List of public schools in Oyo State

The map of Oyo State (Source: ResearchGate)

Oyo State is the fifth largest Nigerian state by population. It covers approximately an area of 28,454 square kilometres and is ranked 14th by size.

A majority of school aged residents in the state attend government owned schools. presents you the list of public schools in Oyo State from across its thirty-three local government areas.

List of public schools in Oyo State


  1. Akinmorin Grammar School Akinmorin
  2. Awe High School, Awe
  3. Ilora Baptist Grammar School, Ilora
  4. Baptist Secondary School, Okesanmi
  5. Baptist High School, Ilora
  6. Community High School, Fiditi
  7. Community High School, Oke Apo
  8. Fiditi Grammar School, Fiditi
  9. Ilora Community Commercial High School, Ilora
  10. Imini Grammar School, Imini
  11. Methodist Secondary School, Fiditi
  12. Methodist Secondary School, Iware
  13. Oladokun Grammar School, Awe
  14. St. Joseph Secondary School, Awe
  15. Community Grammar School, Ilu-Aje
  16. Community Secondary School, Jobele
  17. Community Secondary School, Onifa


  1. Ajibode Grammar School, Ajibode
  2. Community High School, Ajibode
  3. Anglican Grammar School Agbirigidi
  4. Atapa Community High School, Atapa
  5. Laleye Community High School ,Laleye
  6. Aponmode/Moniya High School
  7. Aponmode/Moniya Community Secondary School
  8. Comm. High School Apapa – Odan
  9. Comm. High School Alabata/Ajibade
  10.   Comm.Grammar School Akingbile
  11.   Army Day Secondary School, Odogbo
  12.   Comm. Grammar School, Aroro
  13.   Comm. High School, Arulogun
  14.   Ijaye High School, Ijaye
  15.   Ikereku Community Grammar School, Ikereku
  16.   Iroko Comm. Grammar School, Iroko
  17.   Community Secondary School, Iwokoto
  18.   Community Secondary School, Iyana Idi-Ose
  19.   Community High School Mele/Okegbemi
  20.   Ojoo High School, Ojoo
  21.    Community High School Olanla
  22.   Orogun Grammar  School, Orogun
  23.   Community Grammar  School,  Kajorepo
  24.   Community High School  Otun Agbakin
  25.   Community. High School. Pade
  26.   School Of Science, Pade
  27.   Community Grammar School, Sasa
  28.   Sasa Community Secondary School (Junior)
  29.   Comm. Grammar School, Sawmill Moniya
  30.   Comm. High School, Tose
  31.   Samuel Adegbite Memorial Grammar School, Igbo-Oloyin
  32.   Comm. High School Sangobon
  33.   Iware United Community High School, Iware
  34.   Comm. High School Atan – Ajobo, Via Ijaye
  35.   Comm. Grammar School, Laniba, Via Ajibode


  1. Alaafin High School, Oyo
  2. Alaafin Grammar School, Oyo
  3. Community Secondary School, Ijawaya
  4. Bode Thomas Mem. Grammar School.
  5. Comm. Secondary School, Oke – Olola
  6. Comm. Junior Secondary School, Oke-Olola
  7. Community Junior High School
  8. Oke Olola High School, Oke – Olola
  9. Community Seondary School, Lagunna
  10.  Community Secondary School, Ijawaya
  11.   Isale Oyo Commercial Secondary School, Koso
  12.   Oke Oroki Comm Gram. School
  13.   Isale Oyo Comm. High School, Oke Oroki
  14.   Oranyan Grammar School, Oyo
  15.   Otefon Grammar School, Otefon
  16.    Schools Of Science, Oyo


  1. Ads Comprehensive Secondary School Tede
  2. Ads High School Ago Are
  3. Bapt. Sec. Grammar School,  Ago Are
  4. Comprehensive  High School, Irawo
  5. Community Grammar School, Irawo Owode
  6. Ofiki Grammar School Ofiki
  7. Owo Comm. Grammar  School, Owo
  8. Progressive Secondary  Grammar School, Tede
  9. Christ Comprehensive High School, Ago Are
  10.  Sabe Community Secondary  School
  11.  Muslim Community Grammar School, Ofiki
  12.  Irawo Muslim Grammar School, Irawo


