Unpaid 13-month salaries worries Benue teachers

A teacher with pupils in a classroom (File Photo)

Teachers of public primary school in Benue State has cried out over non-payment of thirteen months salaries BH the state government.

Levi Akuma, the state Chairman of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), stated that the backlog include ten months in 2017, December 2021, and February and March last year.

He noted that teachers in the state have suffered hardship due to non-payment of salaries as the union was negotiating with the government to prevent any industrial action.

The union had recently instructed the teachers to stay back at home for a while but have resumed work since.

Akuma said the stay-at-home was not a strike but due to lack of money to transport themselves to work.

In August 2022, the primary school teachers were waiting for their salaries when others were paid under the same government but that did not happen.

Teachers said they did not have money to go to work in October. The government was asked to pay them the money. Three Local Government Areas (LGAs) were paid and three were waiting to be paid. In the end, the three remaining LGAs were paid and they resumed back yo work.

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The chairman said the backlog is 10 months in 2017, between March and December; December 2021; and, February and March 2022.

Now, September was paid but not everyone has received it.

It is a huge money being owed. That of 2017 was over N1.7 billion, he added.

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