What you should do if your admission status reads ‘Not Admitted’

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You may have checked your admission status on the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) portal after we told you that JAMB had opened the platform

CAPS is one of the innovations to admission processing introduced by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for the 2017/2018 admissions process. 

In case you haven’t checked your admission status yet, please click here to know how to check it

Perhaps, you saw NOT ADMITTED as your admission status. It simply means that you have not been offered provisional admission at your institution of choice.

There are various possibilities to that. It may be that your institution had not yet submitted your names to JAMB. Probably, your chosen institution was yet to release its admission list. So, just be patient and check the portal again later. 

If neither of the above applies to you and you are still with the NOT ADMITTED status, that would definitely mean your institution had completed its admission process but didn’t find you qualified based on its parameters for admission. 

What you should do if your admission status reads ‘Not Admitted’

Do not click on the ACCEPT icon until your Admission status changes to ADMITTED. Note that by clicking on the ACCEPT it means you’ve accepted a non-existent Admission.

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By the time your desired institution releases its admission list, you will see both “ACCEPT” and “DECLINE” icons.

You are also not allowed to click on the ACCEPT icon until you have received an admission notification from the institution of your choice.

To those who have already clicked on the ACCEPT icon, your action implies that you have agreed and accepted the Course, and Institution Choice, so you won’t be placed in the JAMB proposed CAPS MARKET PLACE.

Candidates should wait for their institution of choice to release its Admission list, which would change their CAPS ADMISSION STATUS from, NOT ADMITTED to ADMITTED, then the choice is yours whether to click on the ACCEPT icon or DECLINE if you don’t want.

But if by then it still shows NOT ADMITTED, you will surely be placed in the CAPS MARKET PLACE i.e waiting for schools that couldn’t meet up with their Admission Quota to admit you on request.

Lastly, for those who have already clicked on the ACCEPT icon, all you could do to help yourself is to keep praying and hoping to get another chance, for you have automatically disqualified yourself from being returned to the CAPS MARKET PLACE if you were not later admitted.


  1. I have already been given admission by my institution and I have already even printed my admission letter but my jamb admission status still says no admission has been given yet

  2. I clicked on the accept icon but not admitted yet….it didn’t show anything…. Infact the button didn’t press…..what would happen?

  3. Good day sir,I’m confused if Unilag has released its admission list cos some of my friends said dey ave been admitted through jamb caps but I opened mine nd I saw not admitted pls wat shud I do

  4. please sir I have been offered admission in Funai, and I also accepted my admission on caps,and it says congratutions you have accepted admission, but my jamb status still says no admission is given yet and I can’t print my admission letter. please what do I do?

  5. Pls I accepted jamb caps mistakingly while my school was operating on ND, but now the school has been accredited to run a degree programme which I went for the screening as well but bcos I have mistakingly accept the previous pls if I come to jamb office to complain can it be rectified so I can stand a chance of getting the degree admission?

  6. what of if is showing you have not yet been given admission that means jamb is still processing or the still didn’t give jamb the name

  7. please I have accepted my admission on jamb caps be z still showing not yet admitted on my admission status tho my course was changed

  8. jamb caps gave me admission and I have even printed my admission letter but I can’t pay my acceptance fee becoz my school portal is showing not admitted.what do I do??

  9. I try to check my admission status it showing me search yesterday and this morning I try to check it am seeing click on admission status what does it mean

  10. my admission status has been showing admission in progress for weeks I don’t know what wrong please what should I do? and UI says it has released it’s merit list I went to the school to complain ma name is on the merit list please why is my admission status still showing admission in progress

  11. Sir I have been offered admission to oou..but the jamb caps still telling me ‘not yet given admission’ and have already paid my acceptance fee… please what sld I do now… because am afraid oo

  12. Good day Sir, I’ve been offered admission into FUTO, and I have not been given admission by jamb.
    Although, I’ve paid for acceptance and school fee.
    P.S: most of my friends have been admitted by jamb.
    Pls what do I do?

  13. My school has released its admission list and I was admitted and when I checked my jamb caps it had changed to admission in progress, but when I checked it today it was saying not admitted..what do I do?

