Student accuses Covenant University Registrar of sexual exploitation

Olumuyiwa A. Oludayo, Covenant University Registrar Credit: Twitter

An embattled student at the Covenant University, Ota, Adooh Emmanuel has accused the Registrar of the institution, Olumuyiwa Oludayo of sexual exploitation.

This is coming moments after he won a court case against the university, which had earlier in the year suspended him for “sexual immorality”.

Emmanuel was, until his suspension, a final year student in the Faculty of Engineering at Covenant University but could not join his colleagues who recently had their convocation ceremonies due to his suspension.

Adooh Emmanuel

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Mr Emmanuel also added some other damning allegations against other officials of the institution.

He however clarified that his allegations had nothing to do with the proprietor of the Christian faith  based university, David Oyedepo.

“This has absolutely nothing to do with Bishop David Oyedepo. It’s all about the people that he’s put in charge to oversee his school, a school he committed to God and these people just want to ruin everything he’s worked for,” he stated. recalls that the Oludayo, who became the Covenant University Registrar in 2013 is one of the youngest university registrars in the world at age 32. His tenure was renewed in July 2017. This allegation is coming at a time he is still a leading light in the actualisation of the vision of the founders of the University to be among the top ten in 2022.

Mr Emmanuel alleged in his tweets that specific staff members at Covenant get promoted once they were able to facilitate the suspension or expulsion of students.

His allegations could not be immediately verified as enquiries at the Registrar’s office remained unanswered as at press time.

He later deleted the tweets claiming that his elder sister prevailed on him to do so.

Text of his now deleted tweets is presented below.

They said if you sue them you’re only wasting your time you’d lose. My eldest sister a lawyer, told my dad

Daddy these people are very influential and very powerful and they have different members in high places if you sue them the odds are against us we’ll lose

So my guy called a guy that is close to them (Bishop Oyedepo and family) and he said I have a guy here about to take your sch to court and the guy says he should take us to court now we never lose cases infact he has lost already

But when God is For you nobody no matter how powerful, no matter how great, no matter how influential can be against you

We took Covenant University to court and we beat them in court. I took my time to study a few lawsuit against them in the whole process and I could see

similarities, it ended the same way with Covenant University winning. But you know what, when Mr. Falana saw my expulsion letter the first thing he said was get me the Covenant University law and then he asked me who is supposed to expel a student

And in my ignorance I said the The Registrar and he looked at me sternly and said if you don’t know say you don’t know

Who is supposed to expel a University Student and I said I don’t know, then he goes on to say good
Only the VC has the right to expel a student and written in this letter is the Registrar’s

signature. Now let’s talk about my expulsion. I’ve spent 5years in Covenant 5years Of constantly sticking to their rules and obeying every absurd order I’ve been given. Then on the 16th of April 2018 I get invited to face the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC)

Mind you I’ve never faced them before neither have I ever filled an offense form. So I get there by 1:45 and I was hoping getting there first meant I’ll be attended to first but nah that wasn’t the case (btw I had exams that period and I had EIE528 and one other core course that week) these

are courses me that make you spill if you are an EIE student. And so I sit down there from 1:45 pm to 8:45pm and nobody says anything to me nobody calls me and says we’re sorry we didn’t attend to you. All they said was come back next week. 7 fucking hours of my time wasted

At this point I still didn’t know why I was being invited. I knew it had to be some sort of mistake and misunderstanding. So fast forward to 20th April my hall officer calls me and he goes Adooh come oh letter dae here for you

And then he shows me another SDC invitation

And we sees you’re being invited for sexual immorality. And he goes Adooh I know you and you no fit do this Kian thing. Hell yeah!!! He knows me I mean people know me I’m Adooh Emmanuel a fucking fine boy and I’ve never really had time for Covenant University girls neither did I

have the energy to be waking up by 5am to go have sex with a girl on a Saturday morning nor goin to CDS to pay a security man 2k to be on the look out for me while I have a quickie with a girl for fucks sake I did not even go to chapel for Can U or Drama night just so it’ll be

dark enough to slip my fingers inside a girl’s pussy. I was never that guy I’ve never been that guy and the porter looks at me and says I know you This must be a mistake and I tell him I go just go there go clear this matter because I no understand how I go get SDC invitation

