ABU Zaria releases dress code for students


The Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria management has released a dress code for students.

In the university bulletin Vol 10 No 17 made available to EduCeleb.com on Wednesday, the university mentioned 16 manners of dressing deemed inappropriate on its campuses.

The university directed the code to all staff, students and visitors saying that the listed dress codes would no longer be acceptable.

The banned modes of dressing are listed below:

  1. Short and skimpy dresses. Eg body hugs, show-me-your-chest, spaghetti wears and dresses exposing sensitive parts.
  2. Tights, short and skirts that are above knees (except for sporting purposes).
  3. Tattered jeans and jeans with holes.
  4. Transparent and see through dresses
  5. Tight fittings e.g. jeans, skirts, hip stars, patra, lactra, etc that reveal the contour of the body.
  6. Under-clothing, such as singlet worn publicly.
  7. Unkempt appearance, such as bushy hair and beards.
  8. Dresses that make it impossible to wear laboratory coat during practical or participate actively in practical fees.
  9. Long and tight skirts which are opened in front or at the sides which reveals sensitive parts as the wearer moves on.
  10. Wearing of T-shirt with obscene captions
  11. Shirts without buttons or not properly buttoned, leaving the wearer bare chested.
  12. Wearing of earrings by male student.
  13. Plaiting or weaving of hair by male student.
  14. Wearing of colored eye glasses into the classrooms (except on medical grounds)
  15. Wearing of bathroom slippers to classrooms (not on medical grounds).
  16. Wearing of trousers that stop between knee and ankle
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