  1. Bishop Phillip Academy
  2. Bishop Phillips Academy (Junior)
  3. Bishop Phillips High School
  4. Community High School Alakia/Isebo
  5. Community High School, Alakia Isebo (Junior)
  6. Ilupeju Community Grammar School, Alogbo
  7. Community Commercal High School Ayede
  8. Commuuity High School Egbeda
  9. Community High School Kasunmu
  10. Community High School, Kumapayi
  11.   Comm. Secondary School, Kumapayi
  12.   Community High School, Ogungbade
  13.   Community High Secondary School, Ogungbade Jnr. 2
  14.   Comm. Grammar School, Olodo
  15.   Comm Grammar School, Olodo (Junior)
  16.   Comm. High School,  Osegere
  17.   Comm. High School  Owobaale
  18.   Idiito High School Erunmu
  19.   Comm. Grammar School Erunmu
  20.   Urban Day Grammar School, Old Ife Road
  21.   Urban Day Grammar School Old Ife Road  (Junior)
  22.   Comm. Grammar School, Old Ife Road
  23.   Community High School, Alarere
  24.   Comm. Secondary School, Adegbayi
  25.   Comm. Secondary School., Olode
  26.   Comm. High School Ajagba Wakajaiye
  27.   Comm. High School Alalubosa
  28.   Comm. Grammar School Olodo Akinlumo
  29.    Christ Anglican Secondary School, Akinfenwa
  30.   Community High School Olukeye/Asejire


1. Abadina College U.I Ibadan

2  Abadina College, U.I Ibadan   (Junior)

3. Abadina Grammar School, Ibadan

4. Ang. Commercial Grammar School Total Garden

5. Anglican Commercial Grammar School, Orita Mefa Ibadan  (Junior)

6. Img  Grammar School, Yemetu Aladorin, Ibadan

7. Basorun/Ojoo High School

8  Chesire High School, Ijokodo

9. Community High School Agbowo Bodija

10.       Comm. Gramm. School, Mokola

11        Humuani Alaga High School Sango

12        Community Secondary School, Sango

13        Ijokodo High School, Ijokodo

14.       Ikolaba Grammar School, Ikolaba

15        Community Secondary School, Ikolaba

16.       Img. Grammar School, Oje Igosun, Ks

17.       Ikolaba High School, Ikolaba

18.       Immanuel College High School. Orita U.I

19        Immanuel College, U.I Ibadan (Junior)

20.       Immanuel Grammar , School, Orita U.I

21        Comm. High School, Samonda

22        Islamic High School, Bashorun

23        Methodist  Grammar  School Bodija

24        Methodist Grammar School, Bodija  (Junior)

25        Methodist Secondary School, New Bodija.

26        Mount Olivet Grammar School, Bodija

27        Nawar-Ul-Deen High School Nalende

28        Oba Akinbiyi High School 1 Mokola Cultural Centre.

29        Oba Akinbiyi High School Ii Mokola – Oremeji

30.       Oba Akinyele Memorial High School, Basorun

31        Polytechnic  High School, Polytechnic Campus

32        St. Gabriel Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Sabo Ibadan

33.       St. Gabriel Commercial Grammar Junior School, Sabo Ibadan

34        St. Brigids Seconday School Mokola

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35        St. Louis Grammar School Mokola