  14. I scored 207 and my course is electrical/electronic engineering. Due to my score, I had to change to Physics Education while I applied for post UTME for Unilorin. Change of course was successful and I passed post UTME (above 50%). I have been waiting for admission till yesterday, I checked my admission status on CAPS. I was a bit confused when I logged in my JAMB profile. The course that I did originally chose is still the same. No change at all. They said I was not admitted. In meantime, I logged in my Unilorin profile where I checked my admission They said, I have yet not been recommended for admission. Check back later.
    Do it means I am still safe? Do I stand a chance of getting admission?

  15. Pls I did not know that Absu offered me admission last year until now, and I went ahead to accept admission, and this year I applied for MOU and have not being offered admission , pls will my name still be on Jambs caps market place??

  16. My name is on Lautech admission list and it is not on caps so I decide to change it to first choice but not admitted is still showing on caps I hope changing it to first choice will not affect and can I pay the acceptance fee

  17. I have been admitted on lasu list but it is still showing *not admitted* on my caps and the accepting is not showing…
    What should I do because accepting of admission is closing tomorrow on caps

  18. Pls sir,my jamb cap is still showing not admitted, mean while,I HV be given admission to,by the school of my choice,pls,wat can be the course

  19. I have been admitted in funai since last week but my caps is saying Not Admitted. how do I get admission letter should I do regularization

  20. My admission status has been showing Admission in progress for More than a week now I have uploaded ma o’level I don’t know what wrong

  21. Unn offered me admission two months ago but my Caps is still showing Not admitted. Pls what’s the problem? My fellow aspirants have accepted theirs.

    • I had the same problem,then I was told to reupload my waec result which I did on Oct 17 2018,I was so worried but the admission reflected two days after on caps for me to accept,I accepted and my admission status on jamb showed that I have been offered admission to my school..reupload your result ad che k caps daily..hope this helps

  22. Good day sir, I reuploaded my waec result yesterday because my admission didnt reflect on jamb caps but i got admitted on the school’s portal unizik.I also so that caps deadline was dated Oct 16th to accept admision.my admission didn’t reflect on jamb caps,pls what do I do?

  23. I uploaded my olevel result on the 8 of this month and I av not been given admission neither by caps nor school
    and they av been giving people admissions how sure is my admission ??

  24. I received a text from jamb CAPS via SMS that I’ve been given admission but when I checked my CAPS,my status was Not Admitted
    What should I do?

  25. Good afternoon, please my course was changed on jamb caps but not admitted yet, and others have started seeing admitted while some admission in progress. What could be the problem please

  26. Good afternoon, please my course was changed on jamb caps but still not admitted, whereas some people have started seeing admitted while some admission in progress. What could be the problem please

  27. Please sir.. What should I do? I applied for med lab but my course have been changed to biochemistry but it still showing not admitted instead if admi in progress or admitted…. Pls why?

  28. my younger sister was given admission last year at oou but she did not accept her admissionon caps,she d because she did not know that she was suppose to accept ,she did not know caps exist.can she visit jamb office or is the admission still valid because she is in 200 level now

  29. i have been given admission through jamb caps but its showing not admitted in my school what can i do i need an urgent reply

  30. Hello sir, I passed my department cut off, and I’ve still not seen changes in CAPS and dose DAT even reach my mark have started seeing changes

  31. I have been offered admission in jamb market place pls should I reject or leave it cos am not interested and does DAT mean I won’t b offered any admission by my choice of school n lastly b4 all these I had accepted a blank admission pls I hope I have not lost d chance of being admitted

  32. I got jamb admitted message in my inbox yesterday(JAMBCAPS) .. But I checked through online jamb caps and saw ‘no admission given yet’.. What might be the problem??

  33. My caps has changed to admission in progress and a university I didn’t apply for has offered me admission in my market place……..I av been trying to reject the admission but it’s not working.What do I do?

  34. Futminna gave me provisional admission for DE but my jamb caps shows a different course and I’m still not admitted even 7 days after re-uploading my results as advised. Can I still get admission from Jamb because Futminna’s payment of acceptance fee closes on the 7th of November? And if I’m still not offered admission for DE, is it possible to do change of institution?

  35. Sir… I keep seeing not admitted on my caps, but i mistakenly pressed ACCEPT.. I hope it does not affect it and am worried why i’m yet to be given admission

  36. I’ve been admitted on the school portal but yet it’s still NOT ADMITTED on jamb caps, could it be because I’ve clicked on d accept on the jamb caps while I’ve not been admitted ?

