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From December 2009, the Nigerian Federal Government under President Goodluck Jonathan began the building of Model Tsangaya/Almajiri schools across Nigeria as an integral part of the Almajiri Education Programme. This was with a view to helping mainstream the Almajiri system in basic education. In this post, presents you the list of the schools constructed by the government while giving a background to their existence too.


“Almajiri” is a Hausa word derived from the Arabic word “Almuhajirun”, meaning migrants. In Northern Nigeria, it refers to persons who travel far from home in search of Islamic knowledge. Tsangaya, on the other hand, refers to “open learning centre” from Hausa. Both words are alternatively used today in various circles to mean the latter.

The Almajiri are predominantly found in Northern Nigeria with a considerable population in the Southwest of the country too. Almajiri schools are also called Makarantun Allo (slate school), Tsangaya (Learning centre) and Ile-kewu (Arabic school in Yoruba) depending on the context of the usage. They are also in forms of Islamiyyah and Tahfeez (Qur’anic memorisation) schools today.

The Tsangaya/Almajiri system of education is as old as Islam in Nigeria dating back to over a millennium ago, according scholars. Prominent education professor, Babatunde Fafunwa even wrote in his book, “History of Education in Nigeria” that when the British colonialists arrived in the country, they met over 25,000 Islamic schools in Northern Nigeria.

Back then, Arabic language and literacy, which is rendered with the Ajami script facilitated literacy in many of Africa’s languages such as Hausa, Swahili, and Kanuri. Relics of the Ajami script is found on some of Nigeria’s higher denominations till today. Students could thus read and write using that script before the introduction on Western education.

In the precolonial times, the Almajiri and their teachers (called Mallams) benefitted from both governmental and communal support as the teaching and learning took place. While the Emirs would give grants to Tsangaya schools, communities would welcome and host the Almajiri from time to time.

But this would later change with the British invasion of Northern Nigeria. The Tsangaya schools stopped enjoying government support just as students in them were not regarded as educated. The system was totally downgraded as graduates from it could not use their qualifications to seek government jobs even as skill acquisition was an integral part of the Tsangaya schooling system. Without government support, the students turned to begging and doing menial jobs to survive.

Several efforts had gone on in the post-colonial era towards according the Almajiri some sort of regard especially by communities and state governments. Among such were the establishment of the Northern Board of Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS) in the sixties, the establishment of Islamiyyah schools where Islamic and Qur’anic knowledge were taught from the eighties to the recognition, and the equalization of certificates earned through Tsangaya school system with that of university graduates.

Even after all these, products of the traditional Tsangaya schools did not get recognized as educated in their own rights at the national level. This is evident in the categorization of students produced through the system as “illiterates” continues today.

The Federal government regards the over 9 million Almajiris in Nigeria as out-of-school-children since many of them had acquired little or no Western education up to completing primary school education. Thus, it put up measures to ensure that products of the system were given Western education. This led to the construction of Tsangaya/Almajiri Model schools in various parts of the country as part of attaining the purpose of Universal Basic Education.

The Compulsory, Free Universal Basic Education Act of 2004 is the legal framework for basic education in Nigeria. This law, which sought to make basic education free and compulsory for Nigerians, defines basic education as the six years of primary school and three years of junior secondary school education. States and local governments were to be the ones in control of basic education while the federal government provide intervention in terms of counterpart grants and funding.

Through the Act, agencies were also established to play the roles on behalf of the governments. The Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) is the federal agency providing the intervention while each of the states and local governments have the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and the Local Government Education Authority (LGEA) respectively.

After the construction of the schools through UBEC, the Federal Government handed them over to their host states through the SUBEBs. A list of the schools got from UBEC shows that there are 157 Almajiri Model Schools altogether with most concentrated mainly in the Northeast and the Northwest of the country. The government had three models of its construction of the schools, which are discussed below.

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Entrance of the Almajiri Model Boarding School, Gagi, Sokoto State

Models of Tsangaya (Almajiri) Model Schools and their facilities

The Federal Government considered three models of its construction and equipment of the Almajiri schools, namely Model I, Model II and Model III. Each model of the Almajiri Education Programme has varying degree of support and interventions. They are the Model I, Model II and Model III.

Model I schools involve the integration of traditional Qur’anic school within its original location. There are 101 Model I schools in the country. Statutory facilities provided are a block of two classrooms and furniture, an administrative block including Office, Store and Toilets, and a hostel block with pupils’ lockers. Others are a recitation hall with store and furniture/mats, VIP Toilets, a borehole with overhead-tank, a gate house, and external works and fencing.