36        St. Louis Grammar School, Mokola  (Junior)

37        St. Patrick Grammar School Orita Basorun

38        United Secondary. School, Ijokodo

39        Community Grammar, School, Ijokodo

40        Bishop Onabanjo High School, Bodija

41        Ebenezer Grammar School, Nalende

42        Islamic Day Secondary School, Basorun


1. Img  Grammar School Gbelekale

2. Ayekale Community Grammar School, Agugu

3. Army  Barracks Grammar School Iwo Road, Ibadan.

4. Community Grammar School, Iwo Road

5. Christ The King Secondary School Oluyoro

6. Fazil-Omar-Ahmadiyya (F.O.A.) Grammar School, Ajibola Aremo.

7. Holy Trinity Grammar School Off Old Ife Road

8. Islamic Mission Grammar School, Agugu

9. Basorun High School, Basorun

10.       Basorun High School, Basorun (Junior)

11.       Lagelu Grammar School Agugu

12.       Agugu High School, Agugu

13        Hisibu Lahi-Algalib (Hla) Sec. School, Agodi, Gate

14        I.M.G.  High School (Along Renascent High School Road)

15.       Loyola College, Old Ife Road Ibadan

16.       Loyola Junior College, Old Ife Road Ibadan

17        I.M.G. Grammar School, Agodi

18        Mufu Lanihun Comprehensive High School Express Road

19.       Mufu Lanihun Comprehensive High School, Express Road (Junior)

20.       Okebadan High School Oluyoro

21.       Olubadan High School Aperin

22        Olubadan High School, Aperin (Junior)

23        Olubadan Grammar School Orita Aperin

24        Ode Aje/Ajibola High School

25        Queens Of Apostles Secondary Comm. Gramm. School,  Oluyoro.

26.       St. Claires Girls High School

27.       Oluyoro  Girls Sec. School

28.       Ratibi College, Oluyoro Oke-Offa

29.       Renascent High School, Agugu

30.       Renascent High School, Agugu  (Junior)

31.       St. John’s  Secondary School Ode-Aje

32        United High School, Agugu

33.       United High School, Agugu (Junior)

34.       Community Sec. School, Agugu


1. Anwar-Ul-Islam Grammar School

2. Eleyele High School Polo Ground

3. Army Day Grammar School Letmuck Barrack, Eleyele, Ibadan

4. Urban Day High School, Jericho

5. Oba Abass Alesinloye Grammar School, Eleyele

6. Eleyele Secondary School Along School Of Nursing Road.

7. Community High School, Adamasingba Ibadan

8. Sacred Heart Secondary School, Ode Olo

9. Onireke Girls High School

10        Jericho High School

11.       Ansar-Ud-Deen High School Sango-Eleyele Road

12        Army Barracks Grammar School Letmuck Barracks Eleyele

13.       Community Secondary School Olopomewa


1. Adekile Goodwill Grammar School, Aperin

2. Adekile Goodwill Grammar School, Aperin (Junior)

3. Adelagun Memo Grammar School, Odinjo

4  Adelagun Memo Grammar School, Odinjo (Junior)

5. Christ Church High School Orita-Aperin

6. Ang. Grammar School, Molete

7. Ang. Grammar School, Molete

8. Aperin Boys High School

9. Aperin Oniyere Community Grammar School,

10.       Img Grammar School L(Mixed)

11.       Eleta High School

12.       Eleta  High School (Junior)

13.       Eyinni High School

14        Eyinni High School (Junior)

15.       Comm. Grammar School, Eyinni Area

16.       Ibadan Cac Grammar School

17.       Ibadan Cac High School

18.       Ibadan City Academy

19.       Ibadan City Junior Academy

20.       Ibadan Grammar School

21.       Ibadan  Grammar School (Junior)

22.       Community Grammar School Kudeti

23.       Nuru Islamiyya Grammar School

24.       Methodist Grammar  School, Elekuro

25.       Methodist Grammar  School, Elekuro (Junior)

26.       Olubi Mem. Gramm. School

27.       St. Anne’s School Ibadan

28.       St. Anne’s School Ibadan (Junior)

29.       St. Anne’s Girls High School, Molete,

30.       St. David, Grammar School, Kudeti

31.       Ori-Aje Comm. Sec. School, Kudeti

32        St. Luke’s College Molete

33        St. Luke’s Grammar School

34.       St. Luke’s Grammar School (Junior)

35        Wesley College Of Science

36.       Yejide Girls Grammar School

37.       Yejide Girls Grammar School (Junior)

38        Govt. Sec. School, Orita Aperin.

39        Govt. Sec. School, I Orita Aperin (Junior I)

40.       Govt. Sec. School, Ii Orita Aperin (Junior Ii)


1. Adifase High School, Apata

2. Img. High School Apata

3. African Church Grammar School, Apata

4. African Church Grammar School, Apata (Junior)

5. Apata Comm. Grammar School Apata

6. Apata Grammar School Logudu

7. Ansar-U-Deen (Aud) High School, Oke Ado