  37. My daughter apply for law but could not meet up with the cut off,just diff of 3.75.When I checked her cap I discovered the course has been changed to English and Literature, it still reads not admitted. Pls is there any hope?

  38. My school has released only the first batch but my name wasn’t there. I checked via Jamb Caps and it says Not Admitted. Is there still a chance that I will be admitted because I met all the requirements

  39. Please sir, my name is on school admission list even I have already printed school admission later, but I choose biochemistry in post utme but the school later offer me earth science. I accepted admission on cap while still showing biochemistry and I was offer earth science, hope no problem with dat sir

  40. My school gave me admission but when I checked jamb caps it showed not admitted Nd I also clicked on accept admission even though it was inactive…pls wat do I do??


  42. i have been admitted in school portal but caps is showing not admitted if i did not see my admission on caps what is my chance of going to school.

  43. I mistakenly paid for admission letter on jamb caps and I have not been admitted the payment is pending does it mean I won’t be admitted.

  44. The school I choose as third choice of institution has offered me admission but jamb cap is not displaying my third choice is showing the first institution that I choose and I did not register for post utme what will I do for jamb cap to display my third choice so I can accept it

  45. my caps is still showing not admitted and I was told dat ui has sent all her merit lists to jamb and l just re upload my o’level result on jamb portal…..hope it’s not too late???

  46. my caps is showing not admitted,I was told dat ui has sent all her merit lists to jamb but I just re upload my result….pls hope it’s not too late???

  47. Good day sir,pls can I still change my course to another course now that my school of choice has started giving admission,pls I dnt know if am allowed to do that, pls I really need an urgent reply coz am now depressed and restless becoz of this

  48. Good day sir I choose a particular university but later on I changed it to another university as my first choice and I have been offered the admission in the school but my jamb caps is showing me not admitted pls what should I do

  49. Sir the accepted admission is not activated and its still showing not admitted and you click on it will it affect on chance of admission cos the accept admission is inactive

  50. PlsI clicked accept admission numerous times even without being admitted, because its my dream, pls would I be considered to be given a course in which I met the cut off?

  51. I have been given admission into AE-FUNAI but my jamb cap is giving me a different course and still writing NOT ADMITTED… pls wat does it mean or what should I do???

  52. I checked my market place but I didn’t see any school…All I saw was no data returned…Please sir,wot does it mean…Secondly,which school post utme form is still…Can I still do change of institution?

  53. I accepted admission on caps when it changed to admitted and when I went to check my admission status, I saw sorry no admission given yet, is that a problem???

  54. My caps show:congratulations you have been offered admission and I clicked the accept button wheares I have not done screening in the school I changed to..the name of the school is federal college of education special..hope there won’t be problem sir.thank u sir

  55. I scored 245 and applied for Pharmacy at unijos. I did screening and upload my waec on 9th November as instructed by the registrar. Other aspirants have seen congrats and admission in progress. Mine is still not admitted. Any explanations?

  56. With an aggregate score of 62.5,its clear I didn’t make merit list to study mass com. The cut off is 69
    Please,am I going to get another course..or I’ll wait till next year,because. The second batch of supplement list is out and my status is still not admitted

  57. Evening sir

    My course was changed on jamb caps and status changed to admission in progress for a week now

    Is my admission safe?? I’m really worried as it is cos reg begins next week

    School’s Unilag by the way
    A swift reply would be nice..

  58. Please in my jamb portal I clicked on payment and I saw a sales of utme transaction not found
    And school has given me admission but my jamb caps is still not admitted
    Please what should I do?

  59. I just discovered that my credentials were not uploaded on jamb website even though it was uploaded b4 . Meanwhile i beat d cut off mark for my school. Could this be d reason why i have not been given admission. If yes, will same admission if sent by the school before to jamb still reflect after i upload it? Cos the school have posted up to 3 batches now. And i was told that it will take 3 days for d upload to reflect on jamb portal.

  60. please I mistakenly accept my admission when it written not admitted and now jamb has changed my course and it still written not admitted please what should I do.

