List of Courses offered in the NTI PGDE programme

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The National Teachers’ Institute is one of Nigeria’s teacher-training institutions. It offers courses leading to the award of certificates, degrees and diplomas in education. Here, we focus on the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

Requirements for the PGDE

The PDGE is meant for candidates who possess any of the following qualifications and are interested or involved in teaching and/or school administration at any level. These people are eligible for admission:

  • Higher National Diploma (HND) holders from a recognized institution and in relevant areas.
  • Bachelor’s Degree holders in other fields than education (BA, B Sc., B. Tech.)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education holders with a Third Class
  • Master’s Degree and PhD holders in other fields than education.

At the institution, students who satisfactorily complete the programmes are awarded their respective diplomas making them able to proceed for their Master’s and PhD degrees. In this list, identifies the courses offered to PGDE students at the NTI.

List of Courses offered in the NTI PGDE programme

The programme is spread across a two semester duration.

First Semester Courses in the PDGE

PDE 701 History of Education
PDE 702 Developmental Psychology
PDE 703 General Methods in Education
PDE 704 Curriculum Design and Development
PDE 705 Measurement and Evaluation
PDE 706 Educational Psychology 1
PDE 707 Philosophy of Education
PDE 708 Research Method in Education
PDE 709 Sociology of Education
PDE 710 Statistical Method in Education
PDE 711 Micro Teaching
PDE 712 Guidance and Counselling
Second Semester Courses in the PDGE

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PDE 713 Introduction to Educational Management and Planning
PDE 714 Guidance and Counselling II
PDE 715 English Methodology
PDE 715 Mathematics Methodology
PDE 715 Social Studies Methodology
PDE 715 Integrated Science Methodology
PDE 716 School Supervision and Inspection
PDE 717 Educational Technology
PDE 720 Comparative Education
PDE 721 Adult and Non-formal Education

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  1. Good day sir,please is the PGDE Certificate from NTI acceptable in all Nigerian tertiary institutions should one desire to use it to further study in education later in life?

  2. pls, am staying in paiko L.G.A. and i want to apply 4 pgde.
    so pls, i want to kno d study center dat is close to me, interms of transportation

  3. Please i was denied promotion in my working place as a lecturer in a college of Education just because i hold NTI PGDE result spart from M.Sc. in my normal area of specialization. I was forced to obtain another teaching qualification elsewhere before i was promoted,. Now i have PGDE certificate from NTI in affiliation with UsmanDanFodio University. I am trying to appeal to my management to place me properly. Please how do i get a reliable evidence to show the management that PGDE certificate from NTI is a legal qualification and acceptable for teaching in Nigeria? I will be grateful if you can help me urgent . Thank you.

  4. Please how can i get a reliable evidence showing that PGDE certificate from NTI is acceptable for teaching in Nigeria? I need it urgent to show to my employer who has denied me promotion on several ocassion

  5. Please, I want to apply for the PGD program. I’m an HND holder based in Kaduna. I really want to know how relevant is the PGDE in Nigeria and when is it closing for this year.

    • English is generally compulsory in Nigeria. Such a low grade in English reduces your chances of being accepted. If, perhaps, you have plans to write the SSCE for Private Candidates (Nov/Dec), you may try it out.

    • thanks real good for your prompt answer.
      I have been taking with the D7 in English, but my fear is, will it frustrate me when I would finish the program to collect my certificate? I will definitely write it but I didn’t intend to write it soon. What can you advise me on that sir?

  6. Is pgde certificate offered by NTI acceptable to study masters in public health?
    pls i need an urgent reply,

    • I’m not sure if those are related anyway. Public Health should be a course in the College of Medicine. But PGDE is for those interested in education or teaching at any level of education.

  7. Good day sir,pls, when will admission letter be ready? Some people have submitted their forms but the admission letter is yet to be released.

  8. Can I still pick a form now or do I have to wait till Oct-Nov. Again I had B Sc. In plant science which course should I take.


  10. Please am at Kaduna, i want to enroll for PGDE where is the nearest centre to me ? i stay at barnawa kaduna south
    do i need an nysc certificate to apply for PGDE?
    when will the form be on sale ?

    • 1 The NTI Headquarters is in Kaduna, along the Kaduna-Zaria Road. Visit there.

      2 NYSC certificate is necessary but if you are currently doing your NYSC, the centre manager may accept you using your evidence being a corper. At the end of the day, you would need to produce the NYSC certificate in order to get your NTI certificate.

      3 The sale of forms would close soon.

  11. will the certificate be accepted in another university for Masters Degree? And when ‘ll the next form be out?

