Teen TV set for launch in November


A television channel exclusively for teenagers is set for launch by the end of November. Its name is Teen Africa Television. 

Owned by film producer, Charles Novia, it will air original content only. It will also be on cable in April, 2018.

Novia revealed this with a photo of his alongside one of the Teen Africa TV presenters, Ide.

“After years of hard work and sleepless nights, with the journey still far from being over, my channel, TEEN AFRICA TELEVISION prepares to launch in a two-phased plan by the end of November,” he wrote.

Novia’s dream project

Back in 2015, Novia described the TV channel project as ‘one of my biggest dreams in life.’

“It’s been a dream patiently nurtured and harnessed since 2006 and it’s time,” he explained.

“This is the biggest project I have ever undertaken in my whole life; one which promises to change lives positively and to mould futures for the better,” he admitted.

A producer and critic, Novia has been in the Nigerian film industry for over a decade, and is known for films such as “Missing Angel,” “The Bridesmaid,” “Caught in the Middle” and “Alan Poza.”

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