When I no even fill offense form to know Wetin dae sup in the first place. And so I head back there and finally after leaving me in the midst of drug addicts and people caught for examination malpractice for several days they call me in for interrogation. And the very first thing

they ask me is Do you know any Marilyn Effanga? Ofcos I know Marilyn Effanga she’s a course mate. And then they asked did you have sex with Marilyn Effanga? This question threw off balance tbh I just stood there startled. Like why the fuck would I have sex with Marilyn Effanga?

And then go get Marilyn Effanga and they ask her did you have sex with this guy and she goes on to say no. And then these peeps bring out Marilyn’s tab and say there’s a conversation here that has your name on it. Is this you conversing with Marilyn? And I just let out a smile

and said that conversation is dated 22nd of December 2017 and I stopped using my what’s app some time in November 2017 so that conversation has absolutely nothing to do with me. And I go on to tell them 5 years!!! I’ve been in your sch and for 5years you’ve never had any reason

to invite me to face your SDC as a matter of fact in all my time in Covenant University the only crime I’ve ever committed is putting on trad to the last Sunday service and it was like everything I said fell on deaf ears. So they go on to say there’s another screen shot and this

time with Omotayo Dada did you at any time converse with Omotayo Dada on what’s app? Again I tell them I don’t know what you’re talking about. And so they decide to invite Omotayo Dada and I walk right in behind her like I did when they invited Effanga. And the big guy in the

committee asked me to leave. And so they stay in the room abi office with Omotayo for more than 15 minutes and they finally call me in and they asked Omotayo was he the one you were conversing with? And she goes on to say yes
Me, being in shock just turn to look straight at

Omotayo and she couldn’t even look me in the eyes. I mean if you’re goin to testify against me why don’t you look me in the fucking eyes and repeat what you just said. She just looked at the ground. So this big guy stands up and walks towards me and says are you the one in that

conversation and I say no!!! I’m not (you can’t intimidate me just because you’re big) and at this point I told the panel I need to say something because I’m so fucking pissed. And the Dean Of Students, a suspended member of the SDC says we have enough evidence against him let

him go and so this big guy said I should shut up and he pushed me forcefully out of the room. At that point I wanted to let the SDC know who Marilyn was I wanted to let them know who Omotayo was to Marilyn and why they’d want to jeopardize me. But nobody was willing to listen to me

I got back to my room that day I cried and destroyed almost everything around me. I went to my window and I looked down and I asked myself which is better jumping down from this window or slitting my wrist. I wanted to commit suicide and I was furious, I hurt myself so many

so many times. Finally I calmed down called my peeps and told them everything that went down. Anybody that could see me from 21st of April to May 16th could tell I wasn’t the usual Adooh they knew. I was filled with rage and all I wanted was to be left alone by everybody apart

from my close friends of cos. So fast forward to May, Omotayo has been telling my peeps that she wants to apologize for hurting me. At first, I didn’t want to listen but I decided lemme hear what she has to say. And so I listen to her with a recording device in my pocket and she

goes on say a whole lot of stuff. And I just put 2 and 2 together and I realized they let me stay outside for 15mins because they were telling Omotayo we know you constantly have sex with Mfonido Jonah in EIE, University Chapel cos we’ve seen it in the group chat in Marilyn’s tab

but we’re more than willing to let you go if you just tell us Adooh Emmanuel is the one you’re conversing with and what choice did Omotayo have. This made me wonder what I ever did to anyone in their SDC to make them do something as cruel as this to me. But then she says

What they had in the group chat was goin to implicate a whole lot of people and instead of expelling a whole lot of people they chose to use Adooh as the scape goat. I mean we could expel this guy and no eyebrows would be raised. The content of the group chat was also goin to

implicate their dearest Registrar @MuyiwaOludayo. As hypothetical as this may sound in Covenant, you get promoted when you expel students and at this point, the DSA was suspended and so getting a student expelled was goin to lift his suspension. And that was why he specifically

