Three things African youths lack


Oluwole Olusola identifies three challenges facing African youths while showing the way out of such.

Africa is a great continent full of resilient people, no doubt. Many of the African youth are however not positioning themselves to take charge of the progress of their motherland. This is attributable to three things they lack.

Three things African youths lack

1. Personal development

Many African youths lack the ability to motivate and inspire themselves to achieve success.
Personal development is the ability to grow one’s skills, talent, gift by through motivation.

It is crucial for African youths to inculcate the value of personal growth through reading of good books. Also, listening to audio inspirational tape and attending seminars would be beneficial.

As a continent nobody can solve our problem other than us. It is the people of Africa who can solve the problem of Africa. 

2. Leadership building

This is one of the challenges facing average African youths.
There is no fertile ground and opportunity to develop their leadership potential.

The incumbent African leaders must endeavor to create an avenue for leadership development. African youths are in dire need of institutions that will equip them to become a better and great future leaders.

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The reason Africa is still underdeveloped is not farfetched. It is because of lack of good and selfless leaders.
Moreover, our political leaders must try to live as good role models for the next generation of leaders to emulate.

3. Patriotism

The third thing young Africans lack is patriotism. Just ask any African youths if he can die for his country, you will be convinced.

The government, NGOs, and individuals should try to eradicate and curb this problem.
Patriotism simply means love of one’s country; devotion to the welfare of one’s compatriots; the virtues and actions of a patriot; the passion which inspires one to serve one’s country.

Africa youths must be ready to fight for the future of their country. The worrying situation of this continent can only be curbed by the youths who are patriotic.

As a continent nobody can solve our problem other than us. It is the people of Africa who can solve the problem of Africa.

In conclusion, educating people about all these points need to be considered to achieve a better Africa, which citizens could be proud of. God bless of Africa!

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Oluwole A. Olusola is the Founder, African Future Leaders Initiative

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