  61. good day sir,my school of choice have been released and compiled Admission list and I saw my name in the list but whenever I check my admission status am seeing admission is given yet please tell me what to do. Furthermore I applied for Biochemistry and they gave me education biology in the school Admission list

    • Contact the registrar of your institution to complain. Meanwhile, the course you are offered may be where space was available for you in that school based on your score.

  62. Good evening sir.
    I have been admitted on the school website but when I checked my status, I saw “not admitted”
    I went for re-uploading of my O’level as advised. On getting there, I found out that it was blank and I was surprised because I re-uploaded when we were told to.
    After 4 days and I didn’t see any changes on my status, I went to check only to find out that my result was not there again.. I re-uploaded again.
    Then I went to JAMB office at Ikoyi to complain and they said I should upload over there.. But I have not seen any changes still.
    What should I do?

  63. My school has released it’s first batch list and already working on the second list but still CAPS is still saying not admitted…. Is there still chance

  64. My school of choice has released all their admission lists and my name happens to be on one of them but my CAPS is still telling me “not admitted” what solid I do please

  65. I check my admission status on CAPS I saw it that I’ve been admitted and I accepted the admission but on getting to the school portal I’m still seeit that no admission has been given yet please check back later, what’s going on

  66. I have been offered admission to futminna since last year but anytime i check jamb caps I says no admission given yet, what does that mean

  67. 1.When I was registering for utme, I mistakenly wrote gmail acct, though they are the same but one letter was replaced with another letter. Now, I have been given admission but I don’t know how I can print notification of admission.

    2. I rearrange my name during utme registration and that’s what I have been using with all other registration but differ from olevel result. I just discovered the issue and I was told that it must be the same, that arrangement of names matters a lot. So, how can I go about it?
    Please, help me out ASAP.

  68. In jamb caps ….my institution and course is no longer showing,just my subject combination, jamb score ,my name and others, please what does that mean?….

  69. In jamb caps my institution and course is no longer showing…. Only my subject combination, name jamb score etc…pls what does that mean?

  70. I have a friend that complained that she couldn’t summit by herself after the examination today, she had to wait for her time to be up.
    My question is this, could it be that the system submitted her work for her?

  71. I have been given admission in oou since last year, and am in 200 level now, but anytime i check my admissions status it’s showing not admitted and i haven’t been able to print my admission letter .Pls what do i do

  72. I mistakenly wrote my second name as my first name on my utme form, while my jamb form is correct, but the name I put in utme form is turn upside down
    For instance, I wrote adetoro victor ayomide in my jamb form, but my utme form I wrote adetoro ayomide victor,
    I check the portal now, it said no admission offered yet
    What do I do to it

  73. Pls I tried to login in my portal to check my admission status but wen I login after writing my reg number ND surname it will jst go back to login reg number again pls I DNT understand is it dat dae av cancelled my portal or what?

  74. Each time I try checking my admission status… It kept on displaying no admission yet what could be the cause…..I have wrote jamb up to 4 times..please someone should help me out

  75. I’m so tensed right now…I heard Unilag released their admission list but when I checked mine…it showed me sorry no admission given yet…what does it mean???

  76. Pls my jamb portal is displaying no admission yet but sch (eksu) portal is displaying admission in progress ,pls what does this means?

  77. I saw recommended on my profile (school portal )and I saw not admitted on jamb caps and others are already seeing congratulations and admission in progress . Please sir should I still hope for admission.

    Please sir kindly answer my question asap

  78. Hyy Please i need your help am in 200lvl now studying in Futo have been checking my jamb caps ever since i wrote jamb its still saying not admitted dont know why , whereas the school has given me admission and i have matriculated since pls what should i do ,Would appreciate it if you can help me

  79. I got an aggregate of 76.875 and the cut off mark for mech engineering is74 for unilag
    And my caps is still showing not admitted
    What should i do

  80. My name is Akinyemi Habeeb my school have addmited me in another course and I have accepted the offer in transfer approval and do change of course yet jamb camps is still showing not addmited pls what does that means

  81. Formally, my admission status on CAPS shows not admitted and the course and institution is not usually stated but recently, it shows my courselves and institution but the admission status is still not admitted
    Is there still any hope gaining admission ?

  82. Sir I have been admitted by the school (BUK) and I was even able to print my unofficial admission letter. But my CAPS keeps showing “NOT ADMITTED”. Though names of the institution and course are displayed there. What is the problem please?

