Gombe State University website hacked


The official website of the Gombe State University (GOMSU) has been hacked, EduCeleb.com reports.

It is not clear yet how long this had happened. But a visit to the website between December 26th and 28th, 2017 indicated this.

This discovery is coming at a time thousands of hackers are gathered in the east German city of Leipzig for their annual convention .

A hacker is any skilled computer expert that uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem. In its pejorative term, it refers to someone badgering into the computer or phone system.

The hacker of the GOMSU site who simply gave his name as SHETTIMAX placed a notice on pages of the website indicating that he had control over it.

He is believed to be of the MAIDCITYLEETCREW hackers group, based on the header tag he altered on the website.

SHETTIMAX however assured the administrators of the site of the safety of their files. He suggested that the reason for hacking into the website was to show breaches therein.

Gombe State University released its admission list in November.

But on a visit to the page labelled “New Admission List”, EduCeleb.com discovered that the hacker’s signature displayed that admission was still open.

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Further attempts to visit other sections of the website returns one to the initial static page designated by the hacker.

Images of two skeletons hung in the gallow, and that of a terrified eyeball were on display.

Also, some background audio representative of music, struggles and cries indicative of violence were added to the features of the website’s background by the hacker.

On the GOMSU news page, the hacker delivered his message hoping the website administrators fix the website breach soon. He also gave out his contact details with the hope that he is contacted.

The GOMSU website accessible to the public. EduCeleb.com contacted the university to inform its management of this major security breach on the website. As at the time of filing this report, the finger prints of the hacker are still visible on the website and there are no indications of it leaving soon.

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