VIDEO: Little girl flays school for sending her home over school fees


A video of a little girl reacting after she was sent away from her school over her parent’s inability to pay her school fees has gone viral on the internet.

According to girl simply identified as Success, she preferred being flogged to being excluded from classroom lessons by her teachers.

She appeared to be conversing with an unidentified elderly lady who is also believed to have recorded the video. gathered that it is somewhat a common trend in many low cost schools in Nigeria where children may be punished and sent away from school because their parents were owing school fees.

This idea behind punishing children for their parent’s inability to pay fees, is yet to be understood.

This little girl however, was having none of it and vowed to ‘tackle’ her school after she was sent away for owing school fees.

While speaking in Pidgin English, she revealed that she preferred to be flogged than sent home since she would eventually pay the tuition.

Her frustration appeared to be borne from the fact that she was sent away, despite plans to make payments.

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As she walked away from the questioner, she vowed to show the school ‘real stubbornness’.

Meanwhile, social media users have begun rallying around to fund the girl’s education.

Watch video below:

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