See the competency test Kaduna teachers failed


The Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai has made public a few copies of the competency test teachers failed.

El-Rufai had declared in October that his government would be recruiting 25,000 new teachers to replace many of the current teachers who would soon be relieved of their duties. Check out the conditions for recruitment here

Recall that the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) and the organised labour in general had protested the impending sack of these teachers. had reported that the labour union challenged the Governor to make public copies of the teachers’ test scripts

In these pictures below are copies of teachers’ examination scripts from the competency test. The teachers were tested on their grasp of Mathematics, English, Primary Science, Social Studies,  current affairs, and the Principles of Teaching. 

The teachers had on Wednesday protested their impeding sack claiming that “examination is not a test of knowledge”. 

During the protest, the teachers attacked the Kaduna State House of Assembly complex where Government property was destroyed and lawmakers harassed. They gave government a two-week ultimatum to rescind its decision to sack the incompetent ones among them. 

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Reacting to the protest on micro-blogging site, Twitter, El-Rufai said his government remains undeterred in its commitment to improving education standards.

In his words, “no amount of protests will deter the government from recruiting qualified teachers while giving disengaged teachers the entitlements specified in their terms of service.”

What’s your take on this?


  1. Dr. Nura Alkali wrote

    You would think that Kaduna State teachers were asked to name the moons of Jupiter or calculate the distance to mars. But these were the sorts of Primary 4 exam questions they were asked:

    – Identify these shapes (a triangle, a rectangle and a square);

    – What is the name of the Governor of Kaduna State?;

    – What is the full meaning of UBEC?;

    – Name four kinds of common illnesses
    Add 5000 + 4563 + 2378;

    – What is the responsibility of parents to children?

    22,000 out of 33,000 teachers failed! Rather than bury their heads in shame and collect their benefits to become farmers, they co-opted NLC to threaten a strike. As expected, Gov. El-Rufai says he won’t budge. I won’t either. Teaching is a noble profession, not a dumping ground for political thugs.

    This is how bad the educational system in the country have a, it’s quite worrisome that those supposedly saddledwith the responsibility of building a solid foundation for the future of Nigeria themselves have their rickety foundation on sinking sànd.. I commend the State governor for exposing this great injustice done to the pupils of public primary schools in Kaduna. Woe betide the NLC Kaduna state chapter for threatening to go on strike because of the Governor’s disciplinary action against the empty skulled teachers, that not comradeship but selfishness.

  2. It is a pity. I am sorry for those who failed. But I think they are supposed to be retrained on the job and not dismissing them. I notice the misuse verb in the so called test instead of ‘his’ the examiner used ‘is’. Will the examiner also be sacked? In the passage ” he said that if the children in is (his) area—“

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