  12. Please sir I have my olevel computer print out. My original cert. Is missing can I still use it for nti pgde program

  13. Can I use the nti certificate to lecture in any of the Nigerian universities, am I also qualified to apply for the program as I have BSC second class upper but with a D8 in mathematics for o’level?

  14. Since the sales of form is closing and the next sales is October -November. I would like to know the duration of the programme if it full-time or part-time.I stay at Abule-Egba Lagos which is the nearest centre please.

  15. please is the nti pgde program graded in the certificate? what schools in Nigeria accepts nti certificate for masters?

  16. Please how can I download past questions and answers for Nti Pgde both first and second semester I need it to prepare for examinations. Thanks..

  17. pls i have BSc in pure and applied maths and i intend switching to education maths. my question is do universities accept NTI PGDE for masters MEd.
    because i intend doing MEd and PHD AFTER THIS THANKS.

  18. Please,I want to know how this program(PGDE ) runs, is it course work base or both course work and research work.secondly, can the certificate be used as a prerequisite for applying for lecturing job since I already have Msc degree because I wish to have necessary requirements going by NUC standards.

  19. Good one.please,I will equally want to know how much the processing form will cost and school fee,..and does mean buying the form automatic qualify Me in or what are other process involve

  20. Pls what is d different btw having an pde professional diploma in education and pgde and also do unilag take nti pgde for master

  21. Hello, please you stated earlier that the fee for the pgde is N80,000;
    Is that for the entire program (including both semesters) or for just 1 semester?
    Thank you.

    Where is your office in Port Harcourt?

  22. Please I need to know if the PGDE is strictly for part-time studies? do you have it in full-time? Secondly I live in Ikorodu,Lagos can you tell me the nearest centre and where I can obtain the next session form for 2018/2019? Thanks.

  23. Plz I need soft copies of second semester modules PGDE, is there any site I can download from?
    Kindly assist me Mr Amoo if u known any site.

  24. Hello, please I want to apply for the pgde. Am in Lagos,abule egba precisely.can you help me with the center in Lagos and when the form will be on am currently in the last phase of my MSC program,am I eligible? Thanks

  25. Hello sir, i have finished the program since 2012 and i am looking into obtaining my transcript and have it sent to a university outside Nigeria. Please sir what are the process and the cost. will i be able to make payments online ? Thanks

  26. Can a person who study Environmental health technology in college of health technology apply for PGD?
    Where is the close center to Ishaga area, (Lambe precisely).
    Is the form out, if yes how much and where can I obtain it.

    • Yes, you are eligible to apply for PGDE. Registration for the next session has opened now. Visit for the guidelines. The form is around N10,000. You can choose the centre at Government College, Agege (Iyana Ipaja) or the African Church Model College, Ifako.

  27. I Live at Mowe and want to put in for my pgde. Please advice on the closest NTI. I met some other options but I want the best. Thanks

  28. Please I need an explicit explanation. Can someone with HND civil Engineering apply for this Pgde program. Is there any subject one will major on in the program or its just general. And considering my background(HND civil engineering) can I be considered for a teaching job after getting my MSc. Please where is the closest center to ikorodu

  29. Good evening Mr Amoo I have HND in mass communication want to put in for my PGDE please which course related to it? More so how do I go about getting the form? Thanks

    • Visit to register. The NTI PGDE is generic. You would however likely specialise in English during your teaching practice. Lectures hold on weekends. I hope this summary information helps.

  30. I am a graduate of PGDE in NTI,I wish to proceed for my Mac in edu,although I had pass in my HND certificate, pls I dont know if NOUN will give me admission due to my PASS in HND,Even though I already had the PGDE,frm NTI…

  31. Comment:plz sir, i have already pick my Pgde form with D7 in English, but i took Neco this year which i got the English but the certificate is not out yet. I hope i can sustitute it at the end of the programme. thanks

  32. Please is the form for next session out and can one use awaiting degree results to apply and later tender the results before the end of the pgde program. Is it allowed.

  33. Greetings to u Educleb. With respect to other questions snd replies you hahe given here. I thank you much.
    My questions are:
    1. If one has a B.Sc cert and a M.Sc cert, do such person still need to present his/her O’level for registration?
    2. I heard that students are made to procure tablets (costing like N46,000) which contains the lesson modules or e-handouts. Is this claim true or it was used to be so and hss stopped or is it still like that?
    3. With professional MSc and PGDE, do one still need to do M.ed before going for PhD?


    • 1. Yes, the O’level is still required
      2. No tablet is being given anymore
      3. A professional masters cannot be used to proceed to PhD. PGDE suffices as a teaching qualification after which you can do a M Ed. if you don’t previously have that.

