Dear teacher, your appearance counts By Nancy Ekpezu


Nancy Ekpezu admonishes teachers on adopting appropriate dressing as representatives of their noble profession.

If you must be successful as a teacher or a leader, please make a deliberate effort to always appear professional at work. Your appearance counts! Don’t let anybody kid you on this please!!
It’s a lot easier to receive the respect you so crave for from your colleagues, subordinates and students when your appearance matches up with your expectations.

Make it a point to appear neat and well groomed. Ironed clothes. Tidy hair. Clean and well manicured nails. Well polished shoes. Proper and decent accessories. They all go a long way in helping you make a good impression on others.
Don’t go around looking like life has finally given up on you. Brighten up your life a bit more with the clothes you wear to work daily. Clothes have a way of helping your mood; so don’t under rate this.

This is 2018. Let it form a part of your goals to always look nice. Know what works for the office and what should be worn to an event or a casual outing with your friends. Learn to combine the items in your wardrobe to create a good effect. Study your body shape and determine the styles that are flattering on you, while working within your budget and income. Actually, a low income is not a good excuse for poor dressing. Within your income, you can still look your best.

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Here’s a toast to new version of you in 2018!
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