The suspension of private NCE licenses overdue


The Bauchi state government has indeed taken the bull by the horns by suspending the licenses of all private national colleges of education, NCE, awarding colleges. It’s an established fact that any society that does not prioritise education will retrogress.

The state government’s decision is indeed a welcome development at this juncture. All private NCE granting institutions have had their licenses revoked in the pearl of tourism, because of their negative contribution to the state’s educational development. The standard of education in Bauchi state is persistently getting lower.

For the operators of such mushroom NCEs, losing their license will be a tough pill to swallow. Notwithstanding, it’s the right call from the side of the government, because allowing them to continue operating is resulting in the graduation of incompetent, quack teachers who are the benchmark of our state’s underdevelopment.

Certainly, anywhere In the world, the importance of education can never be overemphasised; quality education is essential for long-term development.

Learning in an environment with the best and most qualified human resources that are both physically and emotionally secure for students, teachers, and adults gives far better results and better result for our people is needed most.

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Last September, the United Nations (UN) ratified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to serve as benchmarks for every nation to ensure global prosperity, protection of the planet, and an eradication of poverty.

All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement the plan Goal 4—Quality Education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning.

Those who agree with the role that the UN plays will realise that it is hard to disagree with any of the goals or much of the wordings. The call for quality education, not mere access to any education, is a grand step in ensuring that all children and adults, and not just those born with silver spoons, have access to quality education, which is the bedrock of any society.

Education is more than just a content delivery system, it is a system designed to help all children and adults reach their full potential and see themselves as contributing partners of the society. Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon set the SDGs process in motion in 2012 by declaring that every child must be in school, and the quality of the schools must improve so that students are prepared to be productive citizens ready to lead the future.

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Indeed, supporters of our beloved Bauchi state would be excited and applaud the Bauchi state government’s decision to not only renew their licenses, but also to sanction any defaulting so-called institution in accordance with existing laws.

Let the government, however, ensure that standards are strictly followed, that rich content is provided, and furthermore, graduates are produced who are assets and productive in the 21st century, rather than liabilities.

Tijjani writes from Galadima Mahmud street, Kasuwar-kaji, Azare, Bauchi state.

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