Units under the Federal Ministry of Education

Federal Ministry of Education headquarters in Abuja
The Federal Ministry of Education (FME) in Nigeria relies on various organs for it to provide services to the general public. These exist in forms of departments, parastatals and units. While departments and parastatals under it directly report to whoever is the Minister of Education or the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, as the case may be. There are also units that assist in the administrative efficiency of the ministry. These units of ministry are found in different locations within the FME headquarters and its annex in Abuja.

1. Federal Protocol Unit

Following the restructuring of the ministry and its agencies under the major education sector reform programme, the protocol unit then under the office of the Honourable Minister was moved to the general administration division, department of Human Resources Management to strengthen the Unit for more effective Service Delivery. (i) Processing the issuance of note verbale and visas of various embassies in Nigeria for Ministers, the Permanent Secretary Education (PSE), Directors and Official of the Ministry and its agencies in liaison with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (ii) Assist officials of the Ministry in filling visa forms, booking and appointments and selecting appropriate dates for interviews on line.
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(iii) Forwarding requests for SGFs of the head of service approval on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education Officers to travel outside the country. (iv) Liaison with Nigerian Mission abroad to forward the carriers and flight numbers, time of departure and arrival of Minister, PSE and other officials. (v) Facilitating procurement of standards official and diplomatic passports for Ministers, PSE and others officials of the Ministry from Nigeria Immigration Services.

2. Federal Audit Unit

The Federal Audit Unit are federal resident auditors and the scope of their work is to carry out the post auditing of all the ministry’s accounting record books. Federal Audit Unit is responsible for (i) Receiving and examination of all the payment vouchers. (ii) Vote books, Transcripts and Bank reconciliation statement. (iii) Store survey, inspection and auditing of transport unit and inspection and auditing of Unity schools. (iv) Carrying out of inventory in offices of the Ministry. (v) Generate reports in the process of carrying out their assignments and brief the reports to the Permanent Secretary. (vi) The report is submitted to the Auditor General of the Federation, which is their own parent ministry.
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3. Press and Public Relations Unit

The Press and Public Relations Unit is meant to be proactive in ensuring that publicity of the activities projects and achievements of the Ministry is in tandem with core value of the Ministry of Education. Its role is to (i) Maintain, promote and project the good of the Federal Ministry of Education, its department, Agencies, Chief Executives and principal officers. (ii) Design and implement a comprehensive Communication and Brand strategy that would further the interest of the Ministry and its agencies with stakeholders and the Nigerian public. (iii) Design and implement programmes and activities aimed at developing a strong brand for the Ministry, its agencies and its products. (iv) Maintain constant liaison with local and international media and the public at large in matters of public communication.

4. Stock Verification Unit

The Stock Verification Unit reports directly to the perm sec. it is responsible for a comprehensive verification of all the stock and purchase of the Ministry with the main objective of providing a complete and continuous verification of stock and other moveable properties of the Ministry whether purchased acquired or donated.
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Stock Verification Unit has the following responsibilities (I) A continuous inspection of all government stores (allocated and unallocated), plant, Vehicles, Vessels, Equipment, Tools both at the Headquarters, Unity Schools, Parastatals and Federal Inspectorates (II) Taking and updating of inventory records of furniture, equipment in government offices, workshops and listing same on form 15 (Furniture Inventory Board) (III)Ensure that only the right qualities of goods are supplied. (IV) Ensure adherence to relevant procedures to fast track timely payment for items/services rendered For information on Press Releases, Photos, Promotional Events and Adverts, Please message us on WhatsApp via (+234) 09052129258, 08124662170 or send an email to: info@educeleb.com.

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