Why NTI is yet to release 2017 PGDE results

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The National Teachers’ Institute (NTI) is yet to release the results of students enrolled in 2017 Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programme due to administrative issues pertaining to university affiliation, this newspaper can report.

In an exclusive interview with EduCeleb.com in Kaduna on Friday, the Director of Examinations at the NTI, Bashir Mamman said a recommendation came from the National Universities Commission (NUC) that the 40 year old teacher-training institution decentralises its university affiliation for the PDGE programme.

The NUC is the government agency that regulates degree awarding institutions including universities and their affiliate institutions.

Prior to this interview, this platform  had been inundated with reactions from a section of our audience who revealed that their results were not immediately accessible. While many were enthusiastic about enrolling in the NTI PGDE programme, a few others expressed worries about how soon their results would be ready.

EduCeleb.com recalls that between 2004 and 2014, entrants into the PGDE programme of the NTI were issued certificates of Usmanu Dan Fodio University, Sokoto (UDUS), where it maintained affiliation throughout the years. But in 2015 and 2016, certificates from the NTI degree and PGDE programmes were affiliated to the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

Mr Mamman said that was about to change as the system was being decentralised to reduce the “burden” on the schools. Nigeria has six geopolitical zones from which one federal university would each be affiliated to the NTI for the issuance of its PGDE certificates subsequently.

“The NUC advised us to extend affiliation so that we will have, at least, one university per geopolitical zone. They proposed six universities to us,” he said.

The NTI is expected to maintain its affiliation with UDUS in the North West zone for the PDGE once the arrangement is concluded. In the South West, its PDGE programme are to be affiliated with the University of Ibadan. For the North Central Zone, it is the University of Ilorin. Those registered in the South South and South East geopolitical zones will have their certificates affiliated to the University of Port Harcourt and the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka respectively. Students in the North East would have their certificates issued by the University of Maiduguri.

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The NTI director noted that Memorandums of Understanding were being signed with the respective schools towards them taking charge of certificate issuance as the various universities had given written approval to the proposed affiliation.

“All the universities have written to give approval to the proposed affiliation. In fact, it is the NUC that is even facilitating the approval. They advised us that with this multiple affiliation, we would have wider coverage instead of one university for the whole nation,” he said.

2017 PGDE results are ready but…

While identifying that the certificates for the 2017 PDGE programme were ready, he added that the process of the affiliation, which was already being finalised with the NUC would determine how soon students would have access to their certificates. The last step in that process is the proposed resource visit by the NUC.

“Results are already ready for long. But if we release them now, it is as if we are releasing them on our own (NTI is not empowered to do so).

“It is this transition that made the 2017 results not to be released to students. The NUC has finalised to do resource visit, which is the last process of the affiliation. Already, they have visited selected study centres. What is remaining is their visit to the NTI headquarters to evaluate the course materials that we use.”

EduCeleb.com earlier published a list of affiliated degree awarding schools, which are not originally universities accredited by the NUC. We noted that every degree programme in Nigeria had to go through the approval of the NUC.

A part of what the NUC does before determining whether an affiliated institution could award degrees is the resource visit, which the NTI official said was expected to hold soon. During the visit, which may be equivalent to an accreditation process, course contents, materials, facilities in the study centres, and the quality of staff of the institution are expected to be evaluated.

Mr Mamman told us that his institution was working hard towards ensuring that the process was completed soon. He said the date fixed for the visit to the NTI headquarters was in the last week of November.

“We are not the ones to give the certificates. It is the universities that would. A few of the universities yet to sign their MoUs are expected to sign it during the visit. Once the MoUs are signed, we would issue the results.”

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Earlier results ready

Mr Mamman said that the situation affected only students registered in 2017 as students who registered earlier had been able to get their results and certificates.

“It affected the 2017 PGDE only. But (for) all other years, we don’t have any issue of results with them.”

“We have got over 25,000 signed certificates from Usmanu Dan Fodio University and distributed to all the states of the federation since October. There are those with the National Open University of Nigeria too, which are being signed too and they are about to complete the signing.”

