Success is a pride

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You will never believe someone exist for you until you meet such person at some point in your lifetime. Many have lost hope to SUCCESS, meanwhile what it takes to achieve the very best is to maximize and grab your thinking. How well you can think beyond will determine how successful you will become. Many are not poor because they wanted to be poor but because they have chosen to be poor. While many are rich not because they have assumed to be rich but because they fought harder in other to get the weapons of richness.

Having the certificate at hand does not guarantee your success or does not guarantee you to be rich. It only guarantee you to think beyond any imagination. The certificate is just a weapon to your success. Many have the weapons but have no idea to making use of it.

On the order hand, having no certificate does not guarantee you to be poor. It only disregard you of the weapons you don’t have. The weapon of everyone who haven’t attended school, university, college at al is SKILLS. When you have skills at hand, you are far away from being poor. But note, you might not have the consciousness to think beyond those who have the weapon.

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So what makes the difference between the educated and not educated is the lack of weapon. The weapon of the educated is CERTIFICATE, ve versa. At a point in life, try as much as you can to be among knowledgeable and not being docile.

Many will never want to associate themselves with losers, rather prefer to be reckon with success, it only takes two to tango. At some point in life, you will surely fail but how well you summon the courage as a failure will make you stronger. Success does not come to your doorstep, you can only demand for it when you feel you have what it takes to be successful.

It’s of no doubt that winners never quit and losers never win, it takes a great mind to fight any challenges that comes every angle. It’s a pride to win and be celebrated worldwide. Many have lost hope because they find it difficult to blend and this may trigger many actions.

A man once struggle to win a medal as the best sprinter in the world, trust me, he couldn’t achieve this as a result of his drive to have quit at the long run. What was his hope! If I may say, I would describe that as lack of passion and dedication what  he is known for.

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Do you want to be celebrated? If yes, then take pride in everything you are good at, work towards it, in no time you shall be celebrated in it and you find yourself at the top.

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