Kebbi author advocates return of reading culture to save education


Nigerian author and former Kebbi State Ministry Of Education Permanent Secretary, Hajia Maimuna Bala has said that, education will continue its free fall in the country as long as reading culture is relegated to the background.

Bala described those who read books as more mature, well behaved and more knowledgeable than those who don’t read, according to her reading books develops ones capabilities and shape his entire well being which include his behavior to other beings, books helps a person to know what has happened before he comes into existence.

She added that, reading books widen man’s scope of understanding of how the entire country is being run and what opportunities are there for him, a readers always think positive as it help to find solutions to some complex problems.

She stated that, in those days every school has a library which helps students to make research on critical sectors of economy, science and engineering with a view to graduating professionals who will assist the country in her technological quest for advancement.

According to the author, the emergence of internet as a tool is now being used to graduate students who can hardly defend their certificates because most of them has become so lazy to read books but instead patronise the internet which she said only help them to pass examination but the main knowledge is left there on the internet where it was sourced.

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She also urged both state and the federal governments to revive reading culture in public schools and to as well re-equip the public libraries as path to follow to fully re-energise education.

She stated that with the funds being channelled by both governments on education revival of reading culture will give much value to the monies being spent as graduates from a reading community will not partake in anti social activities such as the ones the country is battling with.

Bala commended both governments at all levels for various education interventions particularly kebbi state but maintains that quality education lies in the reading culture, she pointed out that, now is the best time for authors to write in order to direct leaders on the path of honour and for the younger ones to know their rights and to know what the government is doing for them which include giving them education as a platform for them to stand by their feet not to always rely on government for everything.

Bala further said that, the literary world is pained by the neglect of reading culture but they took that as a challenge with the hope that it will return with force to save education in the country.

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