Do parents need to buy new school bags for their children every session? – ‘Frugal Mum’ sparks conversation


As school children prepare to resume for a new session next week, a Nigerian ‘Frugal Mum’ has opened a conversation around whether parents really need to buy new accessories for their children, especially if the old ones are in good shape.

The woman who goes by the name Saude Amina Atoyebi took to her Twitter page to express her opinion about this. She says parents don’t have to do something because everyone else does it.

Her tweet reads thus: “Call me a frugal mom but I don’t see the need to change my son’s school bag just because it’s a new school year. I’ll change it when it’s worn out or no longer serves it’s purpose. Besides, one of the things I keep telling him is don’t do something cos everyone else is🤷‍♀️”

The tweet has generated hundreds of reactions with some users agreeing with her just as others begged to disagree.

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Magdalyn Aku is among those who quite agree with her. She tweeted thus:

A male Twitter user with the name Nur agrees with them too describing it as a case of ‘commonsense’.

But Ene Gbenewei feels that it is a matter of whether one could afford it or not.

In her response, the ‘Frugal Mum’ says that that is not a determinant on her part.

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“I can afford it but won’t do it,” she responded.

Like Ene, Moyosore Akala sees the change as a necessity that gives room for parents to donate the old bags to the needy.

A child whose parent brought up in such a way added her voice to the conversation. Chiko Akunyili revealed that she used a bag for three years because it was such a durable product.

Someone else known as Lawal Abubakar is quite surprise that parents change their children’s bag because it’s a new session. He felt that was strange.

Would you change your child’s bags or lunch boxes because it’s a new session? What do you think should determine parents’ choices in such a situation? Share your views with us on this subject matter.

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