How to go abroad through the Rotary Exchange Program


By Ashly William

International travel is an important opportunity to enjoy experiences to enhance the self-discovery process. The experience of studying abroad essential for teens undergoing formal education and beginning to understand the dynamics of job hunting. Apart from culture immersion, there’s also a chance to learn a new language. This will come in handy during job hunting and in social circles.

Despite the endless benefits of international stud, most students fail to take the plunge because of lack of opportunities. This makes them miss the wonderful benefits like language immersion, volunteering, and cultural exploration all of which come with multiple lifetime benefits. The major reason why some students fail to sign up for study abroad programs is the lack of finances.

What are high school travel scholarships?

These are financing options to give teens a chance to travel abroad for an opportunity to branch out, expand their horizons, and discover more about other cultures. Rotary Club International has a youth exchange program to help teens offset the cost of traveling abroad. The program determines the areas to travel to and beneficiaries might have to do some volunteer work. Best of all, students are given a chance to travel and study abroad because of the generous offer. 

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How Rotary International supports high school study abroad?

Rotary Club operates the longest and largest private study abroad program for students. The organisation offers funding to a tune of about $25,000 in scholarships annually. This includes academic study, room, boarding, and other expenses. students become cultural ambassadors to give presentations about their culture abroad and of the new culture upon return. Rotary high school study abroad scholarships are given out through local branches. You have to find a reputable organisation with high school study abroad scholarships  for a chance to study in a foreign country.

Why apply for the Rotary Youth Exchange?

Study abroad during younger years has multiple benefits. There is a chance to learn a new language, which is a significant life skill. It explains why most students are advised to learn a foreign language. This requires learning in the classroom for about an hour daily. Study abroad offers an opportunity to live with native speakers and more chances of practicing your new language skills. This is much better than if you jet indoors.

Most important about signing up for the youth exchange program is that colleges and universities in the United States prioritize well-rounded students. Experience studying broad comes with high chances of standing out from a pool of students with impressive grades and test scores. International experience is proof that you have the capacity to juggle multiple objectives making you an A-list student. 

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How to convince parents before taking the plunge?

Have you decided to study abroad? This requires selecting a program with your interests in mind and consideration of scholarship opportunities. The next thing to do is to convince the parents to allow taking up this opportunity to study abroad in high school. Adequate preparation is important to get the ball rolling.

The parents have to understand that you have done all the groundwork to select a program that interests you. Perhaps they might get worried about the financial cost. This is where you have to let them understand the possibility to get a scholarship to cover the bill. Understanding this is more likely to dispel any lingering fears about taking up the study abroad opportunity.

Present them with the pros of studying abroad in high school to show that you are committed and understand the cons. Let the parents understand that you acknowledge the existence of some cons but you’re prepared to face them. Here are a few pros of a study abroad program that parents should understand:

  • Discovering the world
  • Soaking in a new culture
  • Discovering new interests
  • Honing your new language skills
  • Chance to make lifelong friends
  • Experiencing different education styles
  • Increased marketability in the job market
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Bottom line

High school study abroad is an amazing experience for students in high school. Fortunately, scholarships are available to fun this education trip abroad. This experience will facilitate your personal growth through this formative education period. Study abroad will expand your horizons, make you stand out during college applications, and offering a good approach to future education and travel.

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