School managers tasked on safety consciousness


School managers have been tasked to be safety conscious. This task was given by a safety expert, Engineer Jamiu Badmos on Saturday in Lagos.

Badmos was a guest speaker at the Adding Value With Evelyn (AVwE) Teacher Empowerment Program. He spoke on the topic “Safe Schools, Healthy Students”.

He took the members of the audience, among whom were teachers and school owners through rudiments of precautions against accidents.

While noting that hazards are multifaceted, he noted that deemphasizing safety measures may be detrimental to the stability of  schools.

He specified that safety consciousness is important to avoid pain and suffering, litigation, and business reputation damage. He added that safety consciousness could boost the morale of staff and make them more productive.

Another speaker at the event, Mrs Yinka Ogunde challenged school managers to set the tone of how their schools are perceived. Ogunde is a widely read education consultant.

In her words, “The leader of any institution sets the values, the ethos, and the culture. They determine who we are as an institution.” She therefore urged school managers to nurture excellence.

This AVwE event is the fifth of its kind in a year since it had been running, according to its convener, Evelyn Aiyedona.

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“The essence of the Adding Value With Evelyn Teachers’ Empowerment Program is to inspire, empower and transform teachers to be better citizens and nation builders. It is also to develop local content in quality education, where we are talking about the capabilities and capacity development,” Aiyedona said.

We earlier informed you that this edition was meant to commemorate the World Teachers’ Day and Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary this year. Each of the editions are organised free of charge.

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