3 major reasons students have carryovers in school courses


Ahmed Iyanda identifies the causes of carryovers in tertiary institutions while disputing the notion of linking it to laziness.

Carryover is simply the act of re-taking a failed course or subject in the next subsequent semester.

Carryover is often linked to lazy students. Believe me, many students who are brilliant also tend to have carryovers. In our university system, a student with Grade F is deemed to have carryover. Depending on the institution’s grading system, an F starts from below 40 or 45.

I have seen First class student after studying hard still battle with one or two courses. This is not as a result of inability to read or assimilate but may be due to challenges he/she might have faced in the course of preparing for exams. Success does not really rely on only what you read or study but with the optimistism and steadfastness of the student in achieving good grades.

I agree that some students are naturally born to be brilliant. That he/she is able to understand the nature to which success is being achieved is the always unique.

Some students compare themselves to the front runner of the class when attaining good grades, the question is: “What makes such students standout compared to others?” Success and failure can never be compared until student get to understand the iniquity of the duo. In this post, EduCeleb.com identifies three reasons connected to such academic failure among students.

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Major reasons students have carryovers in school courses

Non preparedness for exam:

For a student to achieve good grades, he/she must prepare well for every exam he/she needs to take. If you don’t prepare for exams, don’t expect miracle. We believe that miracles do happen but only for those who have prepared and are ready for exams.

Students only read for exam when the examination is fast approaching. A brilliant student will not wait for exam before he/she starts preparing for exams. I therefore urge students to learn to start reading for exams earlier if they want to overcome carryovers.

Some students find it difficult to do the necessary things while in the examination hall. It doesn’t end at merely reading your books. Follow exam traditions. Always write your name and matric number immediately you are given your answer booklet. If possible, do this on every page of the answer script.

Not attending lectures

Students who avoid classes are mostly prone to having carryovers. The ones who evade classes are more exposed to carrying over courses. The primary role of a student is to attend classes for the courses he has registered for in the University. There are different ways to which lecturers teach their students in order for them to assimilate what is being taught at the end of the lecture. Some students believe that they can read on their own by downloading materials and by collecting their friends’ notes. This tempts student to “stab classes”.

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They just download the material being used in the lecture room. By skipping classes, you miss out on a few important detailed oral explanations from the lecturer which are keys to understanding the material.

Avoiding classes will debar students from asking relevant questions to what is not clear to them. This will serve as an advantage to student who attend classes.

You should know that attending lectures can improve students’ chances of attaining good grades in the sense that marks may be awarded to students who have attended a class. Attending classes can also bridge the gap between students and lecturers, and cement their academic relationship.

Health Condition

If you have ever experienced a severe case of an ailment during the exam or test period, you will understand what it takes to be healthy in focusing on exams. When one is down with sickness that can refrain him from writing exams, one could also battle with carryovers. This is may not particularly reflect in the capacity of such students.

Have seen students who forcefully go to examination hall to write exams even when they have severe case of illness? Such may end up unlikely to write something reasonable inside the examination hall. You would see them shivering of cold or sweaty. They lose concentration. In such examination conditions, low scores or carryover may be their portion. Don’t put your health jeopardy at any time. Do regular medical checkups ahead of any examination. You should never risk coming off with low grades.

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Having a carryover is not the end of the world. You can either prepare well for every course or not. Beyond reading your books, familiarize yourself with instructions and take care of your health at all times.

Mr Ahmed Iyanda is currently a final year student at Fountain University, Osogbo where he is studying Mass Communication. He specializes in journalism and is a freelance writer, a poet and a political and educational writer.


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