  83. Sir please my admission cap was writing not admitted and they didn’t attach institution and course, but not they have attached both the instruction and the course but it is still writing not admitted, what should I do

  84. Pls sir….. My instition in jamb has changed to my school of choice likewise the course has been awarded on jamb caps… But is still showing not admitted…. What is the meaning sir… I have not been giving admission by the school

  85. Pls,sir am confuse my school offer me admission but on jamb portal it was showing not admitted.Now the school is requesting for my admission letter.

  86. Pls,Sir When We Did Our Post Utme At Ilorin
    The Institution And Course Were Blank
    But Now They Have Put University Of Ilorin At the Institution Place And They Have Put Linguistics At The Course Place
    And My caps Is Still Saying ‘Not Admitted
    AM Very Confused
    Will They Still Give Me Admission In University Of Ilorin Or Not

  87. Good evening
    pls unilag changed my course and i accepted it but my admission status shows not admitted.but sime of my friends have seen thiers.and pls note registration has brgun

  88. Sir/ma…..Good evening
    Please I accepted a transfer program given to me by my school but only the course has reflected in the admission status but still reads not admitted…. Sir/ma please I don’t know what is going on…. It’s over a week now…… Please reply

  89. Good morning sir, since last month my course and school of choice including the subject I wrote in my utme had reflected on jamb caps but my school of choice didn’t offer me admission yet please sir what does that mean?

  90. Good morning sir, since last month my course and school of choice including the subject I wrote in my utme had started showing on jamb caps but my school of choice didn’t offer me admission yet please sir what does that mean?

  91. Please my institution has given me admission and we were asked to do change of course…i did the change of course for close to one month now nd my JAMB caps hasnt changed to admitted…
    What should i do

  92. Good evening sir
    My school has released its admission list since last year and I was admitted and when I checked my admission status last year it has changed to admission in progress,bt when I checked it today it was saying not admitted..
    Sir what should I do?

  93. Sir pls I have accepted my transfer approval given to Me by my institution but I accepted it late it stayed pending 4 like a month before I did and the course have reflected on my admission status but is still showing not addmited sir pls wat do I do

    Do I still stand a chance of being admitted in the institution.. Admission is still going one

  94. i was shortlisted for nsuk admission and told to upload my o’level results and i have done that but,my caps is still showing not admitted what could be the problem

  95. Good morning, so my ward was offered admission by Esut of which she accepted, and made a change of course bcos she was offered another course but yet, the Portal still says not admitted yet. I’m at the verge of registering her for another jamb, but I want to know if it is possible something can still pull through, or is there something we need to do?
    Pls I will appreciate a response.

  96. Sir my caps is still showing not admitted …the same with many others but few have resumed and some are still getting …what should I do

  97. Sir, the school I applied for has given me admission but a different course entirely
    I was told to go for a change of course which I already did,but it’s still showing not admitted on my jamb portal.
    Am confused

  98. Jamb changed my course and I rejected it
    But after some time my school sent a text that I have been offered admission to the same course I rejected
    Wat can I do

  99. Please sir my school is ret to release 5th batch admission list, jamb registration is about to end .please sir what should I do now ,should I register for another exam and if I do will I still be able to access my caps and accept my admission when released or will my previous data be overwritten since I have reg for a new one.

  100. Good morning Sir.
    I studied College of Basic Studies (CBS) with Kaduna state university KASU and also wrote JAMB and score 191, Course: Accounting, JAMB No:96035082IA in 2019 with the hope that I can easily be given admission, but yet I was not, Please what are the criteria of admitted students that disqualified me?. Please note that I an an indigene of Kaduna State. be informed that Many where given admission with less than 175 point from the same institution. fact someone that score 170 was offer admission to study accounting in the same institution.

  101. Dear Sir.
    I did my pre-degree from the College of Basic Studies (CBS) from KASU and also wrote JAMB and score 191, Course applying for was accounting JAMB No:96035082IA with the hope that I can easily be given admission in 2019 session, but yet I was not, Please what are the criteria of offering admission that disqualified me?. Please note that i am an indigene of Kaduna State. Many where given admission with less than 175 score from the same institution. I know someone that she was admitted with the score of 170 in accounting which I also applied for. I recently secured admission from a private polytechnic and removed KASU and put the poly as my choice still my JAMB is still showing no admission is given yet.

