If not for them, who else? 


By Dynamic poet

If not for them, who else ?

In mega ignorant, the world shall dine

In total darkness, souls shall lives

Only them, could be the heros of omni

With their curiosities, interesting life becomes
With their charisma, elite the joe public becomes

Dawn and night, they strives to better dullard

Without them , no one could be idolizes

Verily, they’re not sycophants as others
Hovering all around, they are well recognize

With reputable and industrious image,

They are the hunch behind all dilapidated minds

Teachers, they’re soliders of all scholars
Teachers, elegantly you stood amongst peers

Fabulous, facilitating and yummy, to all you enthralled

Your efforts shall not be abysmal
If not for them , who else ?

For you my pen shed and bow;

To always inks and celebrates,  you all moments

Today , my pen pledges and vows,  not to detoxify your strength

Absolutely, you are the soul of life
Dynamic poet.

Salako Tijani O.

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