Model II schools are quite larger than Model I schools and were meant to accommodate more pupils. The 18 Model II schools spread across Nigeria were built to serve a group of Qur’anic schools within their respective states. In addition to them, there are 36 others funded through the (Tertiary) Education Trust Fund. Statutory facilities in such schools are two blocks of 6 classrooms, an admin block including 5 offices, a library, toilets, a computer room, 2 laboratories and 2 workshops.

Others are a staff quarters to accommodate up to 10 members of staff, a hostel block, toilets and laundry, a recitation hall, one Mallam’s residence, a hand-pump borehole, and a motorised borehole with overhead tank. Others a VIP toilet, kitchen and dining, external works and fencing and a gate house.

Model III schools are pre-existing Islamiyyah and Ma’ahad schools supported in terms of rehabilitation and provision of additional infrastructure. Documents from the UBEC and the Federal Ministry of Education did not explicitly state details of such supports unlike they did for the two other models. One of the documents merely gave the number of Model III schools supported by the FG as 138. These are not included in the list below.

Both Model I and Model II schools were also provided with Beds and Beddings with 50 in each Model I school and 100 each in each Model II school. Other infrastructure such as classroom pupils’ furniture, teachers’ furniture were also provided in each of the school.

List of Tsangaya (Almajiri) Model Schools in Nigeria

As earlier stated, this list includes only the Tsangaya/Almajiri Model Schools built by, or supported with additional buildings by the Federal Government. There are others built by state governments, communities and individuals not stated here. You may come across those ones on your own as you transverse Nigeria. We must emphasise that not all the listed ones below were newly built by the government but there were definitely structures and facilities added to the available ones in such cases.

