LASU bans wearing face caps, other ‘indecent dresses’ on campus


The management of the Lagos State University (LASU) has prohibited the wearing of miniskirts, face caps, rolled sleeves, and other indecent attires on campus.

This was stated in a circular issued by the school’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, ordering lecturers in the institution to begin denying students access to lecture halls due to inappropriate clothing.

The VC also stated that the students had consistently disregarded the university’s dress code rules and regulations.

She also advised provosts, deans, department heads, and faculty officers to ensure that students dress appropriately within their respective colleges, schools, and faculties.

Wearing transparent dresses, mini and skimpy dresses, and other clothes that reveal sensitive parts of the body was prohibited and highlighted in the circular.

“Students are also prohibited from wearing tattered and dirty jeans with holes or obscene subliminal messages; shirts without buttons; shirts that are improperly buttoned; rolling of sleeves or flying collar; and wearing of face caps or complete face covering with very dark glasses.”

Others include, “Wearing of tight fitting apparels; wearing clothes that reveal sensitive parts of the body; wearing shirts and tops with obscene, obnoxious or seductive inscription; wearing of face caps or complete covering of face (very dark glasses), wearing “baggy, saggy or ass level clothes and any other form of indecent trousers and piercing of body and tattooing.”

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While the male students were barred from wearing ear rings and necklace, including plaiting, weaving or bonding of hair, the female students were cautioned not to wear, “lousy, unkempt, extremely bogus hair or coloured artificial hair, brightly tinted hair/eye lashes/brown, fixing of long eye lashes, nails and artificial dreadlock.”

The university management however noted that any student found violating the dress code in the premises would be sanctioned accordingly.

Recently, the management of Rivers State University also banned students from wearing miniskirts, ankle chains (anklets or ankle bracelets), and false eyelashes.

The school management also banned students from having tattoos and dressing in a certain way considered “indecent” on campus.

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