Poetry: ​Without teachers


By Ayobami Idowu Abdullahi 
 {High Dee AFRICA}
Tell me! 

Where lives a successful being without them

Tell me!

Where exists development without them
The Teachers!

They are the world builder 

They are the education giver

They are the ever green gem of no other
If not them! 

In darkness! The world should have been,

They are the lamp to many darken den

They are the reasons behind the saga of my pen
When the world were ignoramus to numerals 

Fastly they came and taught us the secret of 1-9

When the world were dunce to Alphabets

Elucidation they made about  A-z and taught us in length

With ye I celebrates


For you my pen bow and shed its ink


Gratefully I felicitates

Teachers are the salt of life delicacy 

 Verily, they are the world sinew and givers of priceless legacy 
Happy Teachers’ day

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