8. Ansar-Deen Sec. School,Oke-Ado

9. Baptist Grammar School Idi-Isin

10.       Bapt. Sec. School, Oke-Ado

11.       Bapt. Sec. Grammar School, Oke-Ado (Junior)

12.       Basorun Ogunmola High School, Ring Road

13.       Celestial Church High School, Oke-Ado

14.       Community Grammar School, Elewura

15.       Government College, Ibadan

16.       Government College School,  Ibadan (Junior I)

17.       Government College School,  Ibadan (Junior Ii)

18.       Img Grammar School, Sharp Corner

19        Odo Ona Girls Grammar School

20.       Oke Ado High School,Oke-Ado, Oke-Ado

21        Oke Bola Compr. High School

22.       Oluyole Estate Grammar School, Ring Road

23.       Oluyole Extension High School

24       Oluyole High School, Ring Road

25.       Our Lady Of Apostles, Odo-Ona

26.       Our Lady Of Apostles  School,  Odo-Ona  (Junior)

27       Ibadan Boys High School

28.       People Girls Grammar School

29        Queen’s School, Ibadan

30        Queen’s  School, Ibadan (Junior)

31.       St. Teresa’s College Oke Ado

32.       St. Teresa’s College Oke Ado (Junior)

33.       Urban Day Grammar School Ring Road

34.       Oladipo Alayande School of Science

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35.       Comm. Grammar School, Gbekuba

36.       Comm. Grammar School, Ring Road.


  1. Igboora High School
  2. Igboora Secondary School
  3. Methodist Grammar School, Igboora
  4. Iberekodo High School
  5. Okedere Grammar School
  6. Lasogba Grammar School
  7. Ayelogun Grammar School, Idere
  8. Ogboja Grammar School, Igboora
  9. Igboora Grammar School
  10.   Lajorin High School, Igboora
  11.   School Of Science, Idere


  1. Akolu Grammar School, Eruwa
  2. Apode High School, Eruwa
  3. Baptist Grammar School, Eruwa
  4. Bioku Grammar School,  Lanlate
  5. Eruwa Grammar School, Eruwa
  6. Lanlate High School, Lanlate
  7. Obaseeku High School, Eruwa
  8. Obaseeku High School, Eruwa (Junior)
  9. Onitabo Community High School, Lanlate
  10.  Oluwehin Community High School, Maya
  11.  Comm. Secondary Schl, Okolo


  1. Ayete Gram. School
  2. Baptist High School, Ayete
  3. Maku Gram. School, Tapa
  4. Igangan High School, Igangan
  5. Oke – Aako High School Igangan
  6. Adegun Asake Grammar School, Igangan
  7. Tapa Chs, Tapa
  8. Abidioke Comm. G/S


  1. Akufo High School, Akufo
  2. Apete Ayegun Comm. Grammar School
  3. Awotan/Araromi Comm High School, Awotan
  4. Community High School, Arola
  5. Community Secondary School, Awotan Orisun
  6. St. Micheal African Church Grammar School, Owode
  7. St. Micheal African Church Grammar School, Owode (Junior)
  8. Community High School Batake Idi-Iya
  9. Community High School, Elenu Sonso
  10.   Community High School, Elesin Funfun
  11.   Community High School, Bakatari
  12.   Leo Comm. High School, Oloko/Elere
  13.   Comm. High School, Ologuneru
  14.   Comm. High School, Ologuneru (Junior)
  15.   Owode Estate Comm. High School, Bode Igbo
  16.   Commuinty High School Kusenla/Erinwusi
  17.   Community High School, Ogundele Alaho
  18.   Comm. High School, Ido
  19.   United Christ Secondary School, Omi Adio
  20.   St. John’s Secondary School, Omi Onigbagbo
  21.   Iwajowa Community High School


  1. Kisi Community Grammar School, Kisi
  2. Lagbulu Mem. High School Kisi
  3. Adasobo Gram. School
  4. Iba High School, Kisi
  5. Olanipekun Memorial College, Kisi
  6. Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Kisi


  1. Akinwumi Meth. High School
  2. Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Iseyin
  3. Ansar-Ud-Deen Secondary School
  4. Anwar-Ul-Islam High School
  5. Anwar-Ul-Islam College
  6. Aseyin High School
  7. Bapt. Sec. Grammar School, Iseyin
  8. Bapt. High School, Iseyin
  9. Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther Mem. High School, Osoogun
  10.   Ekunle High School
  11.   Ekunle Gram. School
  12.   Faramora G/S, Iseyin
  13.   Iseyin Districts Grammar School, Iseyin
  14.   Koso Comm. Grammar School, Iseyin
  15.   Muslim High School, Iseyin
  16.   Muslim Sec. Grammar School, Iseyin
  17.   Progressive Sec. School, Ado-Awaye
  18.   Ilado/Sagbo Community Grammar School, Iseyin
  19.   Community Grammar School, Ado Awaye
  20.   St. John’s Catholic Gram. School Iseyin
  21.   Islamic Girls High School
  22.   Islamic Boys High School
  23.   Comm. Sec. School Iserin – Ile, Via Iseyin
  24.   St. John’s High School, Iseyin


