Benefits of a school management system

Do you want to optimize the administrative and pedagogical processes of your educational institution? So, check out these four benefits offered by the school management system. The routine of the school manager is full of tasks that are essential for the proper functioning of the Institution. This professional needs to be aware of all aspects involving the college and the students. Therefore, it is common for the manager to have to solve in one day pedagogical, administrative and structural questions. However, this accumulation of tasks without support is not at all positive. This is because, because of the daily rush, it is common for some area to be discovered, because it is very difficult for the school manager to account for everything. Thinking of transforming the routine of managers, making the activities more assertive and practical, there is in the market the school management system. This technological resource aims to optimize the work of the manager in all areas, from pedagogical to financial. If you are curious as to how a school management system can actually facilitate the manager’s day-to-day tasks and increase the quality of services, Zoe Talent Solutions provides for best educational institutions and courses.
  1. Optimizes Administrative and Financial Activities
The first benefit of the school management system that we are going to present is the optimization of administrative and financial activities. Often these tasks are bureaucratic and time consuming for the manager, preventing him from devoting himself to the noble area of the college, which is the education of the students. By adopting a good school management system, the educational institution gains a great ally, since a great part of the administrative and financial activities are automated, removing the overload of the managers.
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2. Enhances Student Recruitment One of the tasks that are part of the routine of school managers and that requires special attention is the recruitment of new students. The educational institutions that have a school management system can structure the entire process of prospecting students, projecting more assertive actions through the complete vision of the business available in the software. Good platforms allow the manager to register the next contacts with the prospective, so the college does not lose the communication and is able to follow up the calls, aiming at the conversion into enrolments. With the school management system, it is possible to monitor all stages of the sales funnel, such as a register of potential customers, telephone contacts made and to be made, scheduling of visits and, finally, the enrolment. Another advantage of using the school management system during the student recruitment process is the chance to enrol, issue contracts and generate documents with ease, since the tool is very intuitive and practical, helping the managers in this important area. 3. Improves Academic and Pedagogical Management A good school management system should offer resources that also optimize academic and pedagogical management. In the quality tools, there is an area for teachers, allowing them to send notes, didactic contents, faults, tasks and occurrences of the students in a fast way, via the internet. Another interesting gain of the school management system is that the educator can follow the academic performance of the students in an individualized way, by class or discipline, keeping the academic information organized and with easy access.
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4. Establish Effective Communication with the School Community Maintaining a close relationship with the school community is one of the most important points for educational institutions, and the school management system also covers this area. There are tools that offer innovative ways for parents to interact with the school, such as via mobile application, conveying a vanguard institution image. Some systems give the educational institution the chance to apply opinion surveys with students, parents, teachers and employees, as well as to make available via the web bulletin of notes and absences, factsheet of pedagogical occurrences, consultation of subject matter and tasks given, diverse archives for download and bulletin boards.

Benefits of the school management system

  • Increase in student enrolment and control;
  • Decreased school dropout;
  • Decrease in default levels;
  • Control of efficient financial management;
  • Increase the productivity of the teams involved;
  • The focus becomes the customer and not the operational processes;
  • Improvement in management decision making;
  • Customer loyalty;
  • Flexibility in the control of the educational institution;
  • Security through encrypted passwords and data stored on the server;
  • Needs and demands stored in one place only;
  • Analysis of the profile of parents and students in a few clicks;
  • Issuance of reports of default, receipts and payments;
  • Optimization of management, over time focus on improvement of the institution;
  • Implantation without trauma and online training;
  • Customization of reports;
  • Complete management of teachers, classes, students, courses;
  • Performance indicators.

Benefits of the school management system in the secretariat

  • Student management, classes and enrolments;
  • Management of vacancies and availability;
  • Grids of matter and teachers;
  • Management of classes given and planned, evaluation and grades;
  • Registration curriculum / curriculum grades;
  • Dependencies and utilization;
  • Transfer of students between classes with the transposition of all data;
  • Issuance of newsletters, school records and statements;
  • Issuance of individual form, final report;
  • Dozens of managerial reports;
  • Automatic retake.
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Benefits of the school management system in the financial area of the institution

  • Control of accounts payable and receivable;
  • Management of school contracts;
  • Issue of Tickets, Tickets and Receipts. Homologation with any Brazilian bank;
  • Shipping and Return File Automation;
  • Management by chart of accounts and cost and revenue center;
  • Management of scholarship, covenant and payers;
  • Control of operations at the user level and access and management of log (audit);
  • Management of delinquency with registration of collections and renegotiation of instalments in arrears;
  • Financial statement and 2a. Via the ticket in the student’s online portal and school application;
  • Collection by SMS, email and school application with option for 2nd. Updated ticket path;
  • Daily, monthly and annual billing and payment balances.

Benefits of the school management system in school communication

Through the online student portal and the school application, the institution provides parents and students with real-time information on everything that happens in the school routine, as well as financial information:
  • Bulletin consultation;
  • Consultation of the school agenda;
  • Information of the partial notes;
  • Receipt of warnings;
  • Receipt of occurrences;
  • Study materials for download;
  • Access control with information about entering and leaving the school student;
  • Check the time grid;
  • Consultation and sending of documents to the secretariat through the portal or the application

Benefits of the school management system for teachers

  • Visualization of agenda and class schedules;
  • Maintenance of absences, grades, test schedule and class evaluation criteria;
  • Publication of documents in digital format;
  • Consultations with classes (classes planned, classes taught);
  • Launching, consultation and change of grades and attendance of students;
  • Journal record of electronic class;
  • Maintenance of didactic and pedagogical plan;
  • Reports to follow the grades by class and student;
  • Facility to send warnings and occurrences to parents and students;
  • Integration with the student portal and school application.
Now, you know some of the facilities provided by the school management system.


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