Proofs that technology really works in the education field


Technology is something which showed its magic in every field. We are living in a technological era and we get to know all the facilities offered by the technology. In every field, we can see the impact of technology. Especially in the education field, we can see its effect deeply.

Parents always want to give the best to their child and they try to give them the best education in the process. And they search for best educational institutions which will guide their child towards their dream and help them to achieve it.

Now, we need educational institutions which are including a technological process in their learning because technology is a key element for success. In the past, traditional method of learning and teaching used to be mainly subject oriented rather than students oriented.

But now, everything has changed and teachers now give importance to a student in their curriculum. More than 90% of people use technology in their day to day life and more than 75% of schools adopted the technological system in their class.

Now, every classroom is digitalized and teachers well trained in technical skills to teach students. Through this, teachers are able to give quality education for students and it really helped to enhance the quality of learning as well as teaching.

Proofs that technology really works in the education field

1 Quality in teaching

In the past, teachers didn’t have any kind of reference books or materials other than textbooks. But after the involvement of technology in the educational field, the teaching process also changed.

More than 75% of schools adopted the technological developments in the teaching process. Teachers gave importance to students and their interest. They involved technical devices in the classroom to make the learning process more effective and enhance the learning process.

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The teacher can use some videos and pictures related to the subject and show it to students to make them alert and by showing videos, they get the feeling of the real situation and they will be able to connect themselves with real life.

In English class, teachers can use videos which will help the student’s incorrect pronunciation and will be able to get the correct knowledge. The teacher will get all kind of materials related to the particular subject.

In a certain subject, it’s not easy to make the student understand the idea related to the particular concept but by using technological devices, one will be able to explain everything with the use of videos.

The teacher also will get a training class online. They need to go training session which will be kept in far place and they have to travel that particular place which is the wasting of time. After access to the technological devices, teachers will be able to get training videos or training session online itself, which will save their time and energy. So, in every sense, teachers can give quality education to students.

2 Increase students’ confidence

Confidence is the main element for secured and successful life. Without confidence, no one can exist in this competitive world. So, in academicals life, it is natural that students have to face so many challenges and problems related to subjects.

When they get class activities they don’t have any kind of help source, which will make them do their work. When they get seminar subject and assignment, they need extra information apart from textbooks which are provided by the internet. It really helped students to pass their academicals life without much stress. They will show confidence in any class work because technology is there to direct and guide them.

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With their single touch, they will get whatever information. Just a single touch and they will get a solution for their problems. Research shows that more than 70% of students use technology for their educational purpose. And it really helped the student to improve their academicals performance and concentrate on studies.

3 Individualised learning

As technological devices are used in the learning process, this encourages individualised learning. Students can learn according to their interest. They can download videos and information related to their subjects. If students have any doubt and confusion on the certain part they can search through technological devices and come about a solution. If they have technological devices, they can study in the place where they like. Whether it’s a bus stand or a park, they can learn wherever they want. By downloading videos, they can see it when they are free and study according to their interest.

4 Improved expertise in technological skills

When you are living in a technological era, you must be able to understand the technical skill. This is as basic skill of technology is taught in the first stage itself to the students because of that they become expert in the technological skills.

In professional life, it’s the basic requirement that every company asks for. If you don’t have any knowledge related to the skills then, naturally, you will be rejected because technological devices are used in every field. As a result of the involvement of technology in education, students become confident in that particular field and they will get the confidence to face any kind of challenges and competitions.

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5 Distance learning

It’s another important contribution of technology in the educational field. Online learning or distance learning becomes very demanding nowadays. People can continue their education or learn while earning. If you are in a job, you can learn also. If you pass with good marks, you can ask for the higher position in the job. So, online learning is very useful and effective.

It really helped to spread education all over the world. In online learning, interested persons will get all kind of materials related to the lesson and subjects. They can learn when they are free, whether it is early morning or late at night. This will boost their confidence.

There is no doubt that technology has changed everything. It made our lifestyle easy going and helped to satisfy our needs. Technology brought a new diversion in the educational system.

Technology in education used to be a complicated topic. At first, teachers and educational institutions hesitated in using technological devices but finally, it proved to be the best decision ever in the educational field. When teachers used technological devices in the classroom, we have seen a drastic change in the academic performance of the students. Students got involved in the subject and learned the subject without much stress and tension.

There is no doubt that technology enhances learning and teaching process, and helped to give quality education. Without quality education, no one will be able to achieve their dreams and succeed in life. If you want to be successful in personal and professional life you must be an expert in technical skills along with educative qualities.


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