UNIOSUN lecturer gets $77k research grant


A lecturer in the Department of Zoology at Osun State University named Dr. Olabanji Surakat has successfully secured a prestigious research grant valued at $76,790.14 from the END FUND Organisation based in New York, USA.

The announcement was made through a press release by the University’s Public Relations Officer, Ademola Adesoji, on Tuesday.

Adesoji revealed that the grant is part of the Reaching the Last Mile Field Entomology Mentorship Programme, showcasing the University’s dedication to cutting-edge research.

The title of the project is Operational Research Project – Multi-country evaluation of modified human landing collection method for collecting Simulium damnosum vectors (Nigeria) and will be led by Dr. Surakat. The study aims to comprehensively evaluate the modified human landing collection method for gathering Simulium damnosum vectors across multiple countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Chad, and Burkina Faso.

The END FUND, renowned for its commitment to eliminating neglected tropical diseases, has granted this award as part of its mentorship program. Dr. Surakat is recognized as a mentee in the ‘Reaching the Last Mile Field Entomology Mentorship Programme.’

This grant not only provides a significant financial boost to the research project but also underscores the University’s growing reputation as a hub for impactful scientific endeavors. Osun State University maintains its commitment to supporting faculties in advancing cutting-edge research initiatives that contribute to global knowledge and address critical issues.

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In response to the research endowment, Dr. Surakat expressed gratitude for the pivotal role played by Osun State University in facilitating his participation in the mentorship program. He emphasized the importance of such programs in nurturing research talent and fostering collaboration on a global scale.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Odunayo Clement Adebooye, while reacting to the grant, heartily congratulates Dr. Surakat on this yet another global recognition and wishes him many more of such.

“This grant not only underscores our commitment to advancing research but also highlights the caliber of our faculty. We are proud to host such transformative projects that contribute to the global scientific community.”

“The Osun State University community eagerly awaits the outcomes of this research, anticipating its positive impact on public health and academia,” the Vice-Chancellor added.

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