Media coy trains African students on tech

Ayomide Ogunleye

A media group in Nigeria, Roundnews, has trained more than 30 African students on technology in their just concluded African Students and Entrepreneurs Summit 2021 (ASES2021).

The summit titled, “The impact of Technological advancement on African students performance” exposed more than 30 African students on ways they can leverage on technology to advance their businesses and academic performance in their various African countries.

The second Edition of the virtual summit started on July 16 and ended on 18th of same month. It enlightened students on digital marketing techniques and how technology is important to the growth of their businesses as Entrepreneurs and the African continent.

Some of the participants who spoke to our correspondent said this summit helped advance their knowledge on the advantages of technology

Marapeng Paballo, a student in the University of free State, South Africa, said the summit taught him how much the African continent need technology to advance

“The summit actually taught us that we as Africans need technology and all latest inventions. we need passion driven leaders with same visions as us to support the dream and future of Africans without excluding technology”

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Limbikani Banda, a student in the Ambassador International University, Zambia said that the summit encourage student entrepreneurs to leverage on technology to advance their businesses

“As student entrepreneurs we were encouraged to use digital marketing. We are living in an era where traditional marketing is very hard to complement due the pandemic making digital marketing the most used kind of marketing at hand. This summit is very importance as it is preparing us for the future. As student who will be going into the world where jobs are very hard to secure, we will be going there with a mindset of an entrepreneur.We will be going there with the mindset of creating jobs”

Nduanya Mercy, a student in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria, said that the summit is relevant to the growth of student Entrepreneurs

“Thankfully, ASES 2021 was a blast. Most importantly , the relevance of technological advancements on both student and entrepreneurs in Africa cannot be overstated. On the part of student, delving into IT courses and making ends is a blessing, despite the hiccups we experience in the system, one will still give it up for technology”

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“On the part of student entrepreneurs, technology has morphed a lot of persons who know their onions into people with stable incomes and more. Thankfully, one of the speakers talked about marketing, no doubt, effective marketing strategy and good marketing tools are all that’s need. In essence, I feel students be it ordinary or entrepreneurs should be delving their ways into the tools and opportunities technology served us and eventually look out for ways to advance”

The Managing Director, Roundnews, Caleb Ijioma, said the yearly summit has helped bring African students together and have equally broadened their knowledge which have in return helped them in their businesses and academics

“This is the second edition of the African student Entrepreneurs summit and I must say that it has been insightful and broadened the knowledge of participants from different African countries”

“This year’s summit exposed students on how they can expand their businesses using technology and how technology is capable of making the African continent better”

The guest speakers at the summit were Ojo Folajimi, Nigeria; Kwadwo Dwomo, Ghana; Mzwondile Maawu, South Africa and Oyedeji Olanrewaju, Nigeria

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