Why you should use Online Learning Platforms

online learning platforms
Online learning platforms

Online learning platforms have become very popular among students and willing learners worldwide. The platforms are advanced mediums of distance learning that everyone willing to move ahead of their peers should embrace.

With an internet-connected desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or other mobile communication devices, learning has become free and democratised for everyone. Online learning is alternatively called e-learning . The online learning platforms we have contain a combination of texts, audios, and videos which are made available in collaboration with various universities and academics.

No doubt, most universities in the developing countries lack adequate facilities to make their products compete favourably with their peers in other climes. The platforms, therefore, supplement what is available in their locales.

Via the online learning platforms, you have access to simulations, applets and visualizations that could aid your understanding. Many learners decide on this choice of learning out  of the desire to know more and become more productive in their careers.  Learning is uniquely done any time and anywhere as long as you have access to the platforms online. Here are some reasons you should use an online learning platform.

Advance your career

If you ever aim to advance your career while at the work-place or at school, the online learning platform is the best choice. You’ll get what you might not get in a classroom – diverse experiences from all corners of the world. Taking some course could improve your resume and help you gain confidence in your chosen field. The interesting aspect of the process is that some online learning platforms even help you in making the best choice by carefully filtering your needs.

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It is Cheaper

If you can’t afford the ‘expensive’ educational institutions, the online learning platforms come handy. Students seeking to save money on their schooling costs may be interested in pursuing some online course. Although not all online learning platforms are cheap, carefully selecting among the low-cost or free platforms would be very beneficial. By the time you decide taking an online course, you would be saving cost on transport, accommodation and other necessities that go with the classroom-based courses. Is it spending more for what you can get without spending much you want? It’s your choice!

It is Flexible

When a group of online learners were asked what they liked about taking courses online, the predominant response was that it allows for flexibility. It gives you privy to learn at your own pace.  You schedule lecture times and determine when to study. You take steps in the course as you find best for you. If flexibility is what you seek in education, online learning platforms are very useful for that.

Fix your time

At any time of the day in the week, you can take a course. You don’t need preparing to attend a statutory 8am class schedule since you can take it at a time convenient for you. Just keep commitment to learning within a limited time so as not to lose steam of learning.

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Meet the Best

Most online courses on the various platforms are conducted by the best among the career leaders in the various fields. It could be in your dream to be taught by a professor in Harvard, MIT or Princeton. Irrespective of your field, most of your teachers online are seasoned professionals. They are among those that upcomers in the respective fields look up to. Interestingly, you have the opportunity to liaise with them further on the social media. They would be willing to answer the questions boggling your minds.

Meet other learners

One of the values of online learning is that you get to meet other learners from other parts of the world. Through the forums provided for learners on the online learning platforms, you would be open to clarifying your thoughts and broadening your horizon about what you want to know. It is an opportunity to prepare ahead like others and test you.

Receive personalized coaching

Learning is supposed to be a collaborative process. You wouldn’t lose that if you opt for using the online learning platforms. The administrators of the platforms are available to give you necessary guidance every step of the way. From selecting the right class to navigating challenging course contents, they are there to help you personally.

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Learn on the go

You don’t have to own a computer to learn.  With a mobile device such as an internet-connected iPad, iPhone or android device you can learn like every other user. You can learn on the go. Thus, you are not limited by space. Just add personal commitment and an abidance to self-made schedule, you are on your way to completing your online course.

Have you ever considered using any online learning platforms? Why did you do so? Let us know via the comment box below.


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