Appoint one of us education minister, unity colleges alumni tell Buhari


Alumni of the Federal Unity Colleges in Nigeria have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint one of them as the next Minister of Education.

Under the aegis of the Unity Schools Old Students Association (USOSA), the group said it was time the government considered the strength of the commitment of its over 1 million members in diverse professions for solution.

The President-General of the association, Lawrence Wilbert stated this in a statement sent to on Thursday.

Nigeria has 104 federal secondary schools and technical colleges also known as unity colleges and these are managed by the Federal Ministry of Education.

USOSA recently held its 35th plenary session in Lagos where it considered the role of unity schools as a melting pot for engineering sociopolitical and religious tolerance amongst Nigeria’s peoples, and reiterated the need for sustained reforms and reinforcement of public sector education.

Mr Wilbert said the Plenary recognised “USOSA’s very important role as a guardian of Nigeria’s national ethos, and considered the significant investments that USOSA and her member alumni associations have made across the 104 unity schools over the last three decades.”

It concluded that “as a major stakeholder in Nigeria’s public sector education, and given the diverse professional backgrounds of its membership, and their commitment to the unity and progress of  Nigeria, it is now time for the Federal  Government of Nigeria, to look in the direction of USOSA’s over one million members, for a relevant competent professional to serve as the next Minister for Education.”

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“The rich educational background, internalization of national ethos, the passionate enthusiasm, driven by an emotional commitment to a public sector education system that works for all, puts Unity College graduates in prime position to drive Federal Government ongoing public secondary education reforms.”

“As a Community, of graduates from the Federal government secondary education institutions, that has benefitted immensely from the unity school concept and a functional public sector education system, with demonstrable track records for consistent support and partnerships with the Federal Ministry of Education, we therefore call on President Muhammad Buhari to consider naming an ex-student of the Unity schools as the next Minister of Education.”

It believed that such a move will help the Buhari administration harness the Pro Unitate commitment, professional expertise, working knowledge, and national integration experience that abound within the Unity Schools Alumni Community, and maximize the partnership potentials for the good of public sector education.

“In this respect, USOSA is willing to make its database of competent education professionals available to the President for his consideration,” he added.

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