Why every school needs counsellors


I recently heard of a case of an individual who intended to study an arts related course in the university in the future but happened to be in the commercial department.

This individual is not to blame as there is nobody to take up the role of a Guidance Counselor.  Even if a parent or anybody at all wants to take up this role, is the person qualified to do so?

What is special about Guidance and Counselling?

If such a person is not qualified, then what is so special about Guidance and Counseling as a course and why do we need counsellors in our schools?
According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Guidance and Counselling, is the process of helping individuals discover and develop their educational, vocational, and psychological potentialities and thereby to achieve an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness.


In my introduction I mentioned an individual who wanted to study an arts related course in the university but finds himself in a commercial class. If we had a counsellor in that school, he or she would have conducted a psychological test for the students so that the will know where they can really perform well academically. The test will reveal where the strength of these students lies and then the counsellor will do the placement.

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A counsellor is very important in the school setting as he is the only one students can confide in.

Confidentiality is one of the most important pillar of counselling. A student who is not comfortable with a particular teacher can report to the counsellor who will help him or her out of the situation.

Teacher Training
Unemployment has made many graduates who did not pass through Colleges of Education or Faculties of Education to become teachers. In this case a counsellor can help by training them to be teachers and not only that by giving them orientation about what school is all about and how to relate with students.

Social Issues

A counsellor is not only needed in the school but in every aspect of the society.  A counsellor can also be of help in marital issues. If the counselor is visited by couples or intending couples, the rate of divorce will reduce. An individual who is having a psychological problem also needs a person to comfort him or her.

Between Counselling and Guidance
People see counseling as what any individual can do.  No, guidance can be done by parents, friends and some significant other, but counselling can only be done by a professional counsellor.

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A counsellor can help reduce the rate of unemployment as a result of the research he will conduct and publish so that people will know what is going on in the labour market.

In conclusion, the role of the counsellor in our society cannot be overemphasised, especially in the school. The school is a very important micro society. A counsellor orientates, places, tests, researches, observes and guides.

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