And I quote “we have sufficient evidence against him”. In May, I was still angry not as angry as I was in April but I was angry enough to stop any form of rapport with my female course mates. I mean female course mates put me in this bizarre situation after all. I didn’t want to

sit with them, I didn’t want to talk with them and didn’t even want to see them. That’s how angry I was. Then someone saw right through me and could see that I was letting everything get the better of me. Then she wrote this note to me. I archived this note because it changed me

and made me see that treating everybody like trash cos of what some particular set of people did to me would do me more harm than good. And so I lightened up. And two days to the end of TTG mr. Kennedy calls me and says I have an expulsion letter in his office and I should come

and collect it and he said leave the compound immediately. I didn’t even have time to say goodbye to anybody I didn’t even have time to show anybody how hurt I was as a matter of fact only my close friends knew about this and I didn’t even show them how hurt I was and how angry I

was. I slept everyday from the 16th of May to like mid June dreaming about killing Omotayo and Effanga marilyn I’m more gruesome ways than I did the previous night. I was filled with rage and hate I couldn’t live like that anymore then I went to God in prayer and I said Lord

pls give me the strength to forgive these people even tho they hurt me I can’t live like this. Hating them meant I wasn’t at peace and God answered my prayer I was finally able to forgive them and sleep peacefully without dreaming about killing anybody. I was gradually healing

from all the hurt and all the pain. As a matter of fact I healed completely in July and in July, we sent a letter of appeal to Covenant University along side the recording of Omotayo I had during TTG, they got the appeal but chose to ignore it. You know when God sent Moses to

Egypt he hardened Pharoah’s heart just so he’ll show everybody that He’s God and He’s no respecter of Man. They hardened their hearts and then Popsi came to Lagos and we went to Mr. Falana and told him everything that’d happened and everybody that heard the story was in absolute

disgust. You expel somebody after 5 years, after defending his project, after writing his exams and let’s not even talk about what was goin on in his mind throughout the exam period when he had to face the SDC. And so he being a SAN called a fellow SAN of Covenant University

And he told him there’s this boy here that has a case against your sch. His dad has sent his appeal and you guys haven’t responded and the SAN says he knows nothing about it. Fast fwd to when we filled the lawsuit we sent it to them and the bailiff said when the VC got the lawsuit he said but I did not know anything about this why are they suing me. And the registrar got the lawsuit and said oh wow so this boy took us to court. God being God and Covenant being Covenant did not come out with their defense affidavit because they had no defense

whatsoever, what I love about law in the last few months I’ve gotten to study it is, it questions everything from the handbook to the Law on which covenant University was established to the law of the land (constitutional law) Only God knows why people would decide to hurt me the way they did, all my days in Covenant all I’ve ever done is be a student, obey their rules, play football go to their chapel services even when it’s incovenient for me. And these people did not even do a background check to know who Adooh Emmanuel is as a person. They did not

care about my character all they cared about was a conversation in Marilyn’s tab that had “Adooh” on it and they decided to act on it. The sad part their registrar sleeps with female students and sits in his office to sign an expulsion he has absolutely no right to sign Covenant University would make you think they’re perfect but they are not. And this has absolutely nothing to do with Bishop David Oyedepo. It’s all about the people that he’s put in charge to oversee his school, a school he committed to God and these people just want to ruin

everything he’s worked for. But that’s none of my business. The long and short of my thread is I took Covenant University to Court and I won them. It’s satisfying to know that you can call them out on their bullshit and win. Meanwhile @CUHEBRON the earlier you realize who really is the better it’ll be for all the female students in the school and those of us that have wrongly being expelled. @MuyiwaOludayo I know about you and Steph the girl you kissed in the elevator saying “I have a crush on you” and whatnot. God sees everything

and when that time comes everything that was done in the dark and in secret would be brought to limelight and everybody will truly see you for who you are. The sad thing is I admired you so much in my 100 lvl I mean who wouldn’t. He finished from covenant and became a Registrar

Anybody that wants to come for me should @ me with his or her chest.

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