  34. Hello sir. I am very passionate about putting in for this programme. However my subject of interest is either Mathematics or Physics even though my first degree is in Agricultural Economics. Is it possible to still have my subject of interest. If no, what will you suggest I should do so that I can register for my subject of interest next time

  35. Good morning, pls how much is the form? and when is it closing?
    what is the difference between PDE and pgde ?
    Pls can you drop any number that someone can reach you with.
    Do they an entrance exam for the pgde?

  36. Pls I didn’t see where to Fill my desired course Of study during registration .Please is it when they give you admission that you will choose the course ?

  37. Good day,I would like to know if I can combine result,I have been using WAEC and NECO (same sitting/2011)while in poly,I have my HND(upper credit)and NYSC Certificate and I would like to buy my form for PGDE,is it acceptable here and what is the total money for the year,how much is registration and is there any centre in owerri?

  38. Hello sir.. .pls i studied philosophy and came out with third class, will NTI pgde certificate be accepted in other universities when going for masters… Lastly is there anycenter at sagamu or mushin.. .

  39. Sir, I will appreciate if you can you kindly share the course outline for PGDE Programme of 2005 session with me. I need the course outline for a job i am applying for

  40. 1. I just completed the pgde application a couple of days earlier, what’s the next line of action?
    2. Please I need information about the subject specializations available in the pgde program if there is any.
    Many thanks.

    • Go to the centre you chose. They’re currently in the second semester. Get the contact number of the centre manager. Note that there is no subject specialisation in the PGDE. However, you are subjected to teaching one of the core school subjects during the teaching practice.

  41. Good day, seems the course codes were changed, when I
    did mine they were 108 etc, is there a link I may use to obtain the old course codes and title

  42. Good day sir, I have National Diploma andAdvanced Diploma in Mass communications from Rufus Giwa polytechnic can I apply for the PGDE. I work in an educational outfit.

  43. Hello, can one use the PGDE certificate to apply for Master in education? And when are they releasing 2017, 2018 and 2019 results?

  44. Good day, pls I want to find out if transcript is a compulsory requirement before one can get full admission into pgde in NTI 2020 session?

  45. Thanks I appreciate. Working to find solutions to the missing certificate (o level) cos for now no traces of it and it’s discouraging going for the course.

  46. Hi, Good afternoon.. please what time on saturday and sundays do the lectures hold in government college, iyana ipaja. i’m just about registering for the PGDE programme for 2020. I hope its not too late for me to apply. And must i pay the school fees before commencing classes or can i pay like middle of the semester?

  47. Good evening. Please, i am 2014 but resist for a course in 2015 and passed. But, yet to get my result and certificate. I have been cleared by NTI Kaduna for i have been to Nti’s office at ogba which clearify that i have no outstanding nor debt. Also wrote a letter to the effect of me getting my result and certificate. Still not available .

  48. (1) Can third class in other disciplines apply for PGDE?
    (2) What is the difference between Post Graduate Diploma in Education(PGDE) and professional Diploma in Education(PDE)

  49. Please I want to know if the pgde form is still on sale and if classes still holds despite the pandemic. Thanks

  50. Good morning Sir. please how can I change my password? Trying to login in to pay my school fee but I have forgotten my password.Please help me out

  51. When is the registration form for 2020/2021 session will be out?

    What is the fee for the form?
    What is the total cost for the pgde programmes?

  52. It is absolutely unfortunate that since we finished this program in 2017, we are yet to see our result not even first semester result. No certificate to show we did the program after spending so much money, time and energy. We have complained to the authorities that be but nothing seems to be done about it.
    Is this how we want to take over the world? When our system is in absolute mess. How do you hold people’s result to ransom? A lot of people borrowed money for the fear of not being fired in their little jobs as a teacher and yet you have failed to make that investment of time, money and energy count for them. I know of so many of my classmates who were pregnant during that period, they took the pain to write test, teach in schools and wrote projects and yet nothing seem to be done about this. Are we not all deceiving yourselves in this nation?
    I just hope for the best!!!

  53. @educeleb plus when will 2021/2022 admission list be out? I mean for ppl that registered 2021. How will I know I’ve been offered admission? Cos I registered with a wrong phone number.

  54. Good day sir/ma. Am a HND graduate and about to buy a form for your PGDE programme but I might not continue in the education line for my masters. Will the NTI PGDE earn me admission to study Msc. in Mass Communication? or my master have to be in relation with my PGD programme?

  55. Good evening, please when will the sale of pgde form for this year close? I saw the sales of the form started on 7th of this month also the duration and the cost for both the form and the course thanks.

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