  1. Bapt. Grammar School, Otu
  2. Igbojaye Community High School.
  3. Ipapo Comm. Grammar School
  4. Okaka Comm. Grammar School, Okaka
  5. Komu/Babaode High School
  6. Muslim Grammar School, Otu
  7. Oke – Amu Comm. College
  8. Otu Community Gram. School
  9. Babaode Community College
  10.   Muslim High School, Ipapo
  11.   Muslim High School, Okaka


  1. Ads High School, Iwere-Ile
  2. Comm. Grammar School, Idiko Ago
  3. Comm. Grammar School, Iganna
  4. Comm. High School, Elekokan
  5. Iganna High School, Iganna
  6. Ilupeju Comm Grammar School, Iwere-Ile
  7. Iwajowa Comm High School, Ijio
  8. Itile Comprehensive High School, Itasa
  9. Baptist High School, Iganna


  1. Iwa Community Grammar School, Ayetoro
  2. Okeho/Iganna Grammar School, Okeho
  3. Baptist High School, Ilero
  4. Ads, Comprehensive High School, Ilero
  5. Ismog Community Grammar School, Okeho
  6. Baptist High School, Okeho
  7. Isemi-Ile Grammar School
  8. School Of Science, Okeho
  9. Onjo High School, Okeho
  10. Awoyemi Commer. High School, Okeho
  11. Ads High School Okeho
  12. Ads Grammar School Okeho
  13. Gegun High School, Ayetoro
  14. Community Grammar School, Ilua
  15. Irepodun Community High School, Ilero
  16. Muslim Community High School, Ayetoro
  17. Oke-Ogun/Ogbinte Community Grammar School, Okeho


  1. Anglican Grammar School, Oyedeji
  2. Anglican Grammar School, Kutayi
  3. Community Grammar School, Apatere
  4. Community Grammar School, Abudoro
  5. Community Grammar School Adetunji/Owode
  6. Community Grammar School , Alapata/Onireke
  7. Community Grammar School, Ajara
  8. Community Grammar School, Alegongo
  9. Community Grammar School, Olosunde
  10.  Community Grammar School, Ogunjana
  11.  Community Grammar School, Ofa-Adedokun
  12.  Community Grammar School, Lagun
  13.  Community Grammar Ejioku
  14.  Community Grammar School, Lalupon
  15.  Estate High School, Akobo
  16.  Estate High School, Akobo (Junior)
  17.  Igbo Elerin Grammar School
  18.  Isabatudeen Girls Grammar School, Basorun
  19.  Isabatudeen Girls High School
  20.  Monatan High School, Wofun
  21.  Monatan High School, Wofun (Junior)
  22.  Monatan Secondary School
  23.  Ifesowapo Community High School, Kute
  24.  N.O. Idowu Comprehensive High School
  25.  T.L. Oyesina Model High School, Monatan
  26.  T.L Oyesina Model High School, Monatan (Junior)


  1. Ori-Oke Community High School
  2. Community Grammar School Ori-Oke
  3. Ogbomoso Grammar School
  4. Owode Community Grammar School , Ogbomoso
  5. Ogbomoso Girls High School
  6. Soun High School
  7. School Of Science, Ogbomoso
  8. Ads High School
  9. Nurudeen Grammar School
  10. Nurudeen High School
  11. Anglican Grammar School, Sabo
  12. Anglican High School, Sabo
  13. Adeniran Memorial Grammar School
  14. Aare Ago High School, Ogbomoso
  15. Millennium Model Secondary School, Ogbomoso
  16. Soun Secondary School


  1. Baptist Secondary Grammar School, Ahoyaya
  2. C.A.C. Grammar School, Oke-Arada
  3. Caretaker Community High School
  4. Laogun Adeoye Memorial High School
  5. Molete Community High School
  6. Muslim Comprehensive High School, Ogbomoso
  7. Muslim Grammar School
  8. Methodist Secondary Grammar School Off Aara Daa Road
  9. Ogbomoso Baptist High School
  10. Baptist Grammar School, Sunsun
  11. Ogbomoso Baptist Comp. School
  12. Ogbomoso High School
  13. Agboola Adibi High School, Ogbomoso
  14. Emmanuel Agboola Community High School
  15. St. Ferdinand Grammar School
  16. The Apostolic Church Grammar School
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  1. Community High School, Obada
  2. Community High School, Lagbedu-Orile
  3. Community High School, Idi-Araba
  4. Community High School Otamokun
  5. Baptist Grammar School Ajawa
  6. Community High School, Iwo Ate
  7. Community High School, Idewure
  8. Samsi-Deen Grammar School, Owolanke
  9. Ibere Community Grammar School
  10.  Ayede Community Grammar School
  11. Obande Community High School, Odo Oba
  12. Community High School, Ajaawa
  13. Iroo Community Grammar School