1 ADAMAWA Almajiri Model School, Mubi North LGA
2 ADAMAWA Almajiri Model School, Song LGA
3 ADAMAWA Abdulmalik Sani Bukar Tsangaya Almajiri School Hausari, Michika Ward I, Michika LGA
4 ADAMAWA Model Almajiri School, Mayo Balwa LGA
5 ADAMAWA Almajiri Model School Jimeta, Kofare, Yola, Yola North LGA
6 ADAMAWA Model Day Primary School, Maiha LGA
7 ADAMAWA Model Boarding Primary School, Yolde Pate, Yola South LGA
8 ADAMAWA Model Tsangaya School, Fufore LGA (UBE)
9 BAUCHI Tsangaya Magayaki Gwaram, Alkaleri LGA
10 BAUCHI Tsangaya Alaramma Gundumar Kaafin Lemu, Ningi LGA
11 BAUCHI Tsangaya Alaramma Badamasi, Unguwar Kudu, Gamawa LGA (Model 1)
12 BAUCHI Model Almajiri School, Darazo LGA (Model 2)
13 BAUCHI Model Boarding Primary School, Azare, Katagum LGA. (Boarding ETF)
14 BAUCHI Model Boarding Primary School, Buzaye, Bauchi LGA (Boarding ETF)
15 BAUCHI Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi Inkil,  Gombe Road, Bauchi LGA (Model 2)
16 BAUCHI Tsangaya Alaramma Abdullahi Gaba, Ragwam, Katagum LGA
17 BAUCHI Tsangaya Malam Mato Gumau, Toro LGA
18 BORNO Mashari Goni Idris Tafizul Qur’an, Mashari Ward, Jere LGA ( Model 1)
19 BORNO Goni Suleiman Tsangaya School, Shehuri North Maiduguri, Jere LGA
20 BORNO Damboa Tsangaya Kura, Shuwari Damboa LGA
21 BORNO Model Boarding Primary School, Dikwa, Dikwa LGA (Boarding ETF)
22 BORNO Model Day Primary School, Munguno LGA (Day ETF)
23 BORNO Model Day Primary School, Gwoza, Gwoza LGA (Day ETF)
24 BORNO Ali-Shiwur Tsangaya School, Damasak Mobbar LGA (Model 1)
25 BORNO Former College of Education site Magumeri Road Axis Maiduguri, Konduga LGA
26 BORNO Gajiram Ajari Tsangaya, Ajari North Gajiram Nganzai LGA
27 TARABA Almajiri Model Education Centre, Jalingo town, Jalingo LGA
28 TARABA Model Day Primary School, Ibbi, Ibbi LGA (DAY ETF)
29 TARABA Makarantar Almajiri Mutum Biyu Town, Gossol LGA (Model 1)
30 YOBE Buniyadi Tsangaya School, Gujiba LGA. (Model 1)
31 YOBE Model Day Primary School, Gashua, Gashua LGA (DAY ETF)
32 YOBE Model Day Primary School, Geidam, Geidam LGA (DAY ETF)
33 YOBE Almajiri Model School, KL 3 Machina Road, Nguru, LGA
34 YOBE Almajiri Model School Damagum Town, Fune LGA
35 YOBE Model Almajiri School Damturu Town, Damaturu LGA
36 GOMBE Model Day Primary School, Nafada, Nafada LGA (Day ETF)
37 GOMBE Model Day Primary School, Wuro Lande, Yamaltu Deba (Day ETF)
38 GOMBE Sabon Sara Almajiri School Kwami, Kwami LGA
39 GOMBE Mal. Hamza Tsangaya Shediya, Funkaye LGA
40 GOMBE Malam Muhammadu Basakkwace, Malam Inna, Gombe, Gombe LGA
41 JIGAWA Tsangaya Alaramma Jafaru, Dangwani, Sule Tankarkar LGA (Model 1)
42 JIGAWA Muhammad Lawan Mai-inji Tsangaya, Mai Aduwa Village, Gagarawa LGA(Model 1)
43 JIGAWA Alaramma Mallam Gidan Ruwa Turabu , Kirkasama LGA (Model 1)
44 JIGAWA Model Day Tsangaya Primary School, Birniwa, Birniwa LGA (Day ETF)
45 JIGAWA Model Boarding Tsangaya Primary School, Gantsa, Buji LGA (Boarding ETF
46 JIGAWA Model Almajiri School, Gwiwa, Gwiwa LGA (Model 2)
47 JIGAWA Tsangaya School of Alaramma M. Yakubu, Zango Dan Barama Town, Jahun LGA
48 KADUNA Makarantar Mal Yusuf Labar at Igabi LGA (Model 1)
49 KADUNA Alaramma Mohammad Lawal Islamiyya School, Soba Town, Soba LGA (Model 1)
50 KADUNA Makarantar Nurul Islam Jagindi Suke, Jema,a LGA
51 KADUNA Makarantar Dan Alhaji Town, Lere LGA (Model 1)
52 KADUNA Model Boarding Tsangaya Primary School, Birnin Gwari, B/Gwari LGA
53 KADUNA Model Day Tsangaya Primary School, Jere, Kagara LGA (Day ETF)
54 KADUNA Model Almajiri School Hunkuyi, Kudan LGA (Day ETF)
55 KADUNA Almajiri School at Kubau Town Kubau LGA
56 KADUNA Izalatul Bid ah Was Iqamatus Sunnah Unguwar Sobawa (MDGs), Igabi LGA
57 KADUNA Model Tsangaya School Unguwar Sobawa (MDGs), Igabi LGA
58 KADUNA Model Tsangaya School (UBE), Igabi LGA
