Why you should adopt TAMS for your school management system

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We live in a world where almost every activity is being digitised and schools cannot be left behind in the scheme of things. For schools, TAMS is a choice digital solution to adopt.

TAMS – Technology-Assisted Academic Management System – is a multi-stakeholder cloud-based school management system with personalised platform for schools and education stakeholders.

It has a user-friendly interface for governments, school managers and administrators, teachers, parents and students. In this article, EduCeleb.com identifies the features of this platform and why you should use it.

TAMS is an initiative of Crownbirth Limited, an EdTech start-up based in Nigeria.

Why use TAMS?

TAMS offers the school management system the following.


Each school has a personalised interface on TAMS. The platform offers each automated subdomain and self-defined colour themes to maintain individual school identity.

Easy to use

Irrespective of level of technological literacy, you can easily operate TAMS. The do-it-yourself approach enables administrators to easily start and complete school set-up process on the platform.


Whether you are on you are on the move with phone is some 2G covering location or in the city centre, the TAMS platform is suited for you. It is optimised with integrated modules to automate key school processes; giving cross-platform data analytics to support decision-making process.

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Integrated payment

On the platform, school fees and other payments could be made and received at relatively lower charges. Schools get to easily track how much revenue they have earned and could easily measure their credit viability.


You can become an agent for the platform to the extent of you earning commission for getting schools on boarded. Your technical know-how could set you up to manage the platform on behalf of schools anywhere.

Who can use TAMS?

As earlier noted, TAMS is for almost everyone in the education sector. It is useful to governments as much as to school associations, educational consultants and financial institutions.


Governments can have real-time insight into the administration of all schools with this standardized technology platform that improves quality of teaching and learning activities in public and private schools.

School owners’ associations

TAMS is cost-effective to enhance the quality of teaching and learning activities across member schools.

School owners’ associations can easily coordinate activities of member schools without necessarily tampering with the identity of each school.

In instances of inter-school transfer, associations can easily monitor whether a student had fulfilled his/her obligations at the former school.

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The group could also use this platform for the collections of annual members’ dues and ensure compliance.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can easily use this service to enhance collections and deposits.

They could also use data analytics from TAMS to offer better financial services to schools, especially on loan and repayments. Such institutions could also earn commission from the subscription paid by schools for the use of TAMS.

Educational consultants

The platform could also help improve the quality of educational consultancy to schools. It makes the task easy and efficient for the practitioner.

Just like financial institutions, educational consultants can this platform to earn some commission as agents.

What you get from using TAMS?

In a single login, schools can gain access to these features:

  • User Profile Manager     –              Users can manage their profiles as they deem accurate.
  • Roles & Permissions       –              You can create and assign roles and permissions to users
  • Academic Manager         –              Manage academic units, curriculum and scheme of works
  • Registration Manager    –              You can enrol and manage students in classes.
  • Admissions Manager      –              It manages application batches including entrance exams.
  • Bursary Manager             –              It manages cash and online collection of various fees.
  • Digital Class                         –              You can create and access video-led classes and lesson notes
  • Attendance Manager     –              Mark attendance online and share notifications.
  • Messaging Channel         –              This is also internal messaging platform for all users to communicate
  • Result Processing             –              You can digitally process the result of students with choice of result sheet templates.
  • E-Assessment Manager                –              This also serves being used as a simplified quiz and assignment platform
  • Video Tutorials                  –              It contains open video resources for topics in scheme of works
  • Transport Manager         –              You manage the school fleet of buses and schedules
  • Hostel Manager                                –              It manages allocation of bed spaces and boarding system
  • Activity Log                         –              Audit trails and log of all user activities
  • Subscription Manager    –              Make a choice within the internal subscription payment platform
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Visit the TAMS platform to signup now.

The video below shows how it works

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