Taraba primary school teachers lament non-payment of salaries

A teacher with pupils in a classroom (File Photo)

Primary schools teachers across Taraba State have lamented the inability of the state government to address the non-payment of five months salaries and lack of promotion.

Amina Danladi, the acting Chairman of the primary school teachers forum in the state, has lamented that the situation is pushing them to the wall. She said the teachers have been suffering due to the lack of payment of salaries and some of them have been begging to survive.

Apart from the non-payment of their salaries, the teachers have also not been promoted for the past 13 years.

The ill attitude of the state government towards primary school teachers, she said, is not only an indication that the government is not only relegating them to the background but also connotes that no form of priority is being attached to primary education.

She said that registers, schemes of work and chalk among other tools needed in the classrooms are not being provided, making the profession hell for them.

Stressing that the state government has not been encouraging performances among the teachers, she could not fathom why the government has continued to deny primary school teachers their rights.

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Visibly dejected at the way and manner the government has been handling the teachers with kid gloves, the need for the leadership of the union at the national level to intervene in order to save the teachers from untimely death, she believed can no longer be overemphasized.

Aligning their weights to that of Amina, other teachers who bared their minds to DAILY POST, felt sad that the governor, since ascending the number one position of the state, has not deemed it fit to extend olive branches to primary school teachers spread across the state.

The situation, according to them, is fast compelling most of the teachers to seek transfer of service or seek for greener pastures elsewhere.

(Daily Post)

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