Why UNIMAID did convocation in two years interval after long

Ibrahim Njodi

Ifeoma Dominic gives insights into why the University of Maiduguri now holds its convocation ceremony in two years as against longer intervals it previously did.

The successful conclusion of the University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) final year social week activities has shown the resilience to surmount challenges faced by the institution and the endless effort and passion for academic excellence and achievements of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Ibrahim Abubakar Njodi.

Despite the attacks by the Boko Haram sect on the institution especially the female hostels, which is always the target of the sects; the administrators, staff and students of the school have not lost their will and have remained resolute to win the war.

The Vice Chancellor has always been the source of strength, support and encouragement to the students. Else, the school would have been shutdown because of the ravaging Boko Haram attacks on the campus.

Njodi, is not the type that gives up on challenges, that is why the students of UNIMAID are still standing tall even in this bad time.

There is no gainsaying that when there were bomb blasts, explosions, we were all scared, we have continued to mourn the loss of our friends, colleagues, loved ones and lecturers.

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I recalled on 16th January, 2017 before the first semester examination, a twin suicide bombing by two teenagers on the school campus resulted in the death of three people including Prof. Aliyu Mani, the Director of the University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

On 25th June same year, a security guard was killed by a suicide bomber, while eight others were killed in another attack by four suicide bombers in Zannari Community, Maiduguri. Three months ago too, a lone suicide bomber died before he could achieve his devious goal near a female hostel, to mention just but a few.

Since the administration of the Vice Chancellor, Njodi came on board in June 2014 with other administrators of the institution, the administration had ventured into tremendous selfless service and possibilities to achieve excellent academic goals through support and hard work with the Governing Council and staff of the institution.

Njodi embarked on visible projects such as the building of new comfortable theatre halls for lecture, new hostels, rehabilitation of old lecture halls, hostels, water supply, offices with new furniture, sufficient electricity and solar system for students to study etc.

Numerous challenges faced by the institution did not make Njodi to relent or give any excuse why the institution should not be viable, functional or perhaps closed down.

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Previously the University of Maiduguri holds it convocation ceremonies after every four years or more due to some challenges ravaging the northeast and the institution.

However, the Njodi administration has worked successfully against all odds, with passion for academic and zeal towards achievement.

He has also proven to be a man of his words by not breaching the schedule on the academic calendar since he assumed office.
UNIMAID convocation was held on 28th April, 2018. It marks the first convocation to be held after two years.

The holding of the convocation is the fulfillment of Njodi promise that convocation will be held after two years with graduands found worthy in character and learning awarded their respective degree.

Ms Ifeoma Dominic is of the Department Of Mass Communication,
University of Maiduguri.

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