FSL Video Story Challenge for Nigerian students


Nollywood has received criticisms about the quality of movies it turns out specifically in terms of story line, production, audio and video quality.

Nollywood Actress and Producer, Regina Chukwu is taking steps to work with upcoming youths in Nigerian tertiary institutions to develop story lines that are relevant to the lives of the Nigerian youth and their families

Feedback Strategy Limited (FSL) is proud to be partnering with Nollywood Actress, Producer and the CEO of Triple R productions Regina Chukwu to involve the Nigerian youth/students in Nollywood

We are inviting students across the 36 States in the country to participate in this opportunity to develop themselves and contribute to our movie industry.

If you are a Nigerian student and you have a movie or story idea, we want to see a summary of it in not more than 500 words.

If your story is selected, you will be contacted, compensated, celebrated and given an opportunity to work with Actress Regina Chukwu and her crew to produce the story.


The authors of the selected stories will be compensated for their effort and receive a further compensation when their story gets produced.

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· Selected stories – Fifty thousand naira each

· Produced stories – One hundred thousand naira

Eligibility Criteria

· This competition is only open to students of tertiary institutions across the country

· The students will need to provide proof of studentship in a tertiary institution such as Matriculation number and student identity card from their schools.

· If any submitted work is a copy of another person’s idea, the copy and its author will be disqualified from this opportunity

· Stories that will be selected will be entertaining, intended to teach an ideal, present historical information, funny or a documentary.

· FSL and partner will not be required to pay any royalty, rent or other forms of payment to the authors beyond the compensation promised by this engagement

· Any story submitted and subsequently used by FSL and partner will be duly acknowledged in any production arising from this engagement

Guide for Participants

· Students in this competition MUST be registered on www.feedbackstrategy.net

· Participating students must be registered members on the FSL website – www.feedbackstrategy.net

· Submissions to this competition must be original work ONLY.

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· More than one person can collaborate to submit a story but the compensation will be the same.

· Aside, the compensation money and the chance to act in the movie/film, their names will also be acknowledged in the production.

Story authors will be contacted and notified of their success on February 15th, 2019 Selected stories will be posted on the FSL website on February 6th, 2019

Submission format

The summary must be written in Times New Roman 12 font. Cover page should provide Story title, author’s name and a short summary of the story. Last page should provide information about the author. Each entry must be submitted as a (i) Word Document and (ii) PDF Document. Both documents must be attached to the same email.




Submission closes on 25th January, 2019

Further Information

Any questions you have about this engagement may be submitted via the contact page on the website: www.feedbackstrategy.net

For information on Press Releases, Photos, Promotional Events and Adverts, Please message us on WhatsApp via (+234) 09052129258, 08124662170 or send an email to: info@educeleb.com.
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