But when this reporter pointed out that based on some feedback we got from our audiences that issuance results and certificates were still being delayed, he denied knowledge of any reported instances that had not been addressed saying that such were being dealt with on a case-by-case basis. He also disclosed that his office even had a task-force that handles such complaints when they emerge.

“I am not aware of that. I was appointed Director, Examination in 2017. On my appointment, I immediately constituted a task-force on students’ complaints. As at today, we don’t have a single complaint that we have not got resolved.”

“That taskforce was given that assignment solely and they have been delivering on that to the states. Probably, there must be communication gap somewhere. In recent times, the frequency of the complaints we receive have reduced. Even some weeks go without us receiving any complaints unlike before.

“We have really made an effort now, especially with the coming of our present DG. He was the one who established the Examination Department. Formerly, it was just a division. If there are (such issues of delays), I would have loved to see the single person with such complaint for the past three years so that our taskforce can easily check and let you know the state of things about that candidate.”

He said those that did not get their results in due time were those that did not complete their programmes with their colleagues.

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“I can assure you that remaining students from 2015 and 2016 yet to get their results are those who could not graduate with their colleagues due to one reason or the other. It may be that they had carryover or they couldn’t complete their research project or teaching practice.”

“It is those with those issues that later when they clear their results that we now make a request for their certificates to be written. But all their colleagues that graduated without any issue, their results are given on time and they have been issued both the statement (of results) and the certificate.

“Those with issue of carryover, once they do their outstanding courses, we quickly process and send the results to NOUN for approval towards the issuance of their certificates. The Registry of our institute are following up with NOUN to ensure that they are completed.”

On the channel of lodging complaints, he said that such should be directed through state offices.

“Students with complaint should ideally lodge that through the state office. They pass a letter of complaint addressed to the DG through the state coordinator. Then, the state coordinator would now write a covering letter and forward to the DG who would then direct it to my office. As I said, we have a taskforce for complaint and they attend to it immediately.”

EduCeleb.com reports that the NTI is one of the teacher-training institutions listed in the National Policy on Education. It was established in 1978 to offer the then minimum entry qualification into the teaching profession, which was the Grade II Certificate. It also offers the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) that has remained the minimum qualification for teachers since 2004.

The NTI has been offering the PGDE programme through its study centres too since 2004. In recent years, it started running degree programmes too through the accredited centres too but is yet to graduate students through that.

NTI’s NCE certificates are still issued by it. While its PGDE programme will be with affiliation to the earlier mentioned universities, its degree programme is affiliated to NOUN.


  1. Having delayed students for a whole year due to their incompetent nature which they incurred through undue bureaucracy they jeopardize the future of alot is students. Who bears the loss of time should a student have carryover.

    Please you need to get another interview and make it public

  2. Good day, i’m happy in reading this pieces. I am a victim of 2017 withhold result set. This has affected me in many ways when job opportunities came. Presently, I want to know the update so as to keep a braking soul alive.

  3. Good day, I’m happy for this piece of explanation. I am a victim of 2017 set which results are withhold, this has affected me in many ways; i.e. job opportunities.

    I just want to know the update on this issue of approval or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and when the result will be out.

    Thanking you

    Olusegun Adeniyi

  4. Can a students of nti participated in one year mandatory service since they are affiliated to noun.?

  5. sir, i have not ben able to get my certificate since i graduated in 2014. i went to state office in Abeokuta several times but i was told mine has not been sent. please i urgently need this certificate.

  6. Hello,

    I followed up on this post since last year and I appreciate the effort you have put in. Albeit your efforts might be fruitless if you failed to get over this results issues of 2017 set. Up until this minute the results are to be released. When they ever get released should a student have a carry over who bears the loss. The most annoying part is that they keep admitting students. Please do what you can do even if it means reporting to efcc

  7. Good morning sir.Thank you for the clarification on the delay of the 2017 NTI results.
    I did my PGD in 2018,please when would the results be out?

