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The University of Ibadan has dedicated a week on its Academic Calendar to conducting Continuous Assessment (CA) tests. 

This is according to a document released on Friday, 20th October, 2017 and obtained by EduCeleb.com from the office of the institution’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Idowu Olayinka. 

The document reveals some of the outcome of the UI Senate meeting held on Wednesday, 18th October, 2017. The Senate had considered the results of the First Semester Examinations for the 2016/2017 Session.

It partly states that “a week has been set aside in the revised Academic Calendar for Continuous Assessment.”

The CA tests would hold between Monday, 6th November, 2017 and Friday, 10th November, 2017.

It is not a strange thing that universities hold CA tests. However, dedicating a general specific time for that on the calendar uniquely underscores the importance of such tests to students’ performance. 

Why fix continuous assessment test dates

Olayinka noted that the Senate discovered an abysmal performance among the first year students based on the results reviewed, especially in science-based disciplines. A breakdown of the results on a Faculty basis as shown in the histogram below indicates that.

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The VC expatiated thus, “From our records, 510 of the students out of the 2,961 posted a Cumulative Grade Point Average of less than 1.0.”

1.0 is the minimum level of performance required for a student to retain studentship. 

The results therefore mean that 17.2% of the 100 level students would have to significantly improve their academic performance in the Second Semester “in order not to be advised to withdraw from the University at the end of the session,” he continued. 
The Professor of Geology expressed personal empathy about is dislike for having students advised to withdraw. 

“For me as a person, it hurts very deeply when any student is advised to withdraw from the university on account of very poor academic performance,” he disclosed. 

He therefore charged the academics to bring the best out of the students. 

Improved standards of performance determines students’ status

Olayinka reminded his colleagues of the improved standards of performance as determinants of students’ studentship. 

Unlike before when 40% was the pass mark, it is now 45%. CA now accounts for 40%. Students also need 24 units as against 20 units previously as the minimum number of units that needed to pass at the end of the 100 level.

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“All these taken together indicate that the standard is being improved. Students are expected to rise to the occasion by being more focused and always remember the primary reason why you are here,” he added. 

Two CA tests to strengthen students’ performance

The VC indicated that at least, two tests or assignments would hold in a semester in a bid to strengthen the UI Continuous Assessment Policy.

The marks allotted to continuous assessment would also be spread to reflect the totality of what students do and could include one or a combination of quizzes, conduct in and out of class, theatre, laboratory, class participation, group work, practical/field work, assignments, class attendance, presentations and tests. 

Olayinka reported that the Senate directed called on Heads of Departments to implement the strengthened Continuous Assessment Policy in the University as the Deans of Faculties monitor the level of compliance while the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) coordinate.


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