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By Bonnie Sikes

If you want to get your text rewritten online for free, you need to connect with the best paraphrasing tools. In this article, we will list some of the perfect utilities that would help you rewrite content. There are hundreds of tools and applications indexed on different search engines.

Still, not all of them are capable of rewriting content in good quality. The majority of the online tools would only focus on rewriting text to remove plagiarism. This kind of content is not at all good quality and readable.

If you want unique and readable content, you should surely go for the AI-enhanced paraphrasing tools like those listed in this post!

Best paraphrasing tools to rewrite text

Here are some of the top-rated paraphrasing tools on the web:


The first online paraphrasing tool belongs to a designated website that provides rewriting services to all kinds of users., as the name tells us, is an expert tool in rewriting content. Register with this free paraphrasing tool. You can get rid of all the efforts and the cost of conventional writing of new content. The article rewriter by RewriteGuru offers three different spin options to its users include manual spinning, ultra-spinning, and smart spinning. The smart spin mode is the premium one using which you can easily get unique and simple & readable content. This Article spinner has no as such restrictions. You can spin up to 1500 words in one go without any experience!

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Article Rewriter by SmallSEOTools

If you have copied a huge content capital relevant to your website and want to get it paraphrased before publishing, you can use this tool. The article rewriter tool by smallseotools is one out of hundreds of free tools available on this website. This paraphrasing tool has a simple and easy-to-understand interface which can help even a layperson understand how the tool works. The results produced by this tool are 100% accurate. You can not only remove plagiarism with this platform, but you can also get reader-friendly content. There are no limitations to using this tool, and you can rewrite millions of posts in a day.

  • Paraphrasing tool by Duplichecker

This is another online paraphrasing tool that you can use on any device you want. This is a web-based utility, so you can use it on any browser as long as you have a strong web connection. Duplichecker is very famous for finding all sorts of plagiarism in content. What you don’t know is that this website also offers an intelligent Article spinner to rewrite duplicate content humanly. This tool is also free to use, and you don’t have to through any registrations and troubles in this regard. This paraphrasing tool also allows a user to check the results for grammar and plagiarism issues.

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Paraphrasing Tool by PlagiarismDetector.Net

This paraphrasing tool also belongs to a plagiarism checking website. doesn’t only help you in finding plagiarism with complete accuracy. Still, with the paraphrasing tool, it would also help the user remove plagiarism with complete reliability. This is a very easy-to-use and professional-looking tool. AI and other advanced algorithms power it, so the results produced by it are quite promising. This article spinner is considered to be very popular because it allows you to rephrase the same input content as many times you want. If you don’t like the initial results, then you can spin the content again.

Article spinner by

SearchEngineReports is a fantastic website filled up with tons of helpful tools. The article spinner is also one of them. If you are not familiar and easy with the concept of rewriting content and don’t know how the online tools work, then you should try out this utility. This online paraphrasing tool is free and very easy to use. It is considered the best tool for commercial and personal users, and this is just because it has no limitations or restrictions. If you want to get your assignments, essays, or even web content rewritten, you should surely go for this spinner!

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Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is another online tool that uses emulated natural language (ENL), a semantic spinning tactic to rewrite text content unique and readable. According to the users of spin rewriter, you cannot tell the difference between the content produced by this tool and a professional writer. The tool rewrites content in a native way which makes it more acceptable. The spin rewriter works on all devices based online, so you don’t have to worry about this restriction. Besides paraphrasing your work, this tool would also allow you to compare the newly created content with the source. You can easily create up to 100 different versions of the same input article.

These are some of the best paraphrasing tools which would help you rewrite all kinds of textual content!

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