  8. God bless you sir for this information. I don’t understand why up till now NTI has not be able to released the certificate of 2016 PGDE. Like me and some of my friends that we did it together are having challenge in our place of work because we couldn’t provide the original certificate of programme we claimed we have done since 2015/2016. Now we have Been given ultimatum till July of this year to provide the result or else we will be sacked. Pls I don’t know how u can be of help to us. We ‘ve seen our results since 2017 but we need the original certificate. Thanks

    • Go to your state office. The certificates of your time are ready. If yours is not, let’s know. But you can write the DG of NTI to ghave them work on it from the headquarters anyway.

      • Thanks for the update,thou the process is too long. Am 2017 set and as I speak,my job is on the line if am unable to present my certificate by June,despite the attestation letter I presented. I don’t know what else to do
        Let them try to release the result,am in a fixed here

  9. Pls help us fast track the issue of 2017 PGDE result……. I am one of the victim and up till now the result is not yet released.

  10. Good day sir
    Please can 2017 set be given to whom it concern since we are yet to get our result.
    This is really affecting a lot of us in our various places of work.
    Thanks and God bless.

  11. Good pm sir, I did my PGDE in 2016. Though I have collected my statement of result but the certificate is not out yet. I spoke with the Nti state coordinator today in my state he told me 2016 certificate are yet to be released .pls sir I need this certificate cos my job is one the line.l was given end of June 2019 to summit my certificate pls help……

  12. Good morning. On my way to the NTI state office in Abia State to submit the items contained in my receipt for clearance, I was involved in an unfortunate incident where they went missing. Will that prevent me from getting my PGDE certificate?

  13. Thanks sir for the inform ation, l hope and pray that the remaining process of affiliation and releasing of results will not take unnecessary long time because we the government school teachers, and our work is at stake.

  14. Please sir, this is 2017 set, I had an issue of registration number that made me to write my exams with out registration number because it was not given to me which I complained to my coordinator who promised to forward the issue to kaduna but during the verification in my state i discovered that it has not been attended to and the results will soon be released. Can I get my results with out registration number or what step should I take for it

    • If the issue has not been resolved yet, send us a WhatsApp message on 09052129258 giving the details requiring correction. We could help with that through contacts at the headquarters

  15. Please sir ,I have a pass in mathematics. All the remaining subjects are cleared. Can I be admitted for a postgraduate in education with my bsc in sociology? Even if admitted will i be asked to clear it before issuing my result/certificate? When will the 2019/2020 form be out ? Thank you sir

  16. Good evening sir, you only lay emphasis on the 2017 results, what of 2018 results? We want to know the status of 2018 results. Thanks for quick response.

  17. please i have not gotten my certificate since 2017 because of the abbreviation i used in writing my name,but i have written to NTI correcting it and even sent a letter to that effect from my study center to no avail this has hinder me from accessing so many opportunity that have come my way in area of employment please am tired someone should help me out as this is becoming frustrating.

  18. Good morning sir,
    Please, kindly let the 2017 students know when their results will be ready. It is past two years now,we completed the programme.
    I just want you to know, NTI made I and my colleagues teaching in the same establishment all over the 36 states, be disengaged in early 2019 due to lack of proof of running the programme in our various locations in 2017.
    Please and please, NTI release our results. It is so FRUSTRATING.

  19. Pls, I just went through your update. It’s like the B/Ed program is not included. Please I need to be cleared. Bcoz, I am one of your victims of not having result or certificate to show since 2017 that I graduated from doing your B/Ed program…
    How long more am I still going to wait? Three years after graduating and nothing to show, it’s so so unimaginable, plz I need an urgent response to this…

  20. I wonder how nti can be this relax on not releasing of results/certificates when they have collected school fees… Why run a program when you know you are not fully ready. Please nti, release our results n certificates for us.
    We are tired of waiting and of your numerous excuses…

  21. Please, which of the b/Ed results have you released if I may ask. I couldn’t have gotten my result and I will still be bothering myself. I read sos and nothing is being heared about our results. Please can’t a specific date be given on wen results will be released so that our minds can be set on it? Please I am tired of being placed in the dark concerning this issue. Therefore, you should kindly give me a good response. Thanks.

  22. Thanks for this great job. God bless you sir. We are 2020/2021 set waiting to write first semester exams. Hope we are on the right track?Some of us are panicking already over this news of delay in NTI PGDE results and certificates.

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