Govt renames Reagan Memorial School after Tinubu

Lagos State Commissioner for Education, Folasade Adefisayo commissioning the Reagan Memorial Baptist Nursery and Primary School named after Oluremi Tinubu

The Chairman of Yaba Local Council Development Area, LCDA, Kayode Adejare Omiyale has named the remodelled Reagan Memorial Baptist Nursery and Primary School after the Senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District, Oluremi Tinubu.

The Chairman said that the official commissioning of the school building was was in appreciation of Tinubu’s efforts in the administration of the council.

Mrs Tinubu is a third-term senator representing the district convering of the Lagos Island and parts of the mainland.

According to Kayode Adejare, “the tremendous roles played by the Senator representing the Lagos Central Senatorial District, Senator Mrs Oluremi Tinubu can certainly not go unnoticed.

“Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every moment of our life, we appreciate you ma. You are a worthy leader and a shining star amongst women.

“You epitomized love, warmth, resourcefulness and excellence. Of course, great thanks deservingly goes to his Excellency the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu who inspire of his busy schedule was able to spare quality time to honour us with his presence at the occasion today being celebrated, for this reason, our joy indeed knows no inestimable love for people of Yaba Local Council Development Area.”

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He noted that the building been commissioned was a child of circumstance following the initiative of former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who returned the schools to their original owners.

“Reagan Memorial Baptist Nursery and Primary School belongs to the Baptist mission. It was one of the schools that were returned to the missionaries. Immediately after the transfer, the pupils in this school became something like orphans deprived of any sense of belonging as they could not lay particular claim to any school as their own.

“Attendance in this school was severely affected as enrolment dwindled. I was the Executive Education Secretary of Mainland Local Government Education Authority when the transfer took place. It was therefore apparent by the time I assumed office as the Chairman of the Council in 2017.”

He stated that the problem of Regan Memorial Primary School was well known to him so was left with no option but to provide an alternative space for the pupils and the teachers just as it is also expected as an added advantage, that the building will also serve as a symbol of to bring back the Glory of the Old Regan Memorial Nursery and Primary School.

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“As a responsible and responsive government, we deliberated, consulted and resolved that since the old name belonged to a European female missionary, MISS REAGAN, consequently the only name which from every index avails as perfectly suitable for the School, is no other than of our amiable, resourceful, motherly and caring Senator representing the Lagos Central Senatorial District, Senator Mrs Oluremi Tinubu (OON).

“A name that evoke the sterling virtues of sound parenting, responsible representation and promotion of sound Education for all Children irrespective of tribe, parental background, creed or colour and qualitative education that provides a conducive atmosphere for Children of School-age to learn, read, and write and have their character modelled to grapple with the challenges of life and the modern society.”

Accordingly, the school structure is expected to provide; quality, affordable and accessible education to all eligible pupils, psychology and sentimental attachment to the old School.

He added that the reason for gathering is in keeping with the imperative to fulfil one of the cardinal objectives of his administration, that is to bring about a qualitative improvement to education.

“The visionary objective becomes even more pertinent in the context of Yaba LCDA, which stands out above other Local Government throughout the federation as the foremost citadel of knowledge, accommodating the highest concentration of academic institutions of elevated repute.”

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