  102. Good afternoon sir, please sir, I wasn’t given admission by jamb but i got a message from a private institution that my name was forwarded to them by jamb, for admission. I’ve accepted the admission. What steps do i take to get my jamb admission letter. I’m confused about the options on my jamb portal. which exactly do i click on to get my admission letter for this present institution.

  103. sir, am confused if fuoye has released the admission list for the year 2020/2021 academic session, because my jamb caps tell me that admission not yet given, what should i do sir

  104. Pls sir I got admission 4rm a private university and I was told I av to accept on jamb also bt it’s showing not admitted below my school names and I av nt uploaded my o level result..could dat b d reason and can I still upload it

  105. Pls sir school have giving me admission but on my jamb caps is writing not admitted what should I do although have not uploaded my documents to the school finish does it mean anything

  106. Please..I was given admission on jamb caps in ABSU and I accepted it but the institution says your name is not yet on the admission list… please what can I do

  107. Sir my jamb caps is not accessing pls is there any problem and how do i know that my school has started giving admission

  108. Good day sir, my jamb admission status has been showing me “you’ve not been giving admission yet” pls how do I go about this…??? Same thing also in the school portal

  109. Good sir, How was your day.. in my jamb caps admission status not admitted while in my transfer approval the school i applied for changed my course from the one I apply to another fah is now still showing not admitted ooooh

  110. Please how long does it take for me to accept my admission. Does the university or JAMBBdisqualify me if I don’t accept before two weeks?

  111. Good afternoon sir, my jamb and my school portal is saying not yet available and I heard that uniabuja are giving admission without the knowledge of jamb.
    Pls what can I do with that and they didn’t say exactly when the admission will close

  112. Sir I just reuploaded waec result yesterday and it has just shown on jamb portal. I reached the cut off for psychology in ui. But jamb caps says not admitted even the institution has not considered me for admission yet. Wat do I do

  113. Good day sir I have been offered admission on jamb portal and I’ve accepted it
    I’ve gone ahead to print admission letter but I can’t pay acceptance fees because on the school portal it says I’ve not been recommended for admission yet please what do I do?

  114. Please my school has offered me admission but I can’t accept it on jamb Caps cus it’s showing another person’s profile instead of mine and if I try putting my Reg number it will write am not eligible for dis cap, please wat can I do

  115. Sir, I got admission in 2012 in a private university and now am supposed to go for NYSC but my caps is showing not admitted what should I do? I have gone to jamb office and my school and yet nothing has been done since January. Please I need help

  116. Good evening sir my jamb admission status showing me that have being offered admission then I go to my Access then I click on accept icon I hope that won’t affect me because I keep checking at my institution portal still seeing not admitted yet pls what’s going on sir

  117. I was transfer from law to linguistics and communication studies since March but I accepted it June still not admitted abi because I mistakenly click on the accepted icon

  118. Sir my admission status has been writing nt admitted, so my mentor told me is possible I have been given admission bt my course might have been changed that I will have to check it out on market to accept the my new course bt I don’t know how to go about it sir

  119. Pls my name on the school portal repeats twice like….. Olakunle oluseyi John oluseyi John.
    But jamb had given me admission buh my school profile shows my name like that but my registration number is correct… Pls can the school give me admission without considering the mistake??

  120. I have been given admission to my choice of school but jamb have not given me the admission I tried regularization but I was told I can’t do it because I was not admitted through caps,I complained to my school but I haven’t hear anything please what should I do to get admitted by jamb

  121. I have been given admission to my choice of school but jamb have not given me the admission I tried regularization but I was told I can’t do it because I was not admitted through caps I complained to my school but I haven’t hear anything please is there any remedy for me

  122. My choice of institution is bsu and my problem is that jamb haven’t given me admission even on jamb caps it’s showing not admitted but I saw my name on PDF category one but if I try checking the school portal am still seeing not admitted what should I do

  123. I am a UTME candidate and I wish to find out if is possible for someone to change his /her institution while awaiting admission from their first choice of institution just in case they didn’t meet the aggregate cut off mark for the course they applied for.

  124. I uploaded two contray result on my jamb caps and school website
    Nec result has boldly reflected on my caps while on school website awaiting waec result . Hope that won’t affect my admission

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