  1. Muslim Grammar School, Igbeti
  2. Umca Ogbunbode Memorial Grammar School, Igbeti
  3. Umca Secondary Grammar School, Igbeti
  4. Islamic High School, Igbeti


  1. Abe Tech. Sec. School
  2. Alaho Community Grammar School, Alaho
  3. Bare Community Grammar School
  4. Community Grammar School, Aba Alfa
  5. Olunde Comm. Secondary School
  6. Community Secondary School, Pegba
  7. Community Secondary School, Onipe
  8. Chirst High School, Oleyo
  9. Ifesowapo Css Onigambari
  10.  Methodist High School Express
  11.  Molete High School
  12.  Moslem High School
  13.  Moslem Junior High School, Oke-Ogbere
  14.  Moslem Secondary School, Odinjo
  15.  Moslem Junior Grammar School, Odinjo
  16. Olojuoro Grammar School
  17. Olomi Community Secondary Secondary
  18. Prospect High School Abanla
  19. Community Grammar School , Agbamu
  20. Community Secondary Secondary, Atagba
  21. Community Secondary School , Ayegun
  22. Ifelodun Secondary School
  23. Liberty Commercial Academy
  24. Oyalami Comm. Secondary School
  25. Community High School, Olomi-Olunde
  26. Community High School, Olomi-Olunde (Junior)
  27. Community High School Odokun, Akorde Via Arapaja Village


  1. Ajia Secondary Grammar School
  2. Ang. Gram/School, Ojebode
  3. Comm. Gram. School Akanran
  4. Community Secondary School, Araromi, Aperin
  5. Community Secondary School, Badeku
  6. Community Secondary School, Gbedun
  7. Elekuro High School, Ogbere
  8. Elekuro High School, Ogbere (Junior)
  9. Abonde Comm. Grammar School Ibadan
  10.   Abonde Community Junior G/S
  11.   Community High School, Sawia, Ibadan
  12.   Community High School, Sawia (Junior)
  13.   Methodist Secondary School Gangansi
  14.   Ogbere Community High School, Idi Osan
  15.   Ogbere High School, Idi-Osan (Junior)
  16.   Airport Comm. High School
  17.    Comm. Gram. School Airport
  18.   Olorunda/Ogunsola Cgs
  19.   Zumrat Hujaj Community Grammar School,Olorunsogo
  20.   Zumurat Hujaj Community Junior Gram. Schl, Olorunsogo
  21.   Zumrat Hujaj Community Secondary School
  22.   Zumrat Hujaj Community Junior Secondary School
  23.   Oke Ogbere Comm. High School
  24.   Oke Ogbere Community Junior High School, Olorunsogo
  25.   Comm. Grammar School, Amuloko
  26.   Itesiweaju Community High School
  27.   Itesiwaju Commercial Junior High School
  28.   Comm. Grammar Schoolm, Gbedeogun
  29.   Bioku Alaadun Comm. High School
  30.   Bioku Alaadun Commercial Junior High School
  31.   Comm. Secondary School, Alaadun Area
  32.   Community Secondary School, Alaadun (Junior)
  33.   Jago-Kupalo Community High School, Jago


  1. Baptist High School, Igboho
  2. Comp. High School, Igbope
  3. Ifelodun G/S Igboho
  4. Igboho More G/S
  5. Irepo G/S Igboho
  6. Muslim G/S, Modeke, Igboho
  7. Muslim H/S Bonni, Igboho
  8. Adimula Community Grammar School, Igboho