59 KANO Warawa Tsangaya Islamiyya Model Primary School, Warawa LGA
60 KANO Almajiri School, Kwachiri, Albasau LGA
61 KANO Kofar Kudu Almajiri Model School, Angawaran-Kwammi Tarai-saya Road, Kibiya LGA
62 KANO Model Day Tsangaya Primary School, Bichi, Bichi LGA (Day ETF)
63 KANO Model Day Tsangaya Primary School, Gaya, Gaya LGA (Day ETF)
64 KANO Model Boarding Tsangaya Primary School, Tsakuwa, Dawakin LGA (Boarding ETF)
65 KANO Hayyatudeen Islamiyya Primary School, Kofar Fada, Doguwa LGA (Model 1)
66 KANO Almajiri Model School Ganduje Town, Dawakin Tofa LGA (Model 1)
67 KANO Makarantar Malan Ibrahim Hamza Tudun Mai Zabi Garo Town, Kabo LGA (Model 1)
68 KANO Harbau Almajiri Model School, Tsanyawa LGA
69 KANO Makarantar Mal Dahiru Abdullahi Gidan Sherifai Kanwa, Madobi LGA
70 KANO Madunatul andab Qur’anic and Islamic School, Dandushe Daibah, Dala LGA
71 KATSINA Madarisatu Hadikatul Qur’an Liman Quarters, Funtua LGA (Model 1)
72 KATSINA Madrasatu Abibakarih Nissidiq Ulumul Islamiyyah Kwarawan School, Daura, Daura LGA (Model 1)
73 KATSINA Madrasatul Islamiyyah Al-Mubarakah, Sabon Gari Danmusa LGA (Model 1)
74 KATSINA Model Tsangaya Primary School, Batsari LGA (Day ETF)
75 KATSINA Model Boarding Tsangaya Primary School, Jibia LGA (Boarding ETF)
76 KATSINA Model Almajiri School Dutsin-Ma LGA. (Model 2 )
77 KATSINA Ma’ahad Uthman Bin Affan, Barhin Quarters, Along Mani Road, Batagarawu LGA
78 KATSINA Almajiri School, Mahuta, Kafar LGA
79 KATSINA Almajiri School, Kankara Town, Kankara LGA
80 KATSINA Almajiri School Babban Mutum, Baura LGA
81 KEBBI Abubakar Sadiq Model Almajiri School, Koko, Koko Besse LGA
82 KEBBI Ma’ahad Malam Rabakaya Islamiyyah, Permanent Site, Beside J. I. Umar Model Primary School, NEPA Road, GRA, Birnin Kebbi LGA (Model 1)
83 KEBBI Model Day Primary School, Gwadangwaji, Birnin Kebbi, Argungu LGA (Day ETF)
84 KEBBI Tsangaya Model Day Primary School, Argungu, Kebbi (Day ETF)
85 KEBBI Model Almajiri School, Baadariyya, Birnin Kebbi LGA (Model 2)
86 KEBBI Mallam Kwaire Qur’anic School, Dakingari, Suru LGA
87 SOKOTO Mal. Haruna T-wada Qur’anic School, Sabon Birni LGA (Model 1)
88 SOKOTO Mal. Buda Badau Qur’anic School, Bodinga LGA (Model 1)
89 SOKOTO Mal. Lawal Qur’anic School, Tambuwal LGA (Model 1)
90 SOKOTO Alh. Ibrahim Cindo Kebbe Qur’anic School, Kebbe LGA(Model 1)
91 SOKOTO Model Boarding Tsangaya Primary School, Gagi Sokoto LGA (ETF)
92 SOKOTO Model Day Primary School, Tambuwal LGA
93 SOKOTO Model Almajiri School, Tureta LGA, Sokoto (Model 2)
94 SOKOTO Limamin kalambaina Qur’anic School, Kalambaina, Wamakko LGA
95 SOKOTO Mal. Muhammad Dan Dare Kaurar Taba Dagawa, Yabo LGA
96 SOKOTO Model Tsangaya School, Plot 253 Old Airport Layout, Phase 1, Sokoto South LGA
97 ZAMFARA Madrasatu Tanbihul Islamiyya, Danmarke, Bungudu, Bungudu LGA
98 ZAMFARA Liman Dara Qur’anic School, Kanwuri, Gusau, LGA (Model 1)
99 ZAMFARA Mallam Mahe Kambarawa Qur’anic School, Kauran Namoda LGA (Model 1)
100 ZAMFARA Sheikh Balarabe Zawiyya  Qur’anic School, Gusau LGA (Model 1)
101 ZAMFARA Model Day Primary School, Gusau, Gusau LGA (Day ETF)
102 ZAMFARA Model Day Primary School, Gummi, Gummi LGA (Day ETF)
103 ZAMFARA Mallam Bashir Qur’anic School, Yelwa Area, Talata Marafa LGA (Model 2)
104 ZAMFARA Mallam Abubakar Umar Qur’anic School at Dankurmi of Dansadau Emirate, Maru LGA
105 ZAMFARA Mallam Bawa Umar School for Qur’anic and Sunah, Jangbe, Talata Mafara LGA (Model 1)
106 ZAMFARA Mallam Faruqu Naliman Qur’anic School, Maradun LGA
107 ZAMFARA Liman Habibu Qur’anic School Tsafe LGA
108 ZAMFARA Mallam Abubakar Sarkin Malammai Islamiyya School, Bakura LGA
109 BENUE Model Primary School, Katsina Ala Benue
110 KOGI Model Day Primary School, Lokoja, Kogi
111 KOGI The School of Chief Imam Imane, Olamaboro LGA, Kogi State. (Model 1)
