Avoid these mistakes other students make during high school exchange


It is a great idea for high school students to consider a summer abroad program. This comes with invaluable benefits such as learning a new culture, language, exposure to a new culinary scene, and cities from history books. To some students, this experience can become daunting and stressful in a bit to soak up as much as they can in the new environment. This has a risk of missing out some important aspects of the trip. Below are some mistakes to avoid if you are to get back home with a new outlook and stories to tell for years.

Ignoring to learn the local language

It is important to brush up some useful phrases before moving overseas. However, it’s a great idea to mingle with the locals while learning their language. This is an amazing opportunity to learn the new language from anywhere, something the classroom lessons can’t offer.

Speaking with the locals exposes you to learning the nuances of the language and getting corrections for your mistakes. Ability to express yourself to the locals will enhance your experience, especially when travelling to local attractions.

Making friends with only students speaking English

Speaking to Anglophone students is comforting but reaching out to others from different countries is a great idea. This will expose you to learning about different cultures and languages.

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Spending time learning a new language will help lessen the homesickness you might be feeling.

Talking to natives offers a chance to have someone to correct your mistakes and pronunciations in a friendly way. Keep in mind that these friends might become invaluable in your life.

Too much travel

Anxiousness to discover the new country is obvious. However, you don’t have to spend most of the time hopping from one local attraction to another.

The summer abroad programs for high school students  are opportunities to discover everything about the new world. Apart from travelling, students can discover local entertainment, weekend activities, and nightlife. This offers a deeper experience of the local culture and allows building relationships with new people you’re likely to meet.

Not traveling enough

Too much travel isn’t recommended and so does not travelling enough. You have to balance all your activities. This is possible if you make an itinerary of how you are going to spend the duration of the program.

Getting trapped in the little town with the host family might deprive you the chance to discover various things in the new country. Take time to visit nearby local attractions, the city centres, eating places, places of worship, and recreational grounds. This will ensure that you make the most of your experience.

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Shopping only familiar brands

The significant benefit of a summer abroad program is giving students to get away from regular life. This requires being adventurous in the new country.

When shopping in local stores, you will probably meet familiar brands from your home country. Grabbing them might be so tempting but you had better try out a local brand.

This might be cheaper to help you stretch your budget and tasty the safe or better. Shopping from local specialty stores involves interaction that promotes discovering more about the area.

Opting for fast food

Grabbing some fast food might seem like a cure for your homesickness but it might limit you from discovering some amazing local food. Apart from enjoying the local food prepared by the host family, ensure to try out some local delicacies.

Eat some of the best organic food you can find to benefit your body away from the less organic in your home country. This is much better than sticking to fast food that you usually take at home.

Ignoring local manners and customs

Finally, trying to fit into the local community in the best way possible is highly recommended. This allows avoiding long stares wherever you walk or natives finding some of your behaviors rude.

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Take type to Google some of the local customs before boarding the plane and always inquire from the host family before trying out something new.

Final thoughts

Venturing overseas to study abroad in summer is a wonderful experience. However, it requires keeping an open mind and staying flexible since some things might not go as planned. Trying to fit into the local community is appreciated and they will teach you new things about their language and culture.

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