After ‘goof’, university lecturer tutors NANS chief on letter writing


A lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Abia state University, Emmanuel Shebbs has had to correct a letter written by a senior official of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).

He expressed worries about the intellectual capacity of NANS senate president, Gambo Abu Mohammed based on how he wrongly addressed a letter.

Reacting to the invitation letter to NANS Extraordinary Senate Meeting published by its Senate President on his Facebook page, Mr Shebbs faulted the structures and and constructive strength.

In the letter, sentences ran into up to four lines just as the lecturer faulted the address structure.

See the letter below

See his comment below:

“The routing of this letter is improper. I would have expected something better, considering the fact that NANS is the apex students body.

When writing letters to multiple recipients, the receivers address should be the one the multiple recipient. Then, at the end of the letter, immediately after the signature(s), you add up “Cc”, then list all the other recipients in the order of hierarchy.

Please, reroute the letter.

Address the letter to ” zonal coordinator, National Association of Nigerian students”.

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You do not need to mention the zones A, B, C etc. That’s amateurish.

The zonal coordinators do not need to be hunted for. They know themselves and they’re judicially noticeable.

Then at the end of the letter, you indicate the other recipients after “Cc”.

I have served NANS during my university days and I’ve been inquisitive and critical about NANS’ PR items of this nature.”

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