Mixed reactions trail Law graduate denied call to bar over hijab


Nigerians have taken to the social media to react to the issue of Muslim law graduate, Firdaus Amasa who was denied call to bar for wearing Hijab.

Miss Amasa is a graduate of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) and was denied entry into the hall where the ceremony held by officials of the Council of Legal Education (CLE) for failing to remove her ‘hijab’ as instructed.

Among the reactions are those commending her decision and those not. Nigerians on the social media are clearly divided on her decision and that of the authorities of the law school.

While some are in support of her decision in respect of constitutional right to freedom of religion, others condemn her action, insisting that law school is no respecter of religion, therefore laws should be obeyed.

Here are some comments for and against Firdaus:

@joeabbah “I think Amasa Firdaus should have been called to the bar with her hijab. We are experts at focusing on the wrong things. The problems of the legal profession are declining quality, slave wages for new entrants and corruption at the bench. Not hijabs worn discretely under a wig.

@gimbakakanda “Even athletes wear hijab now, and these are people who have a reason not to. How does hijab, especially of small size, affect a lawyer’s professional engagements? Why can’t we think beyond sentiments, beyond Britain, beyond colonialism, beyond imperialism, beyond our self-hate?

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@Uponblessing “As a Muslim , i understand it may be difficult not to take sides with Firdauss the #Hijab babe. But deep down we all know she messed up. I mean why go somewhere knowin their rules & regulations , violate the rules & then say it’s unfair

@dollycent “So yes the rule is that “ she can’t wear hijab “ , but since it’s not a law she has every right to challenge it. She may have not been called to bar but trust me , if she ends up winning this battle, she has just etched her name in history . … forever . That’s how you fight

@trolls queen “At the Law School, there is a course called Professional Ethics where everything decorum is taught and even practiced. Amasa was actively part of it. She failed it. It’s irrelevant whether the legal profession has issues or not.

@kevinodanz “The law profession in NIGERIA doesn’t want to know if you’re Christian a Muslim. That’s why you don’t use Hijab or any religious attire. If you want to identify so much with your religion, choose another profession. If it must be law, go study it in Saudi Arabia or Vatican City

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It’s simply to show that the LAW or CONSTITUTION is SECULAR. It’s neither Christian nor Muslim and it’s no respecter of religion or anyone. The dress code is not against Muslims

@billiontwits Lols almost all the Muslims on TL playing victims this night cuz of hijab. Y’all must think other religions don’t have a dress code. If you bend the rules to Favour one religion you must bend it to favour another…then at the end there’s really no rules- just lawlessnes

@uchedandymufc You can’t be an aspiring lawyer and refuse to obey the law…you are in the wrong profession then.

@iamdamilosky “I don’t get, why’s almost everybody on my TL talking about this hijab girl issue? She didn’t take off her hijab, she wasn’t called, who lose? ‍How can you even study LAW for 6 YEARS & still not know the rules? Give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar. She will be alright”

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