyone and at any time.

While logged in to the WAEC Digital Certificate Portal please fill in the required information below for Certificate Accessing as illustrated below.

  • Country
  • Exam Type
  • Exam Number
  • Exam Year
  • Date of Birth

Finally, Click on the Access Certificate Button.

How to share your WAEC Digital Certificate

You can share your accessed certificate with institutions and organisations with ease on the WAEC Digital Certificate platform. Follow the simple steps provided below.

Log on to the WAEC Digital Certificate sharing platform and kindly fill in the information below.

  • Select the Certificate you would like to share
  • Enter the Receiver’s Email Address
  • Finally, click on the Share Certificate Button.

WAEC Digital Certificate Share History

To see the number of times or people you have shared your certificate with, kindly click on the Share History Tab.

Sharing Your WAEC Certificate to Organisation or Institution for Confirmation

  • Kindly click on the Request for Confirmation button in your portal
  • Select the Certificate you would like to share
  • Enter the Institution Name
  • Enter the Institution Email Address
  • Select the Institution’s Country
  • Enter the Institution Address
  • Finally, Click on the Share Certificate button.
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How to Confirm your WAEC Digital Certificate

No more waiting a long time to confirm certificates! The WAEC Digital Certificate provides institutions and organizations a simple and instant method to confirm candidates’ certificates. Start confirming certificates by following the simple guidelines below:

  • Kindly navigate to the certificate tab to confirm your WAEC Certificate.
  • A Clear preview of your WAEC Digital Certificate will be displayed on your screen.

How to recover your WAEC Exam Number through the WAEC Digital Certificate Platform

Candidates who cannot remember their examination number in the process of accessing the platform are required to provide the candidate name with which they registered when they took the WAEC examination. This will enable the platform to recover the examination number.

To recover your WAEC Examination Number kindly navigate to the WAEC Digital Certificate Portal Certificate Access Tab and fill in the following details

  • Exam Year e.g. 2022
  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Other Name
  • Sex e.g Male or Female
  • Date of Birth e.g 1999
  • Exam Type: WASSCE for School Candidate or WASSCE for Private Candidates
  • Check the “I have certified the information above” box.
  • Finally, Click on the Retrieve Exam Number Button.

 How to fund your WAEC Digital Certificate Platform wallet

To successfully access, share, and confirm certificates through your wallet, there should be units available in the wallet. The rates were stated above. This digital wallet can be funded using credit/debit cards. The picture below will take you through the steps for funding your wallet on the WAEC Digital Certificate platform

  • Kindly Navigate to the Wallet Tab on the WAEC Digital Certificate Platform
  • Proceed to Input the amount of units you desire to fund in your wallet
  • Click on the PAY button
  • Check out your Payment using the Online payment Gateway powered by Flutterwave as displayed on your portal.
  • You can also check your Payment history by navigating to the Billing history tab.

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