10 greatest speeches in American History to search inspiration from


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10 Greatest Speeches in American History

There are more than 100 best speeches of the XXI century. Here you can have 10 gorgeous examples of the greatest speeches throughout American history.

  • “The Gettysburg Address”

The speech was performed by A. Lincoln. It lasted several minutes and took only 272 words! The president spent many sleepless nights improving his address. No wonder that the public adored it and believed each his word. The speech belongs to one of the shortest and the most successful public addresses in the world.

  • “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death”
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P. Henry, American political leader, was against the ratification of the Constitution in Virginia (the US state). He said that England didn’t intend to have Virginia as a friend. England was going to turn the state into a slave using army and navy. He told the audience that he would better die than follow somebody’s rules and become an English servant.

  • Washington’s Inaugural  Address of 1789

The first president of America turned to the First Congress outing the accent on the necessity to create the Constitution. The country needed the law that could help in the government letting people live peacefully and happily.

  • “The Hypocrisy Of American Slavery”

600 people were celebrating the Independence Day and were waiting for Frederick Douglass’s public speaking. Instead of congratulations he shocked the public and blamed the country that was celebrating the fake liberty. In 1852 the southern part of the country prospered due to the slavery. He stated that until there is slavery there can be no true independence day.

  • “Cross of Gold Speech”

W.J. Bryan could become a president due to his speech. He was a representative of Democratic Party and proclaimed that American currency was to be supported by silver instead of gold. There was enough silver in the country, by the way. He shouted that the government should “not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold”. The public’s ovation lasted half an hour after these last words.

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt’s  First Inaugural  Address
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The Great Depression led to financial collapse and high unemployment rate. People were exhausted and needed to hear something “cheering up”. Roosevelt talked to human hearts promising that hard work would pay it off. He asked people not to be afraid because fear paralyzed human abilities and stopped the progress.

  • Checkers Speech

Richard Nixon is famous not only as a politician but also as a great speaker. He was accused of having secret financial fond for personal expenses far beyond his salary. Eisenhower’s running mate was to be taken off the ticket. He gave his speech on TV trying to protect himself and attacking other “ticket personalities”. He shared the information about his family financial expenses and told that he could return everything except his children’s favorite dog Checker. Nixon was one of the first politicians who realized how much the power of TV mattered.

  • John Kennedy’s First Inaugural Address

It’s called the most successful optimistic speech of the youngest US president. John Kennedy focused on foreign policy and made the short but informative address. He showed that he cared about the rights and future of every American who created a new generation.

  • “I Have a Dream”
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Dr. Martin Luther King protected the rights of black Americans and dreamed to live in the country where black and white people could be equal. His speech was a powerful manifestation of racial injustice and a hope for Afro-Americans struggling for their rights.

  • The Wall Speech by Ronald Reagan

The president’s address aimed to break down the symbolic wall built by communism and democracy. He turned to the Soviet Union while being a speaker at the anniversary of Berlin’s birthday.

Those public addresses were so powerful that managed to change the course of history. Make yours but don’t forget to use paper checker plagiarism to avoid awkward situations and not to become a speech thief.

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