Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge for Innovative Student Entrepreneurs 2018


Cisco is looking for innovative technology solutions from student entrepreneurs around the world that solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems.

How can your innovative technology solution solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems?

The second annual Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge aims to recognize new innovative solutions that leverage technology for social impact from student entrepreneurs around the world. The Challenge is open to students and recent alumni from any college or university.


US$300 thousand

In addition to a cash infusion to develop your solution, it will be reviewed by Cisco technology experts and high-profile judges. You’ll receive peer and industry validation for your solution, as well as have a great opportunity for global recognition and publicity.

Eligibility Criteria

For participants to be eligible, at least half of the team’s members must be students currently enrolled at a post-secondary institution or have received a degree after March 1, 2016.

If entering as a business entity, at least 25% of the business must be owned by individuals that meet the above qualifications.

Individual students and recent grads may also apply. For detailed eligibility requirements, please click here.

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Eligible solutions (technologies, products or services) must:

  • Incorporate IoT/digitization as part of the solution
    Have a positive social, environmental or economic impact (e.g. health, education, accessibility, critical human needs (food, water, disaster response/recovery, safety, etc.)

Guides for Applicants

To prepare your submission you will need to complete an online questionnaire which will cover the following topics:
Defining the problem you are solving
Explaining the solution, including:

  • Its benefits and how it uses digitization/IoT
  • How it is unique and will be taken to market
    Risks associated with the solution

Optional, but recommended, a 90 second pitch video of team member(s) explaining the solution

Additional supporting documentation

  • Contact information for faculty advisor
  • Proof of eligibility (student or degree status)

Once you are ready, click here to register (or log in) and prepare your submission.




12th January, 2018

Further Information

Visit the programme webpage for details.

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