6 benefits of participating in study groups


There is no doubt we have different ways of learning. Some students prefer the solace of solitude, so they learn alone. However, there are some students who cannot learn on their own. They prefer to attend tutorials and learn in groups. I used the combination of both during my undergraduate days.

As an undergraduate, I was used to learning by teaching. I try to study class materials and test my knowledge of the concept by teaching others. A study published in the Journal of Memory and Cognition shows that students who are likely to teach others what they learn are more likely to understand better that students who are not expected to teach.

Teaching others is akin to studying in a group. Many first class students or donnish students I know in my school usually teach others. The expectations that others will ask them questions make them study and understand the study materials better. There are benefits you enjoy by being a member of one or two study groups.

6 Benefits of Participating In Study Groups

Learn Faster

Study group is a way to accelerate your learning. You learn faster by studying with other students, than studying alone. It is not certain that you would understand 100 percent of your lecture notes or study materials. In this case, you leverage on other intelligent students in your study group. They explain the concept to you and by so, you save huge amount of time you would have spent ransacking the library for textbooks or materials to better understand the concept you are having problems with.

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Learn New Study Techniques

By participating in study group, you stand a chance of learning new study techniques and methods. You have the opportunity of spying how that intelligent friend of yours studies and make good grades.

Study technique can make the difference between that two friends with the same Intelligent quotient and study hours. You don’t just study. There are ways to read and assimilate faster.

It Corrects Your Mistakes

There are instances where you have the wrong version of the lecture note. This is common in schools where lecturers do not give handouts and just explain in class. Studying in group gives you the opportunity to correct the mistakes in your note and update your knowledge of the concept concerned.

It Stops Procrastination

This could be considered the most important reason for studying in group. Being in a study group means that there are certain period when you meet with your group members. If you are say 10 students who constitute the group, you cannot easily change the meeting time without a germane reason.

It Polishes Your Communication Skills

The best way to polish your communication skills is to communicate often. However, you need to understand the basic rules that guide communication. By participating in studying groups, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your colleagues often.

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You Get Good Grades

The ultimate reason why many students study is to eventually get good grades.
As an undergraduate student, I used to leverage on my study group to better understand convoluted materials. I organize tutorials for them and explain concepts I don’t even understand well. Surprisingly, I get to better understand the concepts by trying to explain to them and answering their numerous questions.

Caveat: Do not do all your studying in group. It is better to study the materials alone before studying it in group. See the hours you spend studying in group(s) as a revision period rather than a period to study new concepts.

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