112 KOGI The School of Chief Imam of Ankpa, Along College of Education Road, Owelle Ankpa, Ankpa LGA. (Model 1)
113 KOGI School of Chief Imam of Anyigba Behind Anyigba Central Mosque, Anyigba Town, Dekina LGA. (Model 1)
114 KOGI The School of Chief Imam Gbede, Ijumu LGA, Kogi State. (Model 1) (MDGs)
115 KWARA Mallam Abubakar Qur’anic School, Shinawu, Baruten LGA (Model 1)
116 KWARA Markaz Ta’alim Arabic Al-Islamiy, Ero-Omo, Ilorin South LGA. (Model 1)
117 KWARA Markaz Darul Hikmatil Islamiyyah, Olaoti, Ilorin East LGA. (Model 1)
118 KWARA Madrasatul Siratal Mustaqim, Patigi LGA (Model 1)
119 KWARA Tsangaya Model Day Primary School, Isale Baani, Ilorin, Kwara (Day ETF)
120 KWARA Model Day Primary School, Kaiama LGA. (Day ETF)
121 KWARA Ibrahim Islamic Centre, Tepatan, Moro LGA
122 NASARAWA Naibin Limamin Akwanga Traditional Qur’anic School, Unguwar Zaria, Akwanga LGA (Model 1)
123 NASARAWA Masallachin Imam Almajiri Model School, Unguwar Salami Awei in Awei LGA (MODEL 1)
124 NASARAWA Malam Abun Kofa Traditional Qur’anic School, Opposite Science School, Nasarawa LGA
125 NASARAWA Model Almajiri School Shabu, Lafia North LGA (Model 2)
126 NASARAWA Model Day Primary School, Laminga, Laminga LGA (Day ETF)
127 NASARAWA Model Almajiri School Toto, Toto LGA (Model 2)
128 PLATEAU Sabon Gidon Kanar Almajiri School, Jos South
129 NIGER Darul Qur’anic School, Toshon Garin Gulbin Boka, Mariga LGA (Model 1)
130 NIGER Ibadur Rahman Schools, Sheikh Abdullahi Road T-Wada, Tunga, Minna, Chanchaga LGA (Model 1)
131 NIGER Aliyu Yerima Islamic Model School, Bida, Bida LGA (Model 2)
132 NIGER Model Almajiri School Konayi in Paggo, Paikoro LGA (Model 2)
133 NIGER Model Boarding Primary School, Kontagora, Kontagora LGA (Boarding ETF)
134 NIGER Model Day Primary School, Minna, Chanchagi LGA (Day ETF)
135 NIGER Tanbilhul Islam Sheikh Jibril Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Mokwa, Jebba Road, Mokwa LGA (Model 1)
136 NIGER Madrasatul Nurul Islam, Bida Road Kpakungu, Minna Chanchangi LGA
137 FCT Model Day Primary School, Gwagwalada FCT
138 FCT Al-ilmu Nursery and Primary School Kubwa
139 LAGOS Lutful-lah Arabic Almajiri School, Orofin, Ibeju Lekki LGA, Lagos (Model 1)
140 OGUN Alasalatu College, Oke-Effon, Abeokuta North LGA (Model 1)
141 OGUN Almajiri Model School Owode town, Owode LGA, Ogun State
142 OGUN Zulihat Abiola Memorial Comprehensive High School, Osiele, Abeokuta, Odeda LGA
143 ONDO Imam Muhammad Arabic and Islamic Institute, Ikare, Akoko LGA, Ondo State. (Model 1)
144 ONDO Almajiri’s School Building, along Ijare road, Akure South LGA
145 EKITI Islamic Modern School, Esun Ikole, Ekiti, Ikole LGA (Model 1)
146 OSUN Raodatul Dirasatul Islamiyya and Arabic School, Ikirun, Ifelodun LGA (Model 1)
147 OSUN Zumratul Mumin Al-Adabiyah Qur’anic and Arabic School, Osogbo, Osogbo LGA (Model 1)
148 OSUN A-Haramain Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Oke-Sunna, Ededimeji, Ede, Ede South LGA.
149 OSUN Umar Bin Khatab School for Arabic and Islamic, Olukotun Area, Oke Bode, Iwo, P.O. Box 612, Iwo, Iwo LGA.
150 OYO Markaz Nafiu Arabic Training Institute, Iseyin, Iseyin LGA (Model 1)
151 OYO College of Arabic Studies and Islamic Education Oyo Central, Atiba LGA (Model 1)
152 OYO Markaz AL- Mahmoun Study Centre, Apata, Iddo LGA (Model 1)
153 OYO Olore Islamic and Rehabilitation Center, Geeru Town, Near Ajibade, Akinyele LGA, (Model 1)
154 OYO Nasiruddeen Islamic Institute, Fofo Area, Ilesha Ibariba Road, Saki, Saki West LGA
155 RIVERS Model Almajiri School, Omerelu, Ikwere LGA (Model 2)
156 EDO Hira Comprehensive School, Iyakpi, Etsako West LGA (Model 1)
157 EDO Model Day Primary School, Auchi, Etsako West
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