  1. Ikoyi Grammar School
  2. Iluju Community Grammar School
  3. Olorunda Community Grammar School
  4. Olokoto Community Grammar School
  5. Ayekale Community Grammar School
  6. Community Grammar School, Oolo
  7. Community High School, Ahoro Esinele
  8. Community Secondary School, Ahoro Dada
  9. Alaropo Nla Community Grammar School
  10.   Ajinapa Community Grammar School
  11.   Tewure Grammar School
  12.   Adafila Ciommunity Greammar School
  13.   Lasubu Community Grammar School
  14.   Ipekun Community Grammar School
  15.   Comm. High School Oko –Ile
  16.   Adeosun – Elefun Community Grammar School
  17.   Isepo/Ogidi Comm. Gram. School, Isepo
  18.   Community Grammar School, Obamo


  1. Abiodun Atiba Mem. Inst.
  2. Anglican/Methodist Secondary School
  3. Anglican/Methodist High School, Ajagba
  4. Anglican/Methodist High School, Ajagba (Junior)
  5. Durbar Gram. School
  6. Community High School, Durbar
  7. Oba Adeyemi High School
  8. Olivet Bapt. High School, Oyo
  9. Olivet Bapt. High School, Oyo (Junior)
  10.  St. Bernadine Girls Grammar School
  11. Community High School, Ajagba


  1. ADS Grammar School, Opapa
  2. ADS High School, Opapa
  3. Community High School, Awumoro
  4. Comm Secondary School, Idi-Ope
  5. Ladigbolu Grammar School, Oyo
  6. Community High School, Ladigbolu
  7. Baptist Comm. High School, Isokun
  8. Ojongbodu Gram. School
  9. Army Children Secondary School, Oyo
  10.   Fasola Grammar School, Fasola
  11.   Taiwo Mem Sec School, Oluwatedo


  1. Adu Grammar School, Ago-Amodu
  2. Arolu Comm Grammar School, Agbonle
  3. Comm High School, Sepeteri
  4. Community Girl School, Ogbooro
  5. Muslim Grammar School, Ago-Amodu
  6. Muslim Comprehensive Grammar School, Ogbooro
  7. Muslim Grammar School Oje Owode
  8. Muslim Grammar School Sepeteri
  9. Obalufon Grammar School Sepeteri
  10. Oje Grammar School Oje Owode


  1. ADS High School, Saki
  2. ADS Junior High School Saki
  3. ADS College, Saki
  4. ADS Junior College, Saki
  5. Baptist High School, Saki
  6. Baptist Secondary School, Saki
  7. Asabari Grammar School
  8. Community High School, Ayekale
  9. Community Secondary School, Army Barracks
  10. Community High School, Otun
  11.  Gboro Muslim College
  12.  Muslim Secondary School, Saki
  13.  Muslim Grammar School, Saki
  14.  Muslim Junior Grammar School, Saki
  15.   Okere Sec. Grammar School, Saki
  16.   Saki Parapo Community Grammar School, Saki
  17.   Islamic High School
  18.   Christ Gram School
  19.   Islamic Heritage High School, Eko-Kan
  20.   Nawar-Ud-Deen Secondary School, Sango, Saki
  21.   Oba Kilani Olarinre Sec School, Saki


  1. Baptist Secondary Grammar school
  2. Muslim Comprehensive High School, Oko
  3. Iresaadu High School, Iresaadu
  4. Community High School, Iregba
  5. Ifelodun Grammar School, Ilajue
  6. Olumayin High School, Mayin
  7. Irepodun Community High School, Alagbede/Onikeke
  8. Community High School, Iresaapa
  9. Community High School, Alayin
  10.   Arolu Community High School
  11.   Aranyin High School, Iranyin
  12.   Ikunsin High School, Ikunsin
  13.   Community High School, Iya Oje
  14.   Community High School, Ajase/Jabata
  15.   Community High School, Ori Eran
  16.   Community High School, Aroje Abba
  17.   Olugbon High School, Igbon
  18.   Community High School, Gbede
  19.   Ifelagba Comm. High School, Gbena
  20.   Comm. Secondary School, Ajibare
  21.   Ipan Comprehensive High School, Iware
  22.   Oosu Community High School
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  1. I am a researcher, I found this write up great. May the Lord crown your efforts sirr. I have this to say: What about the list of private secondary Schools in Ibadan? Also, it will be better if you can compute the list of secondary Schools in Oyo State as a whole and the over all figure. We will appreciate this as well. Thanks for a job well done.

  2. I am a researcher, I found this write up great. May the Lord crown your efforts sirr. I have this to say: What about the list of private secondary Schools in Oyo State? I think we should also include it and the over all figure. We will appreciate